New paper for the journals

The next few books will be holding something new and special inside. It is of great importance for the writer to not be distracted by minor nuisances, to immerse himself in the story, idea or memory.

The next journals will be of elegant volume and medium format, again bound in fine natural colored goatskin and tooled with precious materials. To go with that elegance, I’ll be using this smooth textured, cream color Clairefontaine paper. A true pleasure to write on, especially for the pen and ink connoisseurs.

While you parade above ground,
You leave me decapitated in sea,
Left to the fishes and then the sharks,
Unaware I’m at the bottom of the food chain,
A primal reversal…

Now we stand by divided glass,
I’m going in a backwards motion,
Tilt me back forward,
Now we stand by divided glass,
Our bond swims down the cimmerian abyss.
—  By Divided Glass - June 24, 2017

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