Hey, guys. Here’s the Thundercat Cheetara. I loved this animation when I was a kid. Hope we can see them in Live-Action some day. 😁
If you wanna buy this original piece, DM me. 😉
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Another day another journal! This journal will be in my shop on the day of the GRAND OPENING! (October 7th!) very few of the journals I make are similar but this one is extra special to me. I’ve been holding onto this paper for a long time and finally decided to incorporate it into a journal! It’s so hard not to keep this one for myself! @journaling-junkie @journalporn @journal-addicted

Out of Something

Nothing’s quite as easy

as pouring coffee into your cup.

‘till you realize it’s gone cold

even though its been “kept warm” by the pot.

How out of luck I am 

or better yet, how out of sorts.

I’m dizzy in this dreary weather

but I’m happy for my new autumn sweater.

I walked along the tourist shops.

I read the paper for a while.

I watched as kids played along

and chased another with sweet smiles.

Nothing’s quite as easy

when trying in this worn skin

‘till you realize bones can break and

nothing that grows older still

runs faster than the wind.

I ache but it’s okay.

Perhaps, it’s all in my head anyway.

I turn around the little bend

and whisper softly,

“Tomorrow. I guess. I’ll try again.”

As if it’s a question…




Frecklefaced29 aka May Ann Licudine aka May Ann Lumbang Licudine aka Mall (Filipino, b. 1981, Dagupan City, Philippines, based San Fernando City, La Union) - 1: Akane  2: Hanako  3: Chihiro  4: Kanako  5: Iwata  6: Ciou  7: Ayumi  8: Yoko  9: Maiko  10: Shiori from Innocent Girls III series, 2013  Drawings: Graphite on Paper