You’ve got to watch this bad ass musical trailer for the paralympics showing the true meaning of “differently abled”

“This campaign is the most important we have ever undertaken, and isn’t just about Rio,” Channel 4 CMO Dan Brooke told Adweek. “It’s about revolutionizing public attitudes to disability forever." 

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Chantal Petitclerc (b. 1969) is a Canadian Senator from Quebec, as well as a wheelchair racer. Despite having lost the use of both her legs when she was thirteen, after an accident, she still participated in several competitive sports, such as swimming and racing.

She was won 14 gold medals in the Paralympic Games over the years, and holds several records in wheelchair racing. She was elected as Canadian athlete of the year in 2008. Today she is an independent senator.


if you watch any youtube video today watch this one


These 4 Paralympic runners would have beaten every Olympic runner in the 1500m final.

Algerian runner Fouad Baka might have been disappointed when he only placed fourth in the Paralympic Games’ T13 1500m final — a race for athletes with visual impairments — on Sunday with an impressive time of 3:49.59.

But had he finished the same race at the Olympic Games in the same amount of time, Baka would have walked away a gold medalist — he would have beaten United States Olympic runner Matthew Centrowitz Jr.’s time by a millisecond.

Of course, that means the three runners who claimed first, second and third place ahead of Baka outdid every 1500m Olympic runner with ease.

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Urgh with the paralympics coming up there’s the usual bullshit around about “superhumans” so here’s a reminder:

Do not call disabled people superhuman, do not call disabled people angels, do not put disabled people on a ridiculously high pedestal and hold us to impossible standards that we can never fulfill

This is just another form of dehumanisation and inevitably ends up with all of us who cannot fit your superhuman/angel role instead being seen as subhumans and demons


“Express yourself darling”

Jack Whitehall, Lee Pearson and Natasha Baker

Look, allow me to clarify one thing: the International Paralympic Committee just banned Russia from the 2016 Paralympic Games for repeated doping violations. It was most definitely NOT because we tried to put rockets on the wheelchairs of our Paralympic wheelchair racing athletes.