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It wasn't often that the griff visited up to the city of snobbery itself, Canterlot. It was also not often that he visited Canterlot with good intentions, no less. But for once in his Tartarus-ridden life? Silver would be on his behavior - besides, it wasn't like he was a lowlife 24/7. Regardless, it would seemed that one shop out of the bunch had caught his attention, a clockwork shop no less - 'Clockwork Emporium'. With a shrug, and a push of the open door, he called in. "Hello? ...Hellooo..?"

Lining the walls of this peculiar little shop in downtown Canterlot are many clocks and wildly varying shapes and sizes, and they’re all running at a slightly different time, resulting in discordant ticking as the background noise of this shop. The shelves are lined with all sorts of wind up devices, a few of which are actually in motion in there baskets, which would imply someone was here recently, but the front room is empty, even desk at the back of the room, where a shopkeeper would usually sit, is vacant. 

Seemingly out of nowhere a small clockwork bird flutters down from the ceiling, and seconds later a yellow pegasus streaks down after it, out of a trap door on the ceiling that was barely visible before it was opened. “Nonono!” He crashes onto the floor, landing on the bird. “Gotcha!” Standing back up, he looks startled to see someone else there. “Gah! Uh, hello! Welcome to The Clockwork Emporium. I’m Paradox, the owner. What can I help you wi-” A storm of birds, identical to the first one flutter out the still open ceiling hatch and land on the pegasus. “Uggh.” He groans, knocking them onto the floor. “Sorry about… the birds. Some unicorn kid thought it would be a great idea to enchant them and now I can’t get them to stop moving.”

The Societal Paradox
  • Girl:I wear high heals because they make me feel cute and confidant!
  • Society:ugh, girls are so obsessed with the way they look. They'll sacrifice comfort just to attract a few guys!
  • Girl:I wear Uggs because they make me feel warm and cozy!
  • Society:what an UGGly trend! Don't girls know they'll never find a boyfriend if they dress that way?
  • Girl:I eat donuts and hamburgers because they taste delicious!
  • Society:ew, no. Girls should be stick-thin. Don't you know you'll get fat that way?
  • Girl:I eat carrots and apples because I want to lose weight!
  • Society:why are girls always dieting?? Guys want girls who aren't afraid to eat wings with them at the bar! Not some crazy health nut!
  • Girl:I take pictures of myself because I look great!
  • Society:whoaa, a bit self-centered there, are we? Don't kid yourself, toots. You aren't that good looking.
  • Girl:I brush it off as a lie when people say I'm pretty because I know that's all it is.
  • Society:why are girls always fishing for compliments?? Just say "thank you" already!
  • Girl:I'm going to the authorities because my ex raped me.
  • Society:well what were you wearing? You basically asked for it. Guys can't control themselves around that sort of stuff, it's just the way they are.
  • Girl:I'm not going to break up with my abusive boyfriend because it's probably my fault anyways.
  • Society:girls always go for the jerks! Meanwhile the guys who comfort them in their times of need are friend zoned. Fucking typical, what bitches!

Schematics: A Love Story in Geometric Diagrams

The mathematical poetics of time, or what matrices reveal about the matters of the heart.

- a truly unique, in the most uncontrived sense of the word, project exploring love, memory, and time through 43 schematic diagrams drawn from old books and paired with poetic text that gleans new meaning from the geometric forms. From them emerges a layered and paradoxical narrative that is at once very personal and very universal, a kind of forlorn optimism about what it means to be human and to follow the heart’s sometimes purposeful, sometimes erratic, usually unpredictable will in pursuing the deepest of human connections.

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Ducking into the clouds to hide Paradox flies at his top speed through them, at even poorer visibility than he usually has, so it’s really no surprise when he loses control and crashes through a storm cloud.

Even though Pegasi have usually a bit of resistance to electricity, crashing though a storm cloud is still enough to send Paradox spiraling to the ground and skidding roughly before coming to a stop. “Where by Celestia am I?” He mutters, struggling to his feet. “When by Celestia am I…” He looks up at the cloudy night sky. “At least at lost them. Whoever they were…” He flexes his wings and flinches before digging in his saddle bags for a flashlight. “Wherever I am, I think I’m stuck here…” He turns the flashlight on his surroundings. 

You always told me I was a paradox and how you hated that. You always said that I disliked being lazy, but all I wanted to do was sleep. You constantly complained how I hated to cook, but never wanted to go out for dinner. You used to say how the only color I own is black, but my favorite color was green and how that never made sense to you—how I never made sense to you. It’s funny though. You used to say all these words that made me feel like I was crazy and yet, you’re the one who told me you would always stay, but ended up leaving.

You became what you hated and if that isn’t a a paradox, I don’t know what is.
—  Kelsey Gustafsson (paradox)