This Yoshi in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is the only adult Yoshi character in the game outside the ones that briefly run across the screen during the Yoshi Kid’s Stampede attack, and is the only Yoshi besides the Yoshi Kid that talks. There is roughly a 1/16 chance of encountering him when taking the Excess Express after the completion of Chapter 6, resulting in only a small fraction of players seeing him.

Two hearts in doki doki panic…

A moment in Paper Mario: Colour Splash kinda ruined me because I massively overthink the Mario characters. Luigi’s goes incognito and hides in a bush so nobody will sees him at a show of the confirmed queer icon Birdo.

I hope one day Luigi feels brave enough to be out and proud like his idol.

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When a video game enemy glitches during a chase sequence


building up speed for 12 hours was already intense, now imagine hammering a block for 4 centuries just to crash paper mario