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  1.  Bts reaction to you asking for a butt massage?
  2.  BTS reacting to their s/o talking about philosophy and complex things most of the time? Pretty much like Namjoon.
  3. How would BTS Reacts to You Crying Because They’re About to Leave For Tour
  4. BTS reaction of them watching their idol girlfriend (you) perform but she forgets her lyrics. 
  5. Reaction to gf wearing lingerie 
  6. Reaction to finding out you have trust issues because of abusive friendship in the past
  7. Reaction to going grocery shopping with s/o
  8. Reaction to gf still sleeping with a teddy bear 


  1. Reaction to s/o smoking in movie but not in real ife
  2. Reaction to s/o, crush, bff being in a group like triple h 
  3. Girlfriend wanting to have kids soon
  4. Reaction to relationship being in media because of papparazi
  5. reaction to little sister debuting


  1. Reaction to s/o smoking in movie but not real life
  2. Reaction to s/o wearing lingerie


  1. Reaction to gf wearing lingerie
  2. Reaction to s/o being deathly afraid of mice
  3. Reaction to their crush not knowing how to swim

NCT 127

  1. Reaction to s/o being shy about their relationship with them 

These are upcoming reactions that I have yet to post, so look out for these!! I might have missed some, but I think this it almost all the requests I have. To those of you who requested! THANK YOU <3

Just to recap!
  • Louis has been in LA (presumably) for at least 2 weeks and hasn’t been papped the entire time. Has barely been spotted by fans
  • They papped him with the kid at his public, fandom and papparazi-known house for the first time this entire shit show 
  • Louis did not use the garage to unload/load Freddie and shield him from the pesky photographers parked 10 feet from his door like Eleanor did post-arrest on her getaway to LAX
  • Freddo’s face was not blurred 
About the Recent ERASED Episode

I know everyone is upset because Kayo and Hiromi fell in love, got married, and had a precious little angel of a baby (OMG IT’S SO DARN CUTE) all while Satoru was in his 15-year long coma. I get it. Satoru and Kayo had chemistry together. I’d be lying if I didn’t secretly ship them myself whilst reading the manga.

But that’s not the point, and I’m pretty sure that the author, especially after putting in those cute ‘lil moments between them, intentionally decided to have her marry Hiromi. 

Why? Because the relationship between Kayo was only a child’s crush, probably stemming from her admiration of Satoru’s courage and boldness (which wasn’t even young Satoru’s original demeanor). Satoru didn’t save her to have her wait 15 years alone (within that span of time, we don’t know if her Grandmother died) without the assurance that he would return. He saved her so that she could live a fulfilling life, with friends, with eventual love both romantic and platonic. By having her meet him with a baby in her arms indicates that she’s reached happiness and her arc, that Satoru basically sacrificed his life for, is finally complete. That’s why he’s crying. Because he did it. He made a difference. That was what Kayo represented for him. Not a potential lover, but the personification of his ability to change the cruel future that he originated from. Seeing her happy and with a family of her own, that was just confirmation for him. 

Plus, if ya’ll read the manga, you’d realize (just like I did at this very exact moment) that the way Satoru sees Kayo is not the same as the way he sees Airi. Airi believed in him from the beginning, even when he didn’t believe in himself. Airi trusted him. Airi supported him unconditionally. He realized that in front of Airi, he didn’t have to always be a hero. He could relax and be honest, something he couldn’t even do all the time in front of his own mother (who is the darn best I say, omg don’t even get my started, that woman is amazing).

For anyone is anime-only, the scene where Yashiro stops the papparazi didn’t happen. It wasn’t Yashiro. It was Airi. The scene between them is just marvelous, which leads to an ending that the anime isn’t producing. The anime is showcasing an alternate ending to the series, which I find very interesting, because I feel that they’re not rushing, but instead doing this purposefully since the entire series is based on “time traveling” and “changing the future by changing the past”, and perhaps the small differences in the anime, like Satoru not seeing Kayo return to school and rejoining the gang after she moved away like he did in the manga, is what led to Yashiro entering the scene rather than Airi. Regardless, you really see what Airi means and does to Satoru in these panels:

It was at this moment I realized that Satoru needed Airi in his life. Someone that would protect him as well and would always do her best, not just for herself, but for everyone around her. Someone that would always be an inspiration to him.

After this moment, Satoru begins the process of recalling all his alternate future memories as well as those from when he was a kid. 

So I hope I kinda helped everyone realize that Kayo was never meant to be a romantic interest for Satoru. It’s okay, I really did ship them too, trust me on this. But after I saw this scene in the manga, it hit me. Airi is the one that Satoru needs in his life, to support him, to inspire him, to help him. After this, I sat back I thought, “Wow, I guess it’s a good thing Kayo got married and had a kid. It’s all so clear now.” No joke. I have never switched ships before this manga, at least not as fast as I did here. Though I honestly believe the fandom doesn’t give Airi the credit she deserves. :<>

Please do continue to watch the series regardless of ships. It’s just too beautiful to focus only on the couples, because that isn’t what it’s about.

It’s about a man, who thought he was useless to the world, changing the past and saving lives. It’s about a man who made a difference in the world.

Imagine You’re A Part Of The Supernatural Cast And...

You crash Jared and Jensen’s panel even though you weren’t supposed to be at the convention at all and the three of you talk about funny moments that happened on set and you get to answer questions as well and you’re so excited because that is your first time ever being at a Supernatural Convention as a part of the cast.

“Who’s panel is it?” you ask as one of the workers on duty leads you into the building. You weren’t even supposed to be there. You had skipped school because of a family emergency in Arizona. It just so happens to be the location of the Supernatural Convention.

“Jensen and Jared’s should be starting in 20 minutes. I can show you there if you want,” he says.

You nod and he leads down the long hallways.

On the way, you get stopped by at least 20 people asking to take pictures. Of course, you made them promise not to post it until 20 minutes later.

As you walk to the panel room, you can hear Jared talking.

You see Rob and wave to him.

He makes his way over to you and gives you a back-breaking hug.

“Hey, y/n. What are you doing here?” he asks as Richard comes over to give you a hug as well.

“Well, we flew in this morning because y/s/n was supposed to go into surgery tomorrow. He/she wanted us here. Turns out, they decided to take her/him into surgery earlier. Hence the reason I’m here! I was going to drop in tomorrow but what is one day, right?” you ask him, memories of past panels popping into your head.

He laughs as you see Matt making his way over. You would think that being around this much guys would make you nervous. Apparently, they don’t.

“Dude! We need a picture,” Matt shouts. “Shut up Matt,” Jared shouts. You can hear a whole bunch of laughing coming from the other side of the curtain


The four of you decide to take a picture.

You post it to your Instagram.

“Surprise #phxCon! Guess who’s here? So excited to be reunited with the cast! Can’t wait to surprise J2!” you post as your caption.

“Send that to Jared and see what he says,” Matt says after you ask for a mic. The worker, named Jake, hands you a microphone as you text Jared the picture.

“Don’t tell my boys to shut up, Moose. You need to shut up, ya damn big bird,” you send, smiling widely.

5 minutes later, you can hear Jared’s phone ringing. The ringtone is something that you’ve set for yourself that way he knows that it’s you calling/texting.

“Sorry. I guess I forgot to turn off my phone. Oh, look. It’s a text from y/n. I bet she’s at home with her new boyfriend. There’s a picture of her, Matt, Richard and Robert and it says, ‘Don’t tell my boys to shut up, moose. You need to shut up, ya damn big bird.’ Hey wait a minute. Why does the picture look recent?” he asks as you turn on the mic and walk to the curtain.

“Maybe cause it is, chucklehead,” you say, finally making an appearance. The crowd cheers and there’s a lot of flashes going off. It’s like you’re in the middle of a hundred papparazi. Well, technically you are.

“Aw! It’s our surrogate sister! c/n, everybody,” Jared says, standing and giving you a hug. Now there’s even more screaming and even more flashes.

”What are you doing here?” Jensen asks. “We flew in this morning because my brother, y/b/n, is in the hospital. He wanted us to come to see him. He was supposed to go into surgery tomorrow but the scheduling changed I guess. He’s in surgery now. That’s why I had to convince o/b/n to let come,” you say, smiling at the both of them.

“Awesome. I hadn’t seen you since we filmed last May,” Jensen says. “I know. Busy, busy,” you say. “You make a hot Dean, by the way,” Jensen says, smirking. “Keep your paws off my sister, Ackles,” you hear your other brother, y/b/n’s, voice call out with a microphone. “Yes Mr. l/n, sir,” Jensen replies.

The crowd laughs as y/b/n comes to sit in the one empty chair in the front between all the ladies.

“Wait. Let’s take a picture first and then we can start the questions,” Jared says, pulling out his phone.

You give yours as well and the three of you take the picture like a selfie.

You post this one to your Instagram as well. “Got a boyfriend who’s 6’4” and friends who are exactly the same height. I feel small #phxcon,” you post. You post it on twitter as well. “I feel small @jarpad @JensenAckles #phxcon,” you tweet.

You’re happy that you decided to come.

I have more to this story so if you want more just message me!

If the problem is Perspective I will give you it for free

This is in answer to those who think Gillian Anderson would need papparazi following her around in holidays to share bits of her life. These are just a couple of magazine and newspaper covers she did in the last couple of months/years in UK  that would happyly seat with her and talk about her life if she wanted. She wouldnt even need to be cover for doing this. They would share any details she wanted. She does not need anyone taking furtive pictures of her, her partner, her kids for any kind of promotion.

Valentines day dates

Mun: happy valentines day guys! So this will be a short story about the S & M bros taking you on valentines day dates.

Shu: He will set up a date in the music room and will serenade you and kiss you all night long.

Reiji: he will take you out to a fancy restaurant and afterwards will take you to a ballroom and fancy with you, eventually giving you a diamond necklace saying, “its not adds beautiful as you”

Laito: he will play piano for you add afterwards will cuddle you in bed.

Kanato: you and him will take turns feeding each other cake and chocolate savored strawberries. He will also hold you close and sing Scarborough Fair to you. (mun: this is my dream date)

Ayato: ayato will take you to a park and just keep kissing and holding you close. He will also buy takoyaki and you guys will feed each other it.

Subaru: he will plan a picnic in the rose garden and afterwards will cuddle you on the ground, you both eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Ruki: will make you and him dinner and afterwards will read you the book he always carries around (I think its a book his father gave him?)

Kou: stay inside the mansion (can’t have the papparazi) and will give a private concert.

Yum a: like Subaru’s but in his garden and he will, at random points, grab your butt.

Azusa: take you out to dinner, then to a park and the day will end with you and him cuddling in his bed.

Paparazzi's (Luke)


Anonymous said: “Could you do a Luke imagine where you get swarmed by papparazi and you kinda freak out but he protects you and its real fluffy and cute? Thank you!”

sure! hope you like it :)x


“Are you finished?”

“Yep.” You say and smile at you boyfriend who’s sitting opposite to you. “Shall we leave?”

“Yes, I’ll just get the check. Hold on a second…”

Luke had asked you out on a date to ‘celebrate’ your eight-month anniversary, to a beautiful but very expensive restaurant in the town. The band is on tour currently, so Luke had you flown out to Paris just so you could spend your anniversary together. 

Luke pays for the food like he had insisted only ten minutes earlier. It was way too expensive considering the amount of food that actually was left on the plate after you removed all the inedible decorations.

“You ready to go?” He asks, tucking his wallet back into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. Yes, you had actually convinced him to wear a suit for the occasion since you knew beforehand that the restaurant was very fancy and required something more suitable than skinny jeans and a dark t-shirt. Even though you are ‘punk rock’, as Luke had put it, you can’t just act however you want or wear whatever you want. 

“Yes, let’s go.” 

You get out of your seats and you make sure to grab your purse and jacket before you leave with Luke. 

“So I was thinking that maybe we could-” As soon as you and Luke rounds the corner of the restaurant to get to where your car is parked, Luke is cut off by a bright flash right in his face, followed by about a million more. “What the- what is going on?” He says, shielding his face with his arm.

At least a dozen people with cameras are completely surrounding you, making it impossible for you to get through. They must have seen you enter the restaurant or something, and then waited outside here for you to come out. What a freaking life

“Luke! Look this way please!”

“Mr. Hemmings, what did you eat?

“Is it true that you went home with Camila Cabello from fifth harmony after the award show last weekend?”

Questions are thrown at Luke from every way possible, but he stubbornly ignores them all. 

“Who is your friend?”

“Is it your girlfriend?”

“Is it your groupie?”

“Do you really think it is appropriate to take a groupie out to an expensive, high-class restaurant?”

Luke stops for a brief second and you can see how he tries his best not to get affected by their questions, hands and jaw clenched together tightly. You grab his hand in yours and squeezes it reassuringly. You have been with Luke long enough to know not to care about other people’s opinion on your relationship, especially not paparazzi’s who would do almost anything to get a good story line, even if it meant crossing the line of what is respectable more than once. 

He gives you a quick smile and squeezes your hand back and you can already see him relax a bit. He starts trying to make a way through the constant flashing cameras, pulling you along by the hand. 

You’ve never been the social type, who loves talking to new people and make friends, no, rather the opposite. You’ve also never really liked being around a lot of people at the same time which is why being swarmed by paparazzi’s isn’t the best things either. 

People are pushing closer to you, yelling things at you and directing cameras right in your face. You are also wearing very high heels that make it harder for you to keep up with Luke’s pace and you can slowly but surely feel him slip out of your grip. 

“Luke! Wait!” You yell over the crowd but your words are muffled when someone suddenly bumps into you and you nearly fall to the ground. You can hear your heart pounding in your head and your hands are turning clammy when you try to get back on your feet. You can’t feel or see Luke anymore and it is making you anxious to say the least. You look frantically around you to see if you recognize someone tall and blonde, but you are way too short to see anything. 

“Dude! What the hell are you doing? Back off my girlfriend!” You suddenly hear Luke saying angrily at the man you assumed was the one who almost made you fall straight on your arse. Luke pushes his way toward you and quickly grabs your hand again, helping you regain your balance. 

“Are you okay? I am so sorry.” He says with worry in his voice and eyes, pulling your closer to his body. 

“It’s fine. I’m okay.” You reassure him, you’re just glad tbe back with him, even though he probably wasn’t further than six feet away from you the short time you were parted. 

He quickly kisses your head before he wraps his arm around your shoulders, holding you pressed against him this time, as close as possible, while you try to get away from the paparazzi’s and their cameras. 

After a lot of pushing and angry words, you finally get free. Stupidly enough you didn’t think it would be necessary to have a security man with you, since it would be so late and the restaurant was so fancy that you didn’t think paparazzi’s were allowed there, but you were wrong and you wish nowt that you had had someone there with you to guide you through the small crowd. 

As soon as you’re sure the paparazzi’s aren’t following you and are out of ear and see range, Luke stops and wraps his arms around you, burying his face in your hair. 

“God, I am so sorry about that. I had no idea they would be there, and I know you hate it when there are a lot of people and-”

“Shh, I said it’s fine, Luke. It was nothing major, and they weren’t even that many.” You say, resting your head against his jacket clad chest, hugging back.

“I’m sorry they called you a groupie…” He says quietly after a moment, pulling away to look you in the eyes.

“It’s okay. I know I’m not a groupie to you, so I don’t care what they say.” You smile up at him and lean in to peck his lips.

“Good.” He smiles back. “Love you, my smart, beautiful girlfriend.”

“Love you too,” you say, “…bread stick.” You add with a laugh and pull away. 

Luke groans and rolls his eyes, but with a small smile playing on his lips, “why does everyone call me that? I’m not a bread stick!”

You skip toward the car, turning around to face you boyfriend with a huge grin, you say, “Sorry, noodle…” You tease, laughing when you see him suddenly running toward you with an evil smile on his face. “No!” You shriek. “Luke!”

You sprint to the car and when he reaches you he easily throws your over his shoulder. “What are you doing, you crazy man! Let me down!” You laugh, kicking with your legs and hitting his back with your hands.

“Nope!” He says while laughing, spinning around in a circle.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Let me down.” 

After a few more horrid seconds he finally let’s you down. As soon as you feet touch solid ground you lose your balance because you are so dizzy, but Luke quickly catches you before you get the chance to fall, again. He laugh at you with sparkles in his eyes as he pulls you in to him an hold you tight. 

“You are such an idiot, Luke Hemmings, do you know that?” You say and look up at him, shaking you head. 

He leans in and captures your lips, “I love you too.” He smirks against your mouth before he once again shuts you up with a kiss before you get the chance to answer.


Hidden in plain sight, the underling of a rich public figure sat in the clothing store. Coconut water in one hand as he sat in the lawn chair. Hat turned back wards on his head. He stuck out like a sore thumb ironically in all designer clothing. A black polo shirt with crisp gold buttons. Diamond studded earrings, a fancy gold rolex it was clear he came from money, and didn’t need to be here. He was retreating from everything. Shades over his eyes hiding the onyx haired boy from papparazi. He had been watching the other try on sundresses, and heels for the last two hours. Not creepily, just quick glances but he must of seen them come out from the dressing room and inspect in the public mirror a few hundred times.

“I like the red heels, and that black, and white dress you got on. I mean..that’s just my opinion. It doesn’t mean much, but you seem to be having trouble.”

Mystic Messenger Imagine With Zen -when papparazis find out Zen has a girlfriend-

Zen comes to house with a stressfull face after the meeting with the company he works for. Yesterday, you and Zen were all of the magazines’ most important new. Since fans learned that Zen has a girlfriend, they’ve gotten kinda angry, kinda sad and kinda happy too because they want Zen to be happy.
“Honey how was the meeting?” you ask, when he sits next to you.
He closes his eyes and say “More serious than i thought it would be.”
He puts his head on your lap and you kiss him forehead.
“They didnt like it, and they want me to tell it’s a lie that i have a girlfriend. They want me to introduce you as my cousin or just friend.” he says, complaining.
You feel sad for it because you dont want you two be a secret anymore but you stay quiet because it was an important situation about his career so you dont want to ruin everything because of a selfish thought.
If Jae didnt call you before Zen came, you wouldnt have stay quiet, though.
“It’s too bad for Zen’s career as you see he is on the top for his career. I think you should think of it because Zen is so successfull and he loves his job.” said Jaehee before Zen came.
You kiss Zen again and whispear “everything’s gonna be allright.”
Zen falls asleep as he always does on your lap. You stand up, and put a pillow under his head and take your diary to write what you lived today.
it makes me sad that Zen has to introduce me as his friend or a relative. I want people to know that we are a couple, I cant stand hiding it from people anymore. Maybe im too jealous but it started getting harder to share Zen with his fans since he started getting better on his career. So i should be quiet because he loves his job, as Jaehee said.”
The other day the company Zen works for calls Zen. He’s gonna be in a live show where he’ll introduce you as his friend.
You fell asleep while you were writing your diary so you couldnt put diary to its place but it was not important because in this situation he wouldnt even see.
You open the Tv, and wait for the show.
When you see Zen on TV, a tear falls from your eye. You feel so lonely and left out from Zen’s life. You have to stay strong but you feel as if you cant.
“So… Zen, how about that girl? Is she really your girlfriend?”
Zen laughs as if it is a joke. You feel your heart is broken into pieces.
“That girl, huh? Haha for sure she’s not my girlfriend, please.” Zen says while laughing.
Tears fall from your eyes faster. You keep telling yourself that its his job but it breaks your heart anyway.
“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s the reason why I breathe, why I am happy and why I can be successfull at my job. She is not ‘just’ a girlfriend. For sure I love my fans, but her place is so different. I love her and I hope my fans understand it and I’m sure you’ll be happy because I found true love.”
You are so shocked that you cant realize that your mouth is open. How did he say all those things after all?
You feel so happy that you take your diary to write what has just happened. Then you see Zen’s handwriting there.
“So my babe is jealous? I think I dont deserve to make you feel sad, and this relationship doesnt deserve to stay as a secret. We should tell the world our love, huh? Oh by the way, wait for me at night, I might have a surprise for you babe~”