Carnival in Malta

Malta’s Carnival festivities tend to centre around the capital Valletta, Floriana and Nadur Gozo. Celebrations typically include fancy dress parties and a parade of symbolic mechanised floats presided over by the King Carnival float which is supposed to be the best and most beautiful float of them all. There are competitions with prizes for the best dance, best float, best costumes, and best masks.

Carnival is certainly a kind of explosion of colours in the way of decorated floats and costumes. People dress up in all sorts of funny or weird costumes during the celebrations and just go out in the streets to join the floats. All this makes the streets of Valletta and Floriana come alive!

Imagine a theme park kinda like Disney but instead of a Disney theme it’s a Broadway theme. There could be a Phantom of the Opera haunted boat ride, a Carousel carousel, a Wicked indoor ride, a Rock of Ages Roller Coaster, The Secret Garden walkthrough garden maze. The parade would have floats featuring different shows. Themed restaurants would include a real life Lulu’s Pies from Waitress, a RENT Santa Fe restaurant, Mrs. Lovett’s Pie shop, a Something Rotten omelette stand… The possibilities are endless!

Watching the Rose Parade
  • Dad: look at that marching band! Why aren't you there???
  • Me: it doesn't work like that
  • Dad: but they did it! Why can't you?
  • Me: I... I don't know *sobs*
Star Wars Characters Losing their Kids at Disney
  • Luke: Is the one who ends up lost.
  • Leia: Gathers all the princesses and leads an extensive manhunt for her precious child.
  • Han: Sees a crowd growing around Cinderella's castle and spots his kid trying to climb it.
  • Lando: Goes to their designated meeting spot in Tomorrowland.
  • Anakin: Blames Mickey Mouse and proceeds to pick a fight with him.
  • Padme: Her child memorized her number, so she receives a phone call from a park employee within minutes.
  • Obi-Wan: Finds his kid standing in front of the candy store.
  • Rey: Stands on top of a parade float shouting her kid's name.
  • Finn: Walks around Magic Kingdom quickly trying to convince himself that he is not freaking out. Finally breaks down and calls Poe and Rey for help.
  • Poe: Goes on a roller coaster in an attempt to search better.
  • Kylo Ren: Panics internally, but it comes off super scary. Everyone is too afraid to help him.
  • Hux: Becomes stressed, but calmly goes back to where he last saw his kid, and finds him standing right where he left him.
  • Phasma: Straps them into the stroller so they wont become lost.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Float - 1958 Tournament of Roses Parade

January 1, 1958
Pasadena, California
Photo by O.W. Sjogren