The INTJ Paradox

Hating feelings, but having too many feelings
Disliking people, but wanting to talk
Wanting to be alone, but being lonely
Never wanting to arrive first, but always being early
Not caring what others think, but always trying to prove them wrong
Being orderly,  but also living in a mess
Knowing everything, but also knowing nothing
Being a misanthrope, but also sort of liking most people
Being smart, but also really dumb a lot of the time
Understanding how emotions work, but still don’t understand emotions
Arrogant, but also not wanting people to know, because we’d have to do the stuff
Doing all the stuff, but really not wanting people to know we did it
Good leaders, but hate leading
Don’t care about people, but we care about our people 

Physicists add ‘Quantum Cheshire Cats’ to list of quantum paradoxes

Given all the weird things that can occur in quantum mechanics—from entanglement to superposition to teleportation—not much seems surprising in the quantum world. Nevertheless, a new finding that an object’s physical properties can be disembodied from the object itself is not something we’re used to seeing on an everyday basis. In a new paper, physicists have theoretically shown that this phenomenon, which they call a quantum Cheshire Cat, is an inherent feature of quantum mechanics and could prove useful for performing precise quantum measurements by removing unwanted properties.

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