Imagine a theme park kinda like Disney but instead of a Disney theme it’s a Broadway theme. There could be a Phantom of the Opera haunted boat ride, a Carousel carousel, a Wicked indoor ride, a Rock of Ages Roller Coaster, The Secret Garden walkthrough garden maze. The parade would have floats featuring different shows. Themed restaurants would include a real life Lulu’s Pies from Waitress, a RENT Santa Fe restaurant, Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop, a Something Rotten omelette stand… The possibilities are endless!


Over the last seven years, the It Gets Better Project has successfully leveraged the influential power of media to uplift and empower LGBTQ youth around the world. From an unprecedented social media campaign to a best-selling book to award-winning television programming, we are always seeking new ways to get our message of hope into the hearts and minds of those who need it most.

We have witnessed tremendous progress on a global scale toward greater acceptance for LGBTQ people. Yet, today, our youth are bombarded with threats to their civil liberties and, in some cases, their lives, because the communities they call home refuse to accept them. Our partnership with American Eagle Outfitters for the #WeAllCan campaign is the perfect collaboration to ensure that LGBTQ youth know they have the potential to achieve great things and to make a tangible and positive difference in the world. And, it provides an opportunity for those who love the American Eagle Outfitters brand to wear their support of a more inclusive world!

The social narrative is always changing. We know how to change that narrative, and the support of forward-thinking organizations, like American Eagle Outfitters, makes that change possible. Together, we will amplify our message of hope until every single person on this planet understands the intrinsic value we all possess as human beings. We owe it to our youth, we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to the future of our society. Life can and will get better for LGBTQ youth — and for everyone else — when we start celebrating our differences and adopt a #WeAllCan attitude.

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anonymous asked:

What would the rangers at pride be like?

I’m terrible at these things so please bear with but feel free to add to it!

The Rangers decide on a road-trip to San Francisco Pride due to Angel Grove not having its own yet (though Kimberly has started a petition to change that).

(and she’s really hoping the petition will succeed; she can’t deal with another road-trip filled with so much bickering).

Zack spends the whole journey messing with Kimberly and Trini by pulling faces and making noises when they do something couple-y. Trini spends most of the journey glaring at him and punching him in the shoulder while Jason and Billy just continually shake their heads from their positions in the front seats. 

When they arrive they all just stop and stare in awe because wow. There are so many streamers and colours and music fills the streets and everyone looks so content.

Trini will deny it but, she definitely got a bit teary eyed knowing that everyone there would accept her for who she was without question. She ends up not letting go of Kim’s hand the entire time and it feels amazing.

Jason spends most of the first half hour there trying to get everyone to put on sunscreen. It doesn’t work.

They lose Zack within an hour.

Kimberly drags Trini around all of the different stands and they end up getting their respective flags painted onto their cheeks. Trini grumbles the whole time but can’t help but grin when she catches a reflection of herself and she feels proud.

It takes a little while but slowly Trini starts to come out of her shell. Kimberly can’t help but watch adoringly as Trini drags her around in excitement and they dance along with strangers to the music without abandon.

Billy stays glued to Jason’s side the entire time. The whole experience is a bit overwhelming but he loves it. Jason couldn’t be happier to escort Billy around (and maybe show him off a little bit).

Billy claps when he comes across all five of their flags in a small stand hidden away and Jason can’t deny him when he decorates his backpack with them.

When the parade starts and the floats pass by they get pushed to the back of the crowd so Trini and Billy end up on Kim and Jason’s shoulders respectively. (Trini argued that she could hold Kim but Kim just raised her eyebrow and Trini knew she had no chance of winning).

Billy spends a lot of the time rambling on about the mechanics of the float and how, if Angel Grove gets a Pride Parade in the future, they should make a float for the Power Rangers.

Trini is quietly enjoying the parade when she catches something out of the corner of her eye.

It’s Zack, who has finally reappeared, perched on a streetlamp watching the parade and screaming at the top of his lungs. When he spots Trini he yells louder.

At the end of the day they’re all loosely clinging to each other tiredly.

When asked about where he’d been all day, Zack just winks and races them all back to the car.

Kim wins.

On the car ride back Billy pulls out five bracelets that are half their Ranger colour and half their Pride colours. They all put them on instantly, promising to never take them off.

Zack ends up falling asleep on Trini who has fallen asleep on Kim, their face paint smudged.

Watching the Rose Parade
  • Dad: look at that marching band! Why aren't you there???
  • Me: it doesn't work like that
  • Dad: but they did it! Why can't you?
  • Me: I... I don't know *sobs*
  • Grimlock: We Dinobots got announcement. We abandoning robot modes entirely for a few weeks and just turning from dinosaurs into... ehhh... Swoop! GIVE ME WORDS.
  • Swoop: Him Grimlock mean like monster trucks. Only them still too small for us Dinobots so we turning into things that are bigger but have monster truck wheels.
  • Sludge: Just try and stop me Sludge from turning into ZEPPELIN CABIN ON WHEELS.
  • Slug: Me turn into semi-truck with monster wheels!
  • Swoop: Me Swoop turn into entire parade float. With big wheels.
  • Snarl: Is giant gun on wheels a thing? Me Snarl could do that.
  • All the Dinobots: -stare expectantly at Optimus-
  • Optimus: I know you're ll expecting me to criticize how silly this all is but in all honesty I'm curious to see what happens next.
“Hey There, Princess” || t.h

Summary: In which a Disneyland employee has quite a surprising end to her exhausting day

Words: 1236

Warnings: One or two swear words, lmao

Comments: I got this idea a week ago but I couldn’t fricking write it until now, so I hope you enjoy, haha. Warning that I’ve never had a job at Disneyland, nor have I actually ever been there (unfortunately), so hopefully this isn’t too bad. Sorry to anyone who actually has a job at Disneyland (which sounds so coollllll to me, omg) and this is nothing like how it actually is. But for imagine purposes, just try to look past my mistakes, lol


You imagined this day much differently.

After sitting in a sauna handing out tickets for hours and cleaning up a little accident which involved some digested cotton candy and gum - please don’t ask - you found yourself sluggishly working your way into a dress, ready to parade out into hundreds - if not thousands - of people.

You didn’t hate your job; in fact you absolutely loved walking around and talking to kids, watching their face light up from seeing the big mouse from Disney channel. But, considering your alarm decided to completely fail you and a little coffee stain decided to show up that morning - goddamn it, I just did the laundry - you weren’t so at home in the happiest place on earth.

The shouts were enough to give you a headache, staring out into a crowd of mickey mouse ears and a suspicious amount of minion hats - what the hell, they’re not even Disney. Forcing a smile and straightening out your back, you took a breath and waved to the crowd of bursting Disney fanatics and scrambling parents. You didn’t know how long it had been, more focused on keeping your job than the minutes ticking down from your escape of this seemingly hellish day - smile, wave, repeat. When it was finally finished, you felt your whole body shut down, jumping off the parade float and away into a building where the end of your shift sat, begging for you to just leave.

You silently bid goodbye to your co-workers, slipping in a few puns here and there, as you - so unfortunately, according to most of your friends - repeated day after day.

Bye Ariel. Sea you tomorrow. Haha, get it? Sea? Because your name is Ariel and -

Yes, I get it. I got it today and yesterday and the day before that. Please stop.

You’d let out a little huff, but they’d always laugh in the end, small hand movements which signaled the end of yet another day.

A normal, peaceful day.

In any other circumstance, you would’ve gone home; possibly taken a bath with some light music in the background. Maybe snuggle into some fluffy pjs and sit down for a Marvel marathon for hours until finally falling asleep.

What you didn’t expect was to completely trip over your own damn feet, flying to the ground and dropping everything in your hands. You cursed under your breath, glaring at the gravel, before stumbling back to your feet. You didn’t find any of your stuff littered across the ground like you expected, instead in the possession of the arms stretched out to yours.

“Hey there, princess. Here’s your stuff. Are you alright?”

Your eyes went wide and, for the first time that day, you were fully awake. You tried to move your arms; tried to save yourself with a enter witty, self depreciating line here, where you’d both laugh and walk away from yet another example how this day was going oh so well.

The problem was, the boy that stood in front of you - brown hair and brown eyes and perfect body and oh my gosh, it’s him - was not just some stranger.

It could’ve been a dream. Maybe your mind was so deprived of the sleep you so desperately needed that it was making up some… some damn vision in your waking life that surely wouldn’t have fooled you, have you had enough sleep. But the way he looked at you, hands out stretched and a small smile on your lips, you knew this wasn’t some figment of your imagination.

You just fell in front of Tom fucking Holland.

Anyone would’ve loved to be in your position. You were talking - well, more like staring, but that was besides the point - to the Spider-Man, one of which you were more obsessed with than you wanted to admit. Some would ask for his number after some light banter, engraved into each other’s mind and waiting for the day he ask you to be his.

But, this was no fantasy and you were just trying to compose yourself, scrambling to take all your stuff from a man who surely wasn’t struggling to carry it, like yourself.

“I-I’m okay. I - um, thank you for picking up my stuff. I’m not the most elegant person, as you can see.” You’d let out an awkward laugh, before clearing your throat. “Y-you’re Tom Holland, right? Well, of course you are, I would’ve recognized you from a mile away. Wait - does that sound creepy? Yes, yes it does. I guess I’ll get going, sorry to bother you, um bye -”

And before you’re able to go; before you run away and try to erase any memory of how you completely embarrassed yourself in front of your celebrity crush, you felt hands on your wrist, a boy with a smile staring back at you.

“I actually saw you on the float earlier. You were really, um, cute up there.” He tried hiding the pink growing on his skin, embarrassed at how forward he was being. “My friend, Harrison noticed me looking at you and told me to find a way to talk to you. I’m not really sure how it happened, but I saw you get off the float and I was gonna head over and maybe speak to you but you disappeared before I could. Now here we are!”

He lets out the laugh you’ve only heard through screen, heart pounding in your chest because your favourite goddamn person said you were cute and wanted to speak to you, of all people. This couldn’t be real. This happened to bombshell, models who had the connections to parties and premieres. This happened to celebrities who had the upmost honour to work with him on a movie set.

This didn’t happen to exhausted Disneyland employees with a coffee stain on there chest and tangles in their hair.

Well, at least you used to think so. Now, you’re not so certain.

“Are you sure it was me you wanted to talk to?” You find yourself asking the question despite the thoughts yelling in your head, screaming no with every word that came out of your mouth. “I just can’t believe you would want to speak with… speak with me.”

He looks down at you, watching your head bow to the ground. He doesn’t know why it bothers him so much, but he can’t help but feel so absolutely mortified that a girl as beautiful as you could ever think otherwise of herself.

“Yes, it was you. And, if you don’t mind me asking, but I’d love to know the name of the lovely maiden I am so lucky to be talking to at the moment.”

You feel yourself completely perk up, letting your name slip past your mouth with a smile grazing your lips.

“Beautiful.” His voice is airy, completely dazed at how perfect your name sounds in his head. Before he forgets - falling maidens and knights in shining armor - he awkwardly takes a pen and an old napkin out of his pocket, scribbling a few digits onto the surface. “Um, H-Here’s my number. I know we just met, and not under the best circumstances, but I would really love to get to know you more, princess.”

You smile, taking the number from his hand and slipping it into your pocket.

“I’ll definitely be texting you soon, my knight in shining armor.”