Female INTJ

You are the coldest shard of ice, but also the hottest flash of lightning. You are the softest velvet in a rose petal, and also the sharpest thorns underneath. You’re the terrifying depth to the ocean, and yet you are also the sun twinkling on the waves. You may be the sultriest summer day, but often you choose to be the quiet coldness of a winter morning. You are the calmest logic and also the roil of blood boiling under your skin. Of all these things, INTJ, you are a Paradox.


I’m stuck in a box

 A disoriented paradox 

 One that you control

 But you don’t know you’re controlling it 


 I don’t know if you know 

 But I’m drowning myself for you

 Trying to manage my feelings

 Trying to manage this paradox you own

 It’s only because my feelings for you are strong

 And I can’t let go fast

 It takes time let go

 But you’re kinda in my grasp

 I want you to be mine

 But you don’t want me to be yours 

 Just let me out of this box

 I hate being alone in a confused paradox