Malec playlist for the end of Malec week

1. Everything Changes // Staind

I am the mess you chose

The closet you cannot close

2. Not Alone // Red

You’re living in fear that no one will hear your cries

Can you save me now?

3. Jet Pack Blues // Fall Out Boy

She’s singing ‘Baby, come home’ in a melody of tears

While the rhythm of the rain keeps time

4. Crushcrushcrush // Paramore

I’d rather waste my life pretending

Than have to forget you for one whole minute

5. G.I.N.A.S.F.S. // Fall Out Boy

Born under a bad sign

But you saved my life

6. Say You Will // Evanescence

Now or never, tell the truth

Is this real, is this real?

7. Proof // Paramore

Now do you love me?

All you gotta do is say yes

8. End of the Dream // Evanescence

As much as it hurts,

Aint it wonderful to feel

[Malec] [Saphael] [Alec] [Raphael]


Now is the latest single from Paramore and it was the perfect single to jumpstart their comeback. This is the first release since band drama lead to brothers Josh and Zac Furro leaving the band in 2010.But it’s safe to say Paramore is back. “We never really went anywhere, we’ve been taking some time off, but we were working on music the whole time” lead singer Hayley Williams said. Now is about “believing before seeing, reaching out and blindly knowing it’s going to be alright” Williams explained to MTV after the premiere. The video shows Williams as her and the band walk through a chaotic, colorful battefield.

The new album is set to release on April 9th, as well as a North American Tour to support the album. You can see Paramore in Charlotte, NC, May 20th, 2013 at the Filmore..

Does anyone else get the No Doubt vibe in the beginning of this song?? love it.


I’m Still Into You (Lyric Video) - Paramore