What is the best way to spend your vacation? There is no better way than having a manga hunt!

Oh yeah! I am not a manga expert (especially in shoujo-genre). I have this habit of sticking to the mangakas that i happened to like and then just read all their creations (Anashin and Takagi Shigeyoshi are two great shoujo mangakas I like). Well, that was in the past. this vacation opened my eyes to a whole new world of shoujo. I can promise you (for those who are looking for mangas to read) that these stories are enough to stay you awake ‘til midnight and let you crave for more. 

Aside from being cute and funny  these mangas share another characteristic..they are all ongoing (some are like really new..just have 2 or 3 chapters available). I am sure you will agree with me that we all know the pain that lies in waiting for new releases (maybe that is why oneshots are also popular). we know the agony of going back and forth to the manga sites that we follow just to check whether they have updated or not. We can’t complain because we know how hard it is to different groups to scanlate mangas. So why not give a shout for paperdolls project, chibi, aqua, phoenix serenade,summer rain, winter trans and to all the scanlators out there! We owe you a lot guys!.

So much for an introduction (Sorry, i was just carried away) ..So the titles will be listed (from left to right)..The summaries are readily available over the internet. If you can’t find them then feel free to send me a message.  

1. Seishun Note (AYASE Umi)
2. koko kara saki wa NG (MATSUDA Yuuko and IZUMI Mio)
3.Tokimeichatte Gomen ne (SHIIBA Nana)
4. getsuyoubi kara kataomoi (KYOUMACHI Hisa)
5. takane to hana (SHIWASU Yuki)
6. sora wo kakeru yodaka (Kawabata Shiki)
7. Watashi no Ookami-kun (NOGIRI Youko)
8. suki ni naranai yo, senpai (Hatsu Haru)
9. sekirara ni kiss (AKUTA Fumie)
10. haru matsu bokura (Anashin)

I want to post more, however,every photoset should only contain 10 photos (maybe next time). Ja! See you and hope you will have fun in your manga hunt!


I’ve been working on drawing Pyrrhus’ various outfits in kind of a paper-doll style, and I’m having so much fun. He’s very tolerant of me making him stand around and play dress up.

First up; here’s his various Immaculate Order -ish garb!

On the left is his training outfit - just plain undyed linen trousers (with drawstrings), very loose cut for ease-of-motion, and a scarlet linen sash. It’s what he wears when going through his martial arts katas first thing in the morning, and to meditate in.

You can see his scars on lower arms, legs, and curving around from his back, and the circular scar on his chest from the Neverborn. And his living-orichalcum tattoos from one shoulder to the other (mirrored on his back as well). 

In the middle is what I imagine his “regular” everyday priestly garb is, what he wears in town and around temple (or at least before he moved up to Mt Meru). Standard Immaculate garb, with scarlet trim and obi (silk) to signify his rank and his emphasis on the dragon Hesiesh. 

Third is my interpretation of Immaculate formal wear - for official ceremonies and the like. All undyed or charcoal colored silk, again with the scarlet trim for Hesiesh, and embroidery on the overrobe of all five dragons in their colors. There’s Old Realm script on the inner tunic’s trim and High Realm on the overrobe. 

I’ve got one more set of Immaculate-ish garb planned (Adventurer Gear! slightly more Jedi-like), and then a bunch of other outfits planned:

  • “Sabbatical” aka regular Isle civilian clothes
  • Wedding robes/formal wear?
  • Pyrrhus: Southern Style! (what he wears in Hold on Forever)
  • Arbiter Armor (made of Essence) & swords
  • Red Jade scale mail & swords

ETA: “Adventurer” Gear is done!