Listen, if you’ve ever listened to the interview with Patrick Weekes where he discusses that the Doctor (specifically 10) was his inspiration for writing Solas, then, like me you probably thought “Oh yeah, I can see that.”  However, last night my SO and I constructed a list of parallels between the two characters and its more than you think.  Maybe they aren’t direct parallels, but they are easily connected without much reaching.

1. Both characters travel through time, solas by sleeping for a millennia and the Doctor by actual time travel.

2. Both are way older than everyone else around them, which creates a sense of loneliness and disconnectedness

3. “Nobody can truly understand me except the Elvhen/Time Lords”

4. Destroyed own people to save universe 

5. Own people weren’t actually the Greatest

6. Rebelled against own people AND against the big bad (solas vs. the evanuris and the forbidden ones; the doctor vs. the time lords and the daleks)

7. People actually locked away behind some magical/ space-time barrier

8. Forms relationship with someone even though he knows it can’t last forever

9. Potential to be tempered by a single person

10. Will actually destroy you if you hurt their friends

11. Regeneration/Body Hopping - This one is just speculation, but we know that Mythal/Flemeth has lived for so long due to jumping from body to body. It’s likely Fen’Harel can do the same.

12.  Dread Wolf/ Bad Wolf  (I know…it’s a stretch since Rose was actually Bad Wolf)

13. Eluvians/TARDIS (also a stretch but why not)

quotes from this interview (about lotu/ra, but as always, it fits shallura too)

“They kind of have the best ability to understand each other. And so I think just having someone who can understand you on that level, and being in the situation that you’re in, where so much is at stake…”

  • I know how you feel.
  • Bonding over their trauma related to Zarkon and Haggar, their mission in 1x10 and 1x11, Allura trusting Shiro over everyone on his gut feeling in 2x03, and so much more
  • “I think Shiro would be as close in maturity level that she could relate to.”

“Allura having thought that she and Coran were the only two left, and then meeting this other person who has what she thinks are similar motivations to herself, and a heritage (past) very similar to hers […]”

  •  “He’s searching for it because he knows it’s the only thing that can defeat him, and that’s exactly why we must find it before he does.”
  • “We’re with you princess.”
  • Shiro being diplomatic with the Blade and the Olkari, working to come up with a plan.
  • “Only Shiro is in uniform.”
  • Shiro/Kuron handling stuff more so with the Blade in s4/5, so Allura can pilot Blue and handle things with the Coalition

“I think we were at that point where we’d bonded Allura and Lotor over so many things about their parents, their past…”

  • “Coran, Father is gone. Our entire civilization… Zarkon.” “Zarkon?” “He was the King of the Galra. A vile creature and enemy to all free people.” “I remember now… I was his prisoner.”
  • “I’m so sorry about your father, Princess.”
  • DnD from the start, both were enthusiastic even if they were seemingly newer players than Hunk and Pidge
  • Tim Hedrick said there was a scrapped scene of Shiro and Allura washing the mice together