DIY Cheap and Easy Charlie Chaplin Wall Art from Trendenser here. Basically Chaplin’s hat, mustache and bow tie in black cardstock attached to crinkled up brown Kraft paper. You could even piece this together with brown paper bags. TIP: I use this technique a lot to create texture on frames and as backgrounds for collages. You can wet the paper and crinkle it up and experiment with which texture you like better - wet or dry. Also you can dry brush the paper when dry very lightly. It can take on the appearance of leather if painted or something very aged.


The imagination of artist Matt Ritchie, known as Matt 136 knows no bounds.

His body of work ranges from murals to minuscule, cut vinyls to cut wood, paintings to drawings to paper. You name it, he’s tinkered with it. 

His style is almost coloring book in form, with thin inner lines and a thick, controlled outline, lends itself to clean imagery and sharp poppy areas of color. His little mouse seems to appear in nearly every piece, almost like the body of his work chronicles the adventures the little rodent finds itself in. -RR

View his little friend in action at: