The San Antonio Railway Ghost Children - Texas’ most famous ghost story, arguably, is that of the ghost children that supposedly haunt a San Antonio railway track. An intersection of roadway and rail road track, which is located near the San Juan Mission, is the scene of this mysterious tale. As the tale goes, in the 1930′s, a school bus filled with children stalled on the rail road track. Tragedy struck, when an oncoming train crashed into the bus, killing all of the children and bus driver. Legend says that any car that stops in the same area, will be pushed by unseen hands over the train track until they reach safety. People believe the ghosts of the children haunt the area to protect people from another misfortune like the one that cost them their lives. Many curious people have driven to the area in an attempt to see if the famous legend is true; there have even been numerous reports of tiny fingerprints being left imprinted on the car and claims of ghostly children’s voices and laughter being heard in the area.


Police Dashboard Camera Captures Video of a Ghostly Figure.

While driving down a dark, desolate road, a police officer captured this video on their dash cam of a ghostly figure appearing in the middle of the road. The officer passes through the figure and immediately comes to a stop. 

As the officer turns around and slowly drives back to where the figure appeared, the apparition materializes once more as it makes it’s way across the road before disappearing.

Some believe the footage shows a genuine spirit. Others however, believe the figure was either a cloud of fog or a CGI effect. Personally, as much as I’d like for this to be real, I can’t help but think that this is a hoax. 

Many of those who are skeptical have pointed out that when the figure appears for a second time, it seems to vanish behind a “wall”. While difficult to see due tot he low quality, I was able to make out this “wall” others were seeing.  Now I can’t say for sure if it’s truly there or not, but if it is, then this “wall” would most-likely be an indication that the footage was indeed tampered with.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this footage. Do you think this officer had an encounter with an actual spirit? Or might this simply be an elaborate hoax?


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UFO Fleet Over Smyrna, Tennessee

Date of UFO sighting: February 3, 2016
Location: Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

An interesting UFO fleet was sighting over the skies of Smyrna, Tennessee on February 3, 2016.

Check out the video and story here.

Latest UFO Sightings World.

“This happened when I was 17. I’m 32 now. I graduated high school and got my first apartment. Nice town. Lived by myself other than my cat. Snowball. Don’t laugh, I named her when I was 8 years old. 

A few details before we get started. I’ve never been a fan of cat boxes. Worst part of being a cat owner, shoveling tiny shit, with a tiny shovel, every day. So I got one of those motion activated self scooping deals. Left it on the back patio, ran the cord inside to power it, and left the back sliding door open big enough for her to get in and out. 5-6 inches. The patio was one of those 8x8 cement floored types, surrounded by a 5 foot tall wooden fence. If you looked out from my bedroom door, you’d be facing right at the sliding door with hanging blinds, living room in between, kitchen that was off to the right.

So I’m playing some 56k Counter-strike at the computer in my room with my back facing the door. It’s about midnight/1 am.I hear Snowball start to make one of those awful cat growling/Rrrrr noises in the back of her throat. I’m pretty locked in to the game so I tell her to knock it off, not looking at her. She keeps doing it. I tell her to shut up, I’m irritated because I’m doing well in the round.

She gets loud. This is enough to break my from my gaming zone-out and I realize this is not normal. I get up from my computer to see her standing in the doorway facing out, her back to me. She is in full on Halloween cat mode. Hair sticking straight out, her back is completely arched, she looks TENSE. I’d never seen her that way. She is still just going crazy. “RRRROOOOOOOOOWWWRRRR." 

I look out into the living room where she is facing. Nothing is amiss. There is nothing there. I look down at her to say something to the effect of "What’s the matter?” She makes this insane sound. Like a combination of a hiss/growl/spit and she starts to take a few steps backwards.

That is when a tiny creature, runs out of the fucking kitchen. On two legs, wearing a tattered piece of cloth or a bag, it looked like a little cloak. It’s maybe a foot/foot and a half tall. It’s a real life fucking jump scare. 

The cat jumps backwards about 3 feet in the air, I jump. I glance down at her as she does this but quickly look back up. I hear her land with a crash behind me and run. I am fixated on the thing. It is moving but it’s like time has slowed down. I am watching these things happen but everything is so fast.

It runs out the back door through the blinds with a crash at speeds that don’t even seem natural. The blinds are swinging. My heart is pounding. I stand there dumbfounded. What the hell did I just see? I’m staring at the back patio door, at the swinging blinds. I’m not moving. My eyes start to notice that something is wrong. 

All the blinds are softly swinging except the two closest to the opening. I see they’re making an inverted V. I look at them and follow them down to the very bottom and between them I see it.

It’s head is poking through the blinds staring at me. It has yellow eyes, and a face that I can only describe as bestial. Grey, greenish, blackish skin. At this point a singular loud thought fills my mind.“YOU AREN’T SUPPOSED TO SEE THIS." 

And at the conclusion of that thought. Every one of the hanging blinds shoots upward and outward. I jump again and my heart tries to blast out of my chest like I’m fucking Cape Canaveral. Some of them hitting the ceiling. A few fall off. It’s a loud racket. The rest are swinging all over the place.I look at the place where it’s face was and it’s gone. I beeline for the kitchen. Refrigerator door is open. I open a drawer and grab the biggest knife I see. I am shaking. Adrenaline like I have never experienced before.

I rush to the sliding door and slam it shut. It won’t close. I open it a bit and slam it back shut. Still won’t close. WHAT THE FUCK. I am completely stupid. The cat box cord. I crouch down, brandishing this knife like a complete idiot looking out the glass door waiting for this thing to launch at my face. I’m shaking. I reach across myself with my left hand to the power plug on the wall to the right as I stare out, waiting to stab anything that approaches. I fumble to get it unplugged, my hands won’t do anything right. I finally get the cord unplugged and I open the door real quick to throw the cord outside. I throw it like a spaz and it hits the wall and the side of the door and falls down. Still inside. Fuck.I pick it up and try again this time it lands outside. I hear a scratching sound and my eyes dart up.

I see two tiny awful fucking hands holding on to the fence. Clawed, gnarly… HUMANOID hands. This fucking thing climbed down feet first, hanging from the fence. It would have been slightly comical if it wasn’t so fucking terrifying. The hands let go and I hear it land in the bushes outside the fence and I hear fast footsteps as it runs off.

I slam the door shut and lock it.This is completely true. I’ve heard it all. It was a raccoon. It was a cat with the mange trapped in a paper bag. It was not either of those things. After the event I started researching like a mad man. Closest thing I found was in a book I found at the library called "Faeries” which is like an artbook featuring all the different types of Irish folk creatures. I don’t live in Ireland. I live in the US on the west coast. 

You don’t believe this story and I don’t blame you. It sounds ridiculous. You probably shouldn’t believe it. I absolutely hate /r/nosleep. I think it’s stupid. I hate bullshit paranormal stories. Believe it or not, I am a skeptic. I believe all people that have experienced something strange or believe in the paranormal should be a skeptic. I enjoy debunking paranormal videos and pictures. I want the truth. Was I hallucinating? It’s entirely possible I had an extreme and sudden hallucination. It’s not unheard of.This event had a huge impact on my life and completely affected the way I view the world, the paranormal, religion. Everything. shrug.”

-Stickimage (What is something scary that has happened to you that you cannot explain rationally?)


angriest-of-owls asked:

Woah wait is it scary story time? Because like... my house has these pair of disembodied legs that follows everyone around. No real reason why, but these pair of legs just kinda... follow everyone, especially in the kitchen. It's really freaky at night because you can hear the second set of foot steps before going, "oh it's just the weird pair of legs that follow everyone around." That's how use to it everyone is to these legs around here.

It’s always scary story time on this blog! That’s really cool and kinda scary, but I guess if it’s not freaking anybody out, then it doesn’t have any ill intentions, right? You can hear walking around in my family room at around 2-3am. The house was built in the 1700′s so there’s a lot of activity there. There’s a chair with a woman who sits there sometimes (perhaps my great grandma because it’s her chair) and she used to pet my cat. I know this because she used to purr with her ears flat down and eyes closed and I saw her fur move once which was really cool. 


Stono Baptist church
Ravenel S.C

Church last in use in the early to mid 1900s. The original piano still sits inside the church. Reports of hearing a piano being played while clearly the church is not in use. Shadows,high emf readings and photos showing mists have all been reported.

[ source; do not remove; posted with permission]

Notorious ‘Demon House’ Torn Down After Purchase By 'Ghost Adventures’ Star

Indiana’s so-called “demon house” is no more.

The home that sparked national attention over reports of it being infested with powerful demonic activity, leading to the purported possession of nearly an entire family, has been torn down, the Indiana Star reported.

The razing of the Gary, Indiana property followed its purchase by the host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventures,” Zak Bagans in early 2014.

Bagans said he now plans to release a documentary on the residence’s haunting later this year which will reveal the reason behind its demolition.

“Something was inside that house that had the ability to do things that I have never seen before — things that others carrying the highest forms of credibility couldn’t explain either,” he told the IndyStar via email. “There was something there that was very dark yet highly intelligent and powerful.”

One of its last residents was mother-of-three, Latoya Ammons, who sought religious, medical and law enforcement help after allegedly experiencing a series of disturbing events inside. Those included family members levitating, speaking in tongues, convulsing and acting extremely violent.

Some of the incidents were backed up by members of the local police department, as well as workers with the state’s Department of Child Services.

In one such incident, one of Ammons’ children was described as walking backwards up a wall inside of a hospital room, flipping into the air and landing on his feet. In another instance, at their doctor’s office, medical staff reported seeing one of the boys being lifted and thrown into a wall “without nobody touching him,” according to a Department of Child Services report.

After residing in the rental home from November 2011 until May 2012, the family was able to move to Indianapolis. The horrifying events were said to have then stopped for them. (Source)

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Guys Guys Guys!

We did a photoshoot this weekend for Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator and I’m getting really pumped. I’m sorry for flooding your dashes but these photos are too good not to share!

Tickets are just $10 if you wanna see what happens when you mash up Poetry + Ghosts + Sailor Moon + Americana.

Pictured here: Heather Harvey as Emily Dickinson, Daniel Morgan Shelley* as Edgar Allan Poe, and Marina Shay* as Helen Hunt Jackson.

*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity.