Paranormal Activity

In Wexford you can find Loftus Hall, which is renowned as Ireland’s Most Haunted House 

Supposedly haunted by the ghost of Lady Anne Loftus, the mansion is said to have been visited by the devil himself. A uniquely spooky place (that’s also beautiful and haunting), Loftus Hall is in its element at Halloween, when adults and children from all over the world come in search of spooky tales and paranormal activity.

Hook Lighthouse which also features in the image is the ‘the worlds oldest working lighthouse in the world’.

The Dunbrody famine ship shown had a significant role in the history of emigration during the famine.

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(Wexford reimagined by tumblr artist Fergal O’Connor)

The Amityville Ghost Boy

Taken in 1976 by Gene Campbell during an investigation by Ed and Lorraine Warren, the Amityville Ghost Boy has been a subject of much controversy. The ghost in the photo is said to be the spirit of John Defeo, one of the family members murdered in the home just years before. The Lutz family lived in the home after the murders but fled the home after a series of terrifying paranormal events within a period of 4 weeks, leaving everything behind.

The Amityville Horror has become one of the world’s most famous hauntings, and has become the subject of multiple books, movies, documentaries and other media. The house recently just sold for $850,000 to brave new owners. What do you think of the photo? Genuine or staged? It is no doubt that the home is haunted, is it really that hard to believe that this photo could be genuine? The answer lies in the home, perhaps the new owners will have some insight into the activity within the house.


EPILEPSY WARNING! [ 02/17/2017 - 3:33 a.m ] EXPEDIENT X
Last night I tryed to sleep in a house with a curse. I installed 3 cameras in differents possitions of this room, and the cameras can catch a clown. This clown made me afraid when I saw the recording, I sleeped all the night but I had a nightmare… Code of this room (you can visit this room in ACHHD): 0091-5709-961.


Ghost Adventures Documentary

The hit show Ghost Adventures quickly became Travel Channel’s #1 show when it debuted in 2008, But Zak Bagans and his crew started long before that. They began filming their independent documentary Ghost Adventures back in 2004, spending just over 3 years in production until it finally aired on the Syfy Channel in July of 2007. The film follows the team’s first investigations as they investigate Nevadas most haunted locations. During their investigations they capture some of the most compelling evidence of the paranormal including EVP’s, poltergeists throwing objects and even a full bodied apparition. After it aired they almost immediately got a contract with Travel Channel and quickly rose to fame. The documentary is about an hour and a half long and definitely worth the watch. The honesty and “no bullshit” attitude these guys put forward definitely adds a lot to their credit. If you don’t believe in ghosts you definitely will after watching this.

I do not own this film. All rights goes to the Ghost Adventures Crew and associates.

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