kaorusan241 asked:

Omg you also ship RinHaru, Ereri and are a member of the protect Rin Matsuoka at all costs club?! Let's be friends haha

I said it before … if you love rinharu you’re automatically my bro! If rinhau is your everything you’re my bro… if rinharu is the air you breathe you are my bro… if rinharu… *never ends talking about how much she loves rinharu*

Yeah, I like Riren but (I don’t like Levi uke but I don’t understand if in the english fandom Ereri and Riren are the same lol).

And of course! I’m part of the “Rin Matsuoka defense squad”!!
I WOULD DEFEND HIM WITH MY LIFE!! *whisper* fuck you Rin haters, you are disgusting

Oh! Talking about haters, Rin defense squad must be prepared!
Within a few days (or tomorrow?) when the Harurin mook comes out … you know we must be prepared for all the shit, but it’s better if we just ignore these idiots (I’m ready … to block assholes lol)

Pequeño tatuaje que dice “Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly”, frase en inglés que significa “Nunca corras más rápido de lo que tu ángel de la guardia puede volar” acompañado de dos alas en el muslo de Sabkoenig.