Paris 2014


L A D Y ♔ G A G A - Street Style: Paris

You know you made it big when both Gaga and Rihanna choose your designs to wear. Young designer Matthew Dolan got to experience that amazing feeling more than just once. Gaga walked out in Paris back in November 2014, wearing this amazing oversized Denim Dress Coat from his Spring Summer 2015 collection. She paired it with a Septum Ring and neon orange Stilettos.

Y/A female | casual + outerwear | morphed | custom thumbnails | real look

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Souheil Michael Khoury - Dance Photography 
Mikhailovsky Ballet - The Flames of Paris
November 30, 2014 at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.


Emcee lady: From what we saw this morning there is also some very intriguing relationship, a new one and there also great chemistry between the two of you: the light and the darkness. Could you tell us a bit about your relationship and how slowly but surely you’ve build this on screen chemistry? [x]


P.S. And the bonus gif where Angelina pointing to Elle to be silent after that question.


Paris Paris Paris. Every time I visit you, I fall deeper in love with you. You never stop being romantic. Paris does that… it makes life so romantic. Every corner you turn, something takes your soul on a journey. So inspired. Until we meet again, au revoir!

The Grand Palais. Gigi ends up here watching an ice skating lesson. Crazy to think of an ice rink here!  

Where Gigi finds herself as a lady ;)


On my way to the premiere.

Just the best. Tagliatelle with black truffle. Yummmmm

The most amazing Jazz Flu I’ve ever been to. Duc de Lombards. Rainbows poured into my heart. 

The old metro. Still standing! 

Another Gigi spot lol!

The Louvre at night is so special. So quiet. yet filled with laughter and  footsteps. 

Awesome street art.

Love Lock Bridge! So cute.

Just. Stunning. 

Ended up at some crazy place they put under a bridge! Rad lol

Lastly, I ate this guy!