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The Walt Disney Company: Petition for Disney Channel to release Girl Meets World to another Network.
Girl Meets World is the spin off of the popular 90’s show, Boy Meets World. It centers around the life of Riley Matthews, the daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews, and her best friends. Each episode is filled with important lessons that children aren’t learning in other shows. The show has tackled...

GMW FANDOM: We have received new information from multiple inside sources that although Netflix is still a possibility, Disney would have to release the rights to the show in order for it to change Networks. That is why we need to sign THIS petition, addressed to Disney Channel, asking the to relinquish the show. This is something we were advised to do from people on the inside at GMW/Disney. Please sign this and write a short paragraph about what Girl Meets World has done for you. PLEASE DO NOT HATE ON DISNEY THROUGH THIS PETITION. I know we are all frustrated right now, but you make more friends with honey than vinegar, right? So be kind, be passionate, be polite, and let’s FIGHT!

Also, please continue to sign THIS petition that will go to Netflix and Hulu:

Netflix has told us that acquiring GMW would be a great opportunity for them, but this can not happen unless Disney gives up the rights. Hulu has ALSO said they would be interested (and Disney actually owns Hulu) so they might be our best shot. We have multiple outlets that are listening right now, so we need to keep up the momentum. 

Don’t lose hope, y’all, Fight back. Girl Meets World taught us that. 

(And just for a little boost, know that the cast and crew see our efforts and are behind us. Trust me.)

  • Fuyuhiko: was shown at the beginning to be an asshole and do asshole things
  • Fandom: Fuyuhiko is the worst and we hate him
  • Fuyuhiko: gets a kickass redemption arc
  • Fandom: OMG we never should have judged Fuyuhiko he's awesome and our fave now.
  • Juzo: was shown at the beginning to be an asshole and do asshole things
  • Fandom: Juzo is the worst and we hate him
  • Juzo: gets a kickass redemption Arc
  • Fandom: OMG we never should have judged Juzo he's awesome and our fave now
  • Tenko: has a short paragraph painting her as unlikeable before the game is out and we can see her character development
  • Fandom: Tenko is the worst and we hate her.
  • Me: looks into the camera like I'm on the office
Aozora Clubbing Heart part 2

Plot: Everybody (except Ruby) is shit faced. The night is wild and everybody is lucky Dia is too busy to kill them all.

Plot:  KananMari, RubyMaru, ChikaRiko, YouYoshiko, Dia x Mystery Girl

SFW: with strong language, adult content [alcohol, sexual innuendos, hot kisses, and a lot of touching] sex happens but it’s not written.

Summary: Ruby cannot believe what’s happening.

7k words

A/N: Still split in everyone’s POVs with some taking longer than others because quite frankly, they were too funny to cut short. Remember this is a college AU and everybody is aged up!

Dia spots a candidate. It’s hard to see well in the club and her beer goggles don’t exactly help, but she doesn’t need much help distinguishing breasts—her only real criteria.

She approaches smoothly, gracefully, working very hard at coordinating her legs and feet. It’s paying off, thank god. She doesn’t trip over herself as she gets close enough that the girl can hear her shy intonations.

“Hi.” Dia can feel her stomach creeping into her throat. The girl glances at Dia with pale blue eyes set afire by the club’s strobe lights. Her features are on point with Dia’s preferences and Dia is quick to admire her long blonde hair, like doll’s hair, left free to fall past her shoulders. She’s tall, but not imposingly so, and Dia guesses she’s probably a few years older than she is. “Are you having a good time?” Dia hopes she isn’t slurring or at the very least that this is actually going as smoothly as she thinks it is.

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We were asked how to write an annotated bibliography, and as I’ve had to do many this semester, I thought making a post on it would be best! 

What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bib is a list of sources, such as a works cited, where each reference is followed by a short informative paragraph that should be about 150-200 words.

Purpose of an annotated bibliography

An annotated bibliography can provide a literature review on a subject, describe items of interest to others, strengthen your thesis, and prove your ideas are backed by other research or criticisms.  

Types of bibliographies

Descriptive: describes and summarizes a reference, discussing the main points, arguments, and conclusions made. Similar to an abstract. Describes why the source is helpful in regards to the topic.

Analytical: Also summarizes what is being said, but analyzes what has been said. Often looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the article, mentioning author bias or points that were not addressed.

Important things to include  

  • Purpose of the work-  did the article convey its purpose well? What do you believe the purpose was? 
  • Summary of content- what are the main points? What topics were covered? What evidence does this source use?
  • Relevance to topic- how does this add to what you’re writing about? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s viewpoint?
  • Any unique criticism or points mentioned- does the author bring a new idea to your topic?
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and biases- did the author do a good job explaining their point? Did they seem biased, either positively or negatively? What were the strong or weak points?

Sample Annotation

Here is a sample annotation from my own annotated bibliography in order to get a sense of what it should look like and how long it should appear.

Tips from a YA Editor by Anne Regan: Crafting a Query Letter

What’s a query letter?

  • A short (single page) introduction of you and your book to a publisher or agent
  • Use professional business letter format, font, and language
  • Do your research about the publisher or agent so you can:
  • Personalize the letter to a specific person (for example, the acquisitions editor)
  • Show how your book meets their submission criteria

Start with the most important information first

  • A “hook” – one sentence that captures the essence of your story and makes them want more
  • To save his world, a hobbit must destroy a powerful magic ring.
  • A farm boy joins the rebellion against an evil galactic empire.

State how your story fits what they publish or represent.

  • I enjoy your fantasy novels and would appreciate your considering my novel Hobbit Wars.
  • Always include the title, genre, and word count.
  • Be sure these meet the submission guidelines for your target publisher or agent.

Include a brief synopsis of the story

  • No more than one or two short paragraphs – ideally no more than 150 words
  • Focus on your main characters, their goals, and the obstacles they face to achieve them
  • Don’t overdisclose – leave the editor or agent wanting to read more
Wrap it up
  • Include a sentence or two about yourself
  • Include any writing credits, awards, or special background that influences your story
  • Thank the editor or agent for their time and consideration
  • Based on the submission guidelines, include the manuscript or excerpt or let them know it is available on request
Gemsona Contest! Win Art, Fics, and Art/Blog Promos!

2016 is coming to a close. This year has been quite rough and depressing, so I thought a contest could add a little fun into the year! Due to the different seasons and holidays occurring right now, I felt the theme should be able to include all walks of life!

You will be creating an original holiday for your gemsona(s) to celebrate!
The holiday should be a celebration and a happy or life changing event/occasion for your gem(s). Perhaps the gem commemorates a great revolution that happened on Homeworld or they are celebrating the day they came to earth. Whatever the occasion may be, draw your gemsona having a wonderful time with their friends, humans, or even with the Crystal Gems! Your holiday can happen during any time and does not need to be winter specific.

What’s Required:
One drawing of atleast one gemsona and a short paragraph explaining what your gemsona’s holiday is about, why they celebrate it, who they celebrate it with, what they do on the holiday to commemorate the occasion, and how often they celebrate it.

Starting Date: December 4, 2016; 12am EST
Ending Date: January 7, 2017; 11:59pm EST
Placements Announcement: January 10, 2017

How to Enter:
Post your submission onto your blog, tag my username @gemsonaresources, and tag your post as gemsonaholiday. I will save each entry to reblog on the 8th to the 9th.

All entries will be judged by me. I will focus mostly on originality and creativity of the origin of the holiday. Completed and detailed pieces may intrigue me more, but the most important part of your artwork is to be able to convey what the holiday is about. When drawing your entry, try to answer as many questions that I have posed under the “What’s Required” category within your image.

**Under the READ MORE I have listed the PRIZES and the restrictions!! If you have any questions, feel free to send in an ask, fanmail, or chat message to @gemsonaresources or @macbeth-macdeath (my main blog)!**


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Inbox me a number and I’ll answer
  1. How did you get into Kpop?
  2. What’s your favorite Kpop group?
  3. Who is your first Kpop bias? Is he still your bias?
  4. If you met your bias, what would you want to tell him the most?
  5. Do you sing/dance in the shower?
  6. Your favorite Kpop song as of now?
  7. What do you think about right now?
  8. Did you ever meet a different kpop fan in person?
  9. What do you prefer; “Shawty Imma party till the sun down” or “Uh, never don’t mind about a thing”?
  10. If you had a chance to become a Kpop idol, what would your stage name be?
  11. If you had a chance to become a Kpop idol, what would be the name of your band?
  12. If you had a band, what would you prefer your position to be? Leader, Maknae, Lead Dancer, Main Rapper, Main Vocal or Visual?
  13. Write a short paragraph about why you love your fav group/idol.
  14. What are you doing right now?
  15. How long are you into Kpop? Do you regret finding out about it?

HELLO FRIENDS. The past few days I’ve been slowly descending into Trollhunters hell and hanging out on my Claire Nuñez blog; check out the show, it’s hilarious and heartwarming and draws a lot of inspiration from Arthurian legend, movies like E.T. and The Goonies, and Shakespeare, and it’s all on Netflix. Aside from that promo, I’m posting this as a starter call; I’m going to take a small nap but I do want to get more ic things going here, so feel free to like this post for a starter, especially if we have yet to interact. I may contact you on IM to plot, but regardless, I want to get some writing done tonight.

     Slim fingers wrap around a pot, drawing it to her chest. Cold seeping into her skin from the chill touch of stone. Roots and shoots abound, exotic plants and lifeforms, she inhales the lush scent of greenery, mouth curving with sunshine in her smile as she plunges her hand deep into the roots of her potted azalea’s. Pulling, tugging, carefully extracting them from their confinement with teeth digging into her bottom lip, concentration is sewn into her brows. 

and it makes me so damn frustrated because i can’t even look you in the eyes anymore and it’s not even because i’m angry it’s because i’m afraid. i’m afraid your eyes will reel me in again and my soul will return to the place where it likes to dance in the lovely blue of your irises. i’m frustrated because even though i claim to be over you, here i am, still writing about you.
—  sjf // shit he’s just so perfect


     JJ glances up to Yuuri, offering a gentle smile as he nods to the male. It was nice to have comfort. Even when you didn’t ask for it. “Thanks, Yuuri.. but I don’t know.. I’ve always had a tendency to want to impress. JJ Style’s still got a long way to go! So I’ve got to keep it up and impress.” JJ offers a gentle shrug. Pressing his lips together and sighing once more. “I’ve had to go through many coaches and people in order to get where I am.. it’s been hard.”

“I had a very good coach, back in Detroit.” Yuuri murmured as he looked up at the ceiling. “You can tell, by how far Phichit has grown since last year. Even I made it the the finals, even if I hadn’t been that good.” He closed his eyes, the memory still a hard one. “I fell many times, I let my mind get the better of me; I couldn’t shake it off. No matter how good my coach was, I was wrapped up in my mind and my anxieties, I just couldn’t move past my failures, and I ended up placing last.

He shuddered a little.

“I was ready to quit, to give up; and then Viktor came along.” Yuuri’s smile returned, a soft loving smile. “He pulled me out of my mind, and allowed me to shine. Not as someone else, but as my true me.” He looked over at JJ. “I think, no matter how good a coach is, if they can’t help you be your true self, then they aren’t the coach for you.” He smiled a little brighter. “Your parents love you very much, I can see that. I think they suit you very well.” He paused, his cheeks dusting a soft pink. “And I happen to like your JJ style the best.”

Wanting to re-invent yourself is a dangerous thing” she told me “one minute you’re cutting all your hair off and chain smoking even though you always said you hated the smell, and the next you’ve forgotten who you were to begin with. You can’t remember how you used to act when you were happy, or what used to make you cry, or if you ever really cried. You’ll become so caught up on being the new you, you’ll lose sight of the one I fell in love with
—  Stories I’ll never finish writing #1

Brian Molko imagine

The guys and you decided to hang out after they had played their gig in some underground club in town. Although their performance wasn’t exactly best paid it was enough for them to buy some drinks and have some fun afterwards. Brian insisted on buying you a drink and you wanted to decline his favor like you always did simply cause you knew he wasn’t in the position do be generous but tonight you couldn’t put him off since he was being keen to do something nice for you.

“Come on, (Y/N)! Let me be a gentleman for once” he whined which caused you to roll your eyes. “I know you’re a gentleman, no need to prove it to me” you argued and gave him a smile. “I’m fine, really.” “But I wanna share a drink with you” he said and waved the bartender nearer to order two drinks. You sighed as you watched him fishing out some change to pay and you were conviced it was all the money he had left. By now you couldn’t help but smile though - you weren’t sure if he would have done that for anyone else.

It was getting late already and anybody but Brian and you have had as many drinks as their wallet allowed.

“I guess we’re leaving” Stefan said and got up from the barstool. Just in that moment the barkeeper finished mixing your last drink, you shook your head whilst looking at Stef. “Well, can’t you guys wait for Brian and me?” A smirk appeared on Stefan’s face. “I don’t think that’s necessary.” “What?” you asked flabbergasted but no one felt the need to explain his comment. “Good night, guys.” “Yeah… night” you mumbled and looked after Stefan and Steve, still a little bit confused.

“Here’s your drink” Brian said who didn’t seem to be affected by the weird behavior of his band mates at all. “Thanks. So what was this about?” I guess they have other plans for tonight.” “Plans without you?” Brian shrugged and took a sip. You looked at the glass in your hand, reminding yourself once again how kind it was of Brian to treat you to a drink. When you averted your gaze and glanced at him you realized that he’s been looking at you. “What?” you asked. “Nothing, I was just wondering if you even like that drink.” “It’s my favorite.”

You were both getting tired and there was not much left to say between the two of you. This was usually the point of the night you happened to enjoy the most… everything was so calm and peaceful and Brian seemed to feel the same way about this situation. This time Brian broke the silence after a few minutes though: “I need to tell you something, (Y/N).” The second those words had left his mouth you almost choked on your drink. At one blow you realized what Stefan has been talking about… you glanced at Brian who nervously picked on his black nail polish while fixating the counter.


He sighed and gave you a contrite look. “I have no place to stay for tonight.” You blinked a few times, assimilating the information. Now that you had prepared for something else it actually took you a while to react and in the meantime Brian misinterpreted your silence as a bad sign. “You don’t need to do anything about it, of course.” “No! I mean, yeah” you stammered and tried to pull yourself together when you noticed the confused look Brian gave you. “You can stay at my place. There is no question about that”

The way to your place wasn’t very far and soon the both of you reached the door to your apartment. You searched for the light switch and wished you hadn’t turned on the lamps - it must have been around two weeks since you last cleaned up all your shoes so now there was a risk of tripping over them, no matter where you set foot. You chuckled as you turned around to Brian who looked around with an amused glint in his eyes. “Well… welcome to my messy life.” “I like it” he said genuinely. “Where can I put my shoes?” he asked jokingly, you lightly hit his shoulder. “Very funny.”

You lead Brian into your small living room.

“Do you want something to drink? Or are you hungry?” Brian sat down on the couch and scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah, I’m actually really thirsty.” He bit his bottom lip. “Oh man, I feel like I’m imposing on your kindness.” You gave him a small smile. “That’s nonsense, Brian. I’m glad I can be there for you.” “You’re sweet” he mumbled. “It’s understood. I’m not sure if I can actually offer you that much… I might have nothing but water.” “That’d be perfect.”

You walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. Those few minutes you had to yourself gave you enough time to realize the situation you were in. Brian was actually waiting in your living room for you. It was weird but it made you feel a little giddy to know that he would stay at your place tonight. You blamed the alcohol for feeling that way though.

Brian laid on your couch with his feet dangling over the armrest to leave space for you to sit down, his head was rested on a pillow. You sat down and glanced at him, he gave you a tired smile. “Thank you so much” he mumbled. “And thank you for that drink tonight” you said. “I didn’t do that to stay at your place thought, I just did it cause I like you” he implied. The corners of your mouth turned up. “I know. Do you wanna watch some TV?” Brian supported himself on his elbows to take a sip from the glass of water you had brought him and nodded.

Whilst you zapped from one TV channel to another, you absentmindedly started twirling a strand of Brian’s hair as if it was quite normal. Only when you felt Brian’s gaze on you, you darted a glance at him and realized what you were doing. You didn’t stop instantly though… it was such a nice feeling and the fact that Brian simply looked at you without saying a word created the impression that it didn’t actually bother him. When he sat up though your heart leapt into your throat. Maybe you went too far… admittedly it seemed as if you had made a husty judgement there cause Brian actually moved closer to you so he could rest his head on your lap instead of a pillow. You looked back at the TV screen, maybe your pink cheeks wouldn’t be that visible for Brian then.

“Why’d you stop?” he asked out of the blue, you chuckled softly and began playing with his hair again. You could hardly keep your eyes open anymore and tried to smother a yawn but you were too tired to actually suppress it. “I think I’m falling asleep” you mumbled. “Yeah, me too” Brian agreed. “We should probably sleep.” He sat up to let you get up from the couch. “Good night, (Y/N)” he said with a sweet smile on his lips. “Good night, Brian.” You walked towards your bedroom door but before you opened it you turned back around to Brian and hesitated before you called his name. Brian looked at you with tired eyes. “Yeah?” “Uhm… do you wanna stay with me for tonight? I mean, stay stay?” A smile lit up his face and he nodded. “I’d love that.”

it’s never been this heart-wrenching to walk away from her mother. then again she’s never stared down both death by apocalypse and hundreds of azgeda in a day and walked away. but it’s today she understands her mother’s unbeatable force of will and marcus’s affection for her. that’s new, but it eases more than it bothers. besides, clarke has always done the hard thing and walking out of polis is just another to add to the list. 

the rover ride with bellamy back to arcadia seems long but she can’t let the silence be oppressive. so many of bellamy’s wounds had to have been reopened and she can’t stand the thought of him dwelling on those instead of the good he’d done.

              “you know, your sister stopped me before we left, had me promise I’d take care of you.” pale lips quirk in what could almost be a smile. “you haven’t lost her. and it was the easiest promise I’ve ever made.”


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Character: Try and emulate a characters voice as best the Mun can.

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