what hints do we have so far:

first obviously, the video:

  • mcr flag with new logo (the shirt has been on sale for a while now, i think)
  • the logo says “MCRX”
  • the black parade playing in the background
  • the date september 23, 2016

so this could mean a few things:

  • “MCRX” could either mean a change of name, they just used an x to fill the empty space because there’s only three (3) words in “my chemical romance”, or the thing they’re doing is represented by the “x” (this could also be related to mcr5)
  • or, “MCRX” could mean “MCR10″ which would make sense for black parade anniversary things
  • mcr could be doing a black parade 10 year anniversary tour (the album was released november 2006) (this would involve a reunion, but it might only be temporary)
  • mcr could be doing a black parade 10 year anniversary restocking of merch?? (no reunion involved)
  • mcr could be doing something new based on the black parade, and it may or may not have to do with the anniversary (this would involve a reunion)
  • mcr could be doing something completely new (thus the new logo) that has nothing to do with the black parade, they just chose that song as to not give anything away? (this would involve a reunion)
  • they could release mcr5 and may or may not tour it/reunite?

let’s consider a few other factors that might complicate things:

  • gerard is working on a crap ton of comics (young animal)
  • gerard hasn’t been active on twitter for about a month now (which could mean anything, he’s just been saying he’s been writing comics and music which is what he usually does)
  • ray just released hope for the world
  • frank is doing deathspells, touring and releasing an album
  • frnkiero andthe patience is touring in september and october

which would most likely mean:

  • a black parade anniversary tour is likely (although frank doesn’t stop touring until october and the date in the video is in september, they’re not gonna announce the tour and tour right away right? so frank would have enough time to finish touring)
  • no new album (most likely, since it seems like everyone is doing their own thing)
  • gerard could be working on something for mcr fans related to tbp 10 year anniversary, which seems extremely probable (like maybe new merch, a video compilation, extra stuff from tbp era)
  • they could release mcr5 and may or may not tour it/reunite?

if anyone else has any more ideas please let me know?