Imagine a theme park kinda like Disney but instead of a Disney theme it’s a Broadway theme. There could be a Phantom of the Opera haunted boat ride, a Carousel carousel, a Wicked indoor ride, a Rock of Ages Roller Coaster, The Secret Garden walkthrough garden maze. The parade would have floats featuring different shows. Themed restaurants would include a real life Lulu’s Pies from Waitress, a RENT Santa Fe restaurant, Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop, a Something Rotten omelette stand… The possibilities are endless!

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What would the rangers at pride be like?

I’m terrible at these things so please bear with but feel free to add to it!

The Rangers decide on a road-trip to San Francisco Pride due to Angel Grove not having its own yet (though Kimberly has started a petition to change that).

(and she’s really hoping the petition will succeed; she can’t deal with another road-trip filled with so much bickering).

Zack spends the whole journey messing with Kimberly and Trini by pulling faces and making noises when they do something couple-y. Trini spends most of the journey glaring at him and punching him in the shoulder while Jason and Billy just continually shake their heads from their positions in the front seats. 

When they arrive they all just stop and stare in awe because wow. There are so many streamers and colours and music fills the streets and everyone looks so content.

Trini will deny it but, she definitely got a bit teary eyed knowing that everyone there would accept her for who she was without question. She ends up not letting go of Kim’s hand the entire time and it feels amazing.

Jason spends most of the first half hour there trying to get everyone to put on sunscreen. It doesn’t work.

They lose Zack within an hour.

Kimberly drags Trini around all of the different stands and they end up getting their respective flags painted onto their cheeks. Trini grumbles the whole time but can’t help but grin when she catches a reflection of herself and she feels proud.

It takes a little while but slowly Trini starts to come out of her shell. Kimberly can’t help but watch adoringly as Trini drags her around in excitement and they dance along with strangers to the music without abandon.

Billy stays glued to Jason’s side the entire time. The whole experience is a bit overwhelming but he loves it. Jason couldn’t be happier to escort Billy around (and maybe show him off a little bit).

Billy claps when he comes across all five of their flags in a small stand hidden away and Jason can’t deny him when he decorates his backpack with them.

When the parade starts and the floats pass by they get pushed to the back of the crowd so Trini and Billy end up on Kim and Jason’s shoulders respectively. (Trini argued that she could hold Kim but Kim just raised her eyebrow and Trini knew she had no chance of winning).

Billy spends a lot of the time rambling on about the mechanics of the float and how, if Angel Grove gets a Pride Parade in the future, they should make a float for the Power Rangers.

Trini is quietly enjoying the parade when she catches something out of the corner of her eye.

It’s Zack, who has finally reappeared, perched on a streetlamp watching the parade and screaming at the top of his lungs. When he spots Trini he yells louder.

At the end of the day they’re all loosely clinging to each other tiredly.

When asked about where he’d been all day, Zack just winks and races them all back to the car.

Kim wins.

On the car ride back Billy pulls out five bracelets that are half their Ranger colour and half their Pride colours. They all put them on instantly, promising to never take them off.

Zack ends up falling asleep on Trini who has fallen asleep on Kim, their face paint smudged.

Watching the Rose Parade
  • Dad: look at that marching band! Why aren't you there???
  • Me: it doesn't work like that
  • Dad: but they did it! Why can't you?
  • Me: I... I don't know *sobs*