With the start of another September comes the legendary Zundert Flower Parade or Corso Zundert (previously featured here), when the streets of Zundert, Netherlands are filled with spectacular floats made of thousands of vibrant dahlias.

Started in 1936, the parade celebrates the region’s reputation as a global supplier of dahlia flowers, an area now covering 33 hectares (81 acres) of 600,000 dahlia bulbs in fifty different species. The first Corso Zundert parades were modest in size featuring horse-drawn carts or bicycles covered in flowers, but the event has since grown dramatically. The floats now merge more ambitious aspects of contemporary/urban art with traditional parade floats as part of a friendly annual competition.

Zundert is the birthplace of Vincent van Gogh and this year’s 19 parade floats were inspired by imagery, motifs, and colors from his paintings. Our favorite float from this year’s parade is this awesome hedgehog made of pencils:

Head over to BN DeStem to check out many more photos from this year’s dazzling Corso Zundert.

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‘Make fascism great again’: German Carnival float mocks Donald Trump

As Germans kicked off their annual Carnival celebration Monday with huge parades, Donald Trump was right there with them — well, his head was, at least. The city of Düsseldorf’s parade featured a massive papier mâché bust of the Republican presidential candidate atop a float.


The beginning of September means it’s time for the awesome Zundert Flower Parade or Corso Zundert (previously featured here), when the streets of Zundert, Netherlands host a spectacular parade of huge, colorful floats made of vibrant dahlias.

“Founded in 1936, the annual Corso Zundert parade is a celebration of the Netherlands’ most iconic exports: flowers. The event is held every year in the small town of Zundert where 20 teams of volunteers from different hamlets compete for the best designed parade float. More than being covered almost completely in vibrant dahlia flowers, the float designs often incorporate moving elements and are accompanied by marching bands and other performers along the parade route.”

Check out the work of John DG Photography to view more photos of this year’s 20 different float or watch the entire parade in this video:

Photos by Malou Evers, Erwin Martens, and Werner Pellis respectively, via Corso Zundert.

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Towering Sculptures Made of Flowers Honor Vincent van Gogh 

If you’ve not yet heard of Corso Zundert, it’s a legendary parade of giant floats adorned with thousands of dahlia flowers that makes its way through the streets of Zundert, Netherlands. This year, the theme was to celebrate the life and work of Vincent van Gogh who was born in the same town 162 years ago.

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Today we learned that the people of Bassersdorf, a small town in Zürich, Switzerland, is populated by daredevils. YouTube contributor Rolf Zemp shared this footage of Bassersdorfians celebrating Carnival with a parade float featuring a working mini rollercoaster. It even has one quite-possibly-life-threatening vertical loop. Whee!

So just make sure you aren’t wearing any protective gear whatsoever and climb aboard the Mobile Achterbahn:

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Star Wars Characters Losing their Kids at Disney
  • Luke:Is the one who ends up lost.
  • Leia:Gathers all the princesses and leads an extensive manhunt for her precious child.
  • Han:Sees a crowd growing around Cinderella's castle and spots his kid trying to climb it.
  • Lando:Goes to their designated meeting spot in Tomorrowland.
  • Anakin:Blames Mickey Mouse and proceeds to pick a fight with him.
  • Padme:Her child memorized her number, so she receives a phone call from a park employee within minutes.
  • Obi-Wan:Finds his kid standing in front of the candy store.
  • Rey:Stands on top of a parade float shouting her kid's name.
  • Finn:Walks around Magic Kingdom quickly trying to convince himself that he is not freaking out. Finally breaks down and calls Poe and Rey for help.
  • Poe:Goes on a roller coaster in an attempt to search better.
  • Kylo Ren:Panics internally, but it comes off super scary. Everyone is too afraid to help him.
  • Hux:Becomes stressed, but calmly goes back to where he last saw his kid, and finds him standing right where he left him.
  • Phasma:Straps them into the stroller so they wont become lost.