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Are you a photographer? Do you want to share your work with a new audience? Then look no further… Paragraph Shorts is holding their first ever photography contest!

Who we are:
We are Paragraph Shorts, an iPad app curating the best short stories from around the web alongside stunning, captivating images.

The Objective:
We pair our featured stories with photographs that we feel capture their essence. You love stories, have a great eye for images, and can conceptualize a unique shoot based on the theme HEROES. From the pool of submissions, will choose seven photos that we feel best align with the stories. If your photograph is chosen, it will be featured alongside the story in an upcoming story collection.

What you should do:
Upload your photograph to the flickr group ( anytime from July 15th, 2015 until THE EXTENDED DEADLINE OF August 21st, 2015. The image you submit must be your own! If you prefer to submit via email, please send your image to with the subject line “PARAGRAPH PHOTO CONTEST.”

The winning photographers will be notified by the end of August, and the collection will be released in early fall.

**Your submission gives Paragraph permission to use your photograph in the photo contest collection, or a future collections if we choose (don’t worry, we will notify you if that’s the case).

Holtzmann Imagine

Jillian huffed as she stared at the time blinking in the corner of the television. It was 11pm and yet again you weren’t home, working late at the firehouse for the hundredth time this month.

You were an astronomer, and you had your whole setup on the roof of the firehouse, with the skies finally clearing up you could spend  time star charting an getting back into your usual groove.

But of course that meant most nights Jillian went to bed, cold and very unhappy she didn’t have you to cuddle.

She was incredibly proud of your work, and wouldn’t dream of holding you back from it. But sometimes she just wanted a night where you both could stay inside in bed and just be with each other.

With a determined nod, Jillian hopped out of bed and changed back into the clothes she had worn that day, not bothering to redo her hair, leaving it in a fluffy cloud of blonde waves.

If you couldn’t come home, Holtzmann would just have to come to you.

So she shrugged on her grey coat, grabbed one of the picnic baskets you guys kept for springtime and threw some miscellaneous snacks in for the both of you.

Just as she was about to leave the apartmet Holtzmann paused, running back into the kitchen and plucking a bottle of wine from the counter before she leaped out of the apartment.

You gazed into one of your many telescopes situated on the roof, a bundle of warm blankets wrapped around your shoulders and a notepad resting in your lap as you marveled at the sky.

It was well past the time everyone left to head home, so you were very surprised to hear the roof enterence creak open.

Turning your head you smiled brightly as you saw your girlfriend saunter over to you, a basket in her hands and her hair in complete disarray.

“Well if it isn’t the lady of the hour.” You said, looking up at her while she bent down to peck your lips.

“I got tired of going to bed by myself so I came here.” She said, sitting right up against you and placing her head on your shoulder.

You placed your head on hers. “I know I know, I haven’t been home but I just loose track of time when I’m up here.”

Jillian smiled, sitting upright and beaming proudly as she placed the basket in your lap. “That’s why I brought this.”

You laughed, digging through the assortment of snacks and pouches of juice. “You really did all this?”

Holtzmann nodded, you could see strands of her hair bounce as she did, making your laughter return. “And…I brought this.” She declared, placing the bottle of wine in your hands.

“You really wanted to see me didn’t you?” You said, placing the bottle down beside you.

“Uhuh, I figured since you have work here that I could just tag along and spend time with you this way, so when you’re done we can drink and talk.”

You shook your head. “No no, I’ve worked enough. I can take an hour or two off now.”

Holtzmann smirked as an idea came to her mind. “Well in that case I mean we could always go to the spare room and have fun.” She suggested.

“No that would be awkward, Kevin and I have sex in there all the time.” You deadpanned.

The smirk immediately fell off her face and she stared at you with an unamused expression.

You busted out laughing. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” You jested, placing your hand on her shoulder.

Jilian shot you a look before she joined you in on the laughing. “That wasn’t funny.”

You poked her cheek. “Then why are you laughing?”

“Hush, you’re ruining the moment I worked very hard to set up.”

You nodded, ceasing your laughter as you draped your blanket over her shoulders. “You’re absolutely right.”

“Well of course I am, it’s me after all.”

“Don’t push it.”

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It hurt.

He’d never admit it, not in a million years, but it hurt.

Jack and Bitty
Lardo and Shitty
Ransom and Holster
Chowder and Farmer

Everyone paired off easily, either into couples, or pairs of friends.

Everyone except




And it hurt.

Nursey tried not to think about it too much. Tried not to let it get to him when Dex sat with him, just because there was nowhere else to sit, and not because he wanted to. Tried not to get upset when Dex was forced to talk to him because everyone else was in their own conversation. Tried not to let anyone see how upset he was, that his crush only tolerated him - and barely tolerated him, if the look on his face was anything to judge by.

Which was why he only ever cried at night.

He’d never let anyone see him cry anyway. Not since he was a child. His parents were always exasperated and annoyed at the interruption, and his nannies weren’t able to soothe him when he only wanted his mom’s lullaby, or his dad’s hug.

So he only cried at night, in the privacy of his room.

By the time he went to boarding school, Nursey was able to hide his feelings, and always appear chill. He only let himself cry at night, curled up under his blanket, and hiding his face in a pillow. The next day, he’d act as though nothing had ever upset him.

So, he only cried at night. Nursey didn’t let anyone see how hurt he was, and he only let himself cry in the privacy of his dorm room.

Roadies were the hard part.

It wasn’t like he cried himself to sleep every night. Most nights he was okay. And he’d never cried on a roadie before. Even if it hurt when Dex fell asleep on his shoulder on the bus, only to pull away fast, the second he woke up. Even if it hurt when Dex only sat with him for “dmen tradition” or something. Even if hurt when Dex avoided him during a team celly.

He’d never cried on a roadie.

Until tonight.

Because all these things hurt. And so did losing Jack and Shitty’s last game. And so did seeing Dex so upset. But what the most, was Dex pulling away from his comfort like he’d been burned.

He tried not to let anyone see how upset he was, but even if they noticed, it hardly mattered. Everyone was upset at the loss anyway.

He waited until they were in the hotel room before dropping the fake chill he’d kept up. Dex looked over at him worriedly when he threw his bag at his bed, but said nothing. Nursey tried not to let Dex see how much that hurt, but he didn’t really care about his chill anymore.

He waited until they were both in their beds, and the light was off, and he heard Dex’s light snores, before he let himself cry.

He started crying quietly. Tears streaming down his face, as he pulled his blanket tighter around him. But at some stage his sobs must have grown loud.
Loud enough to wake Dex.

“Nursey?” Dex called sleepily. He rolled over in bed, and turned on the bedside lamp. As he woke up a little more, Dex realised that his friend - his best friend, his crush - was crying his eyes out in the bed next to him.

“Nursey, whats wrong?” he called again, only to be met with silence. Dex briefly considered letting him cry - clearly Nursey didn’t want anyone to see him cry or he wouldn’t be hiding under his blanket. But he couldn’t do it. At each sob, Dex felt his heart break a little more, and after a minute’s consideration, he was out of his bed, and lying next to Nursey.

“Nurse?” he whispered, tugging gently at his blanket “Hey, Derek? Are you okay?”

“De-Dex?” Nursey sobbed, as he moved closer to the wall.

“Hey, c'mere” Dex whispered, pulling Nursey towards him. Nursey curled into him quickly, and rested his head on Dex’s chest. Dex played with Nursey’s hair as he cried, and held him close until he stopped

“I…sorry” Nursey muttered, pulling away from Dex.

“Its okay” Dex whispered “Do. Do you wanna talk about it?” he asked awkwardly. He wasn’t good at talking about feelings, but if Nursey needed to, he could listen.

“Its. Its you” Nursey blurted out, then bit his lip. He hadn’t meant to let Dex know why he was upset, but he was tired, and it just slipped out.

“Me? What did I do?” Dex asked, instantly on the defence “I know we still fight a bit, but….”

“Its not that….just. Leave it” Nursey tried. Maybe Dex would drop it, and forget about it in the morning?

Or maybe not

“No, Nurse. If….if I’m upsetting you this much, can’t you tell me what it is so I can stop?” Dex asked

“But you can’t stop! Because its not YOUR that I’M in love with you!” Nursey yelled.

“…..” Dex spluttered, nearly falling off the bed as he pulled away from Nursey. And Nursey couldn’t even try hide how much that hurt.

“YOU love ME?” Dex yelled, looking shocked. Nursey nodded. He could feel tears building up again, and he closed his eyes to hide them from Dex.

The next instant, he felt a hand on his cheek, wiping away a tear he hadn’t even realised he’d shed.

“Nursey” Dex whispered “I…. I love you too”

Nursey opened his eyes, to see Dex leaning in slowly. He stopped for a moment, before gently pressing his lips to Nursey’s. He pulled away again, blushing.

“And I promise, to NEVER make you cry again” Dex whispered, before kissing him again.

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M A Y B E  L I K E  T H I S  F O R  A  S H O R T  S T A R T E R  T O M O R R O W ???


Elna Baker loves saying “yes.” But she struggles to find a balance when saying “no” in accordance with her faith. In today’s short, Baker shares her story of being young and single in New York…

11/23 SF Shelter Tour ticket giveaway!

Hey y’all! My friends and I ended up with an extra ticket to the San Francisco show on November 23! Really want to give it away to a fan who really wants to go to the show. I wish I could multiply it so that everyone could have one! 

If you’re interested, there’s no real need to reblog. Just email me at with a short paragraph on what going to the show would mean to you. 

I’ll pick the winner on September 22. That’s a month from now.

The ticket can be hand delivered in San Francisco or mailed. Whatever you’d like! :-)

Personal Journal #1

Things change. People change. That is the harsh reality. Everything at this time an year ago was so different. I couldn’t even imagine getting myself in this state (though I’m not really in a bad state but still. You know what I mean). Friends, relationships, family ; I had no issues with any of them. But by the time I was 17 years and 3 months, I lost a couple of friends and a potential relationship (I’m not gonna discuss my family, that’s too personal). It’s not like I got in a fight with any of my friends, I just lost contact and apparently they were ‘too good for me’ for even trying to contact me. I don’t regret losing any of them. But what I look back to is that one relationship which had me deep. I’m not gonna write about that though. Just what I learned from that is, make your choices clear and unambiguous. Narcissism makes you look strong, not actually makes you strong 

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what do you like the most about duff? 💛

Omg this is the most impossible question ever because I love so many things about this man I could honestly rant all day but I’ll try to keep it as short as possible.

First and foremost I really love how loyal and respectful he is towards others. Yeah, he was a young kid and acted stupid at times, but I feel like he would do anything for those he cared about. He was the epitome of cool, y'know? He always looked out for people and was really good at working with others.

I know he’s had his fair share of problems, but I really admire how he chose to better himself rather than continue down a really dark path. Everything he’s been through has helped him become a better person for his family. Also, he’s like the coolest dad ever i mean??

And you can’t forget about his musical ability!! He can basically play every instrument and is so incredibly skilled at writing songs. He’s extremely underrated in my eyes.

I think I’ll stop here so that I don’t end up writing a whole book on why I love Duff haha. Thanks so much for the question! 💗✨


“Describe your best friend.”

“The Language of Love” is a refreshing story of a boy’s reflections prompted by a question on his exam. From the young and talented Kim Ho, this short film is the perfect way to end the work week…

Looking for Roleplay!

Name: Jess (Male, 20)
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Smut: Yes (Not the focus however.)

A Brief Summary

In first grade I wrote my first book, it is long lost to the ages but it’s no wonder that ever since I discovered roleplaying I have been hooked!

I am 20 years old now, enrolled in college in the eastern United States and living with my spouse-to-be. I would like to find a roleplay partner for a long term action intensive plot or two, however I no longer have time to dig around the internet for hours a day and thus so, I have come to Tumblr in hopes of salvation and balming for my terminal addition to the art of word craft. Whilst I may be more interested in plot and story I won’t shy away from dirty scenes and even enjoy them every so often. For details on this I have a NSFW tumblr:

Roleplay Details

I will mostly take the role of sole narrator should you choose to start a roleplay with me. This allows for a far deeper and more suspenseful plot for the player/protagonist (you). I will also likely be using original settings and character, however blending pre-existing universes is a possibility.

Technical Details

I prefer to roleplay on skype first and foremost or kik worst case scenario as I enjoy fast past rapid responses. You may expect high levels of detail and depth in my plots.


 Main Blog:

NSFW Blog:

For additional information please read the #Info post on my Main Blog.

        Though the KND as an organization is nearly equal parts girls/boys, and there’s little to no gender discrimination with missions and combat (ie. girls aren’t seen as any less capable than boys, or vice versa, in a mission), there’s still a difference in terms of gender ratio when it comes to roles operatives take and members specialized sectors. Medics, snacks and treats, and similar jobs tends to be assigned to girls, while scientists, combants, and similar jobs tend to be assigned to boys. It’s not exactly a discrimination thing, and often it’s because girls tend to want to be medics and boys want to be combatants. 

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I need that image set of the weird fucking foods and I don't mean the Christmas party with the dorito wresth and sauer kraut snowmen I mean the one with like the fucking Gatorade drenched chicken turkey so like idk if u got any leads let me know I don't think it's even tagged but I need it. also I like the happy vibe ur blog gives off ur always getting compliments and seem happy

i have never been so confused and then immediately pulled back into reality in such a short paragraph

Send an intro, get some loving!

Hello! It’s me! (Your friendly local Noodle, that is, not Adele)

I have recently posted an ad looking for new partners, which you can find HERE, and got some amazing responses. However, since I am a greedy creature who is craving both long, complex plots and short-term RPs, I figured I’d go ahead and write a second one.

What I am looking for this time is people interested in random romantic starters. 

Here’s how this works: send me an intro with an original character and a scenario you’ve been dying to try, include the kind of pairing/setting you are looking for in the title of the e-mail (example: F/F, Medieval fantasy), and I’ll reply to the best of my abilities.
The first post can hint at the sort of character you’d like me to play, and if you have limits, you should definitely let me know, but as far as planning goes, the idea would be to just go with the flow. 

If we click, that’s great! If not, we can ditch the RP and try a new one, or just bid each other goodbye. 

Same rules apply: paragraph style, third person, e-mail only - the whole shebang. 
You must also be 18+ and must be ok with violence, gore and cursing. The RP can be full of smut or we can fade to black, it’s up to you, but being quite the old bird, I am not comfortable playing with anyone who is underage.

And of course, here is my e-mail: