GPF 2016 Top 3 after SD

“This was fun. It’s a tricky and really intense competition with the top six dancers in the world, minus Kaitlyn [Weaver] and Andrew [Poje]. It’s always a blast to skate with this girl.” - Scott Moir

“It’s not hard finding the energy when you’re skating to Prince,” Virtue added. “Right off the bat, that ‘Kiss’ music is infectious. We love the movement, and we love the feeling of the program, but we sometimes have to bring our energy down a bit to control our emotions. Tonight we managed to be present in every single step and movement of our dance.” - Tessa Virtue

“This song [That’s Life] is a traditional blues song, it goes very well with our concept of blues and hip hop. We have created an original piece there, and that ownership enhances our confidence skating to it.” - Alex Shibutani

“We wanted a cohesive dynamic between the blues and the hip hop. That’s the challenge we had when we decided to mix such different rhythms.” - Maia Shibutani

“Of course, we are disappointed. That mistake cost us two levels. That’s a four-point difference at the end.” - Guillaume Cizeron

Virtue, Moir on top following strong short program by IceNetwork

anonymous asked:

What did you think of all the FDs at GPF? Which was your favorite?

chock/bates - unbelievably slow and choppy. i’m on record as ironically liking their under pressure fd bc it’s so silly and kitschy, but their skating remains unimpressive and was even more so today. everything they do is so labored. also all the added orchestrations and booming drums made me lol, igor is as subtle as being slapped with a dildo

bobrova/soloviev - i find them literally unwatchable, her posture makes me want 2 die

hubbell/donohue - their free dance makes me feel like i’m snorting a line of pure sugar - i have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this much unadulterated syrupy saccharineness. they actually kind of remind me of vm circa seasons with all the gagworthy handkissing, it feels kind of forced to me sometimes. but after the first 2 teams, i can appreciate their emotional investment. at least they’re trying to tell a story

papadakis/cizeron - this is the best i think they’ve skated their fd. the music is still ??? to me, but i guess i generally like them (him) as skaters. i wish they had more interesting lifts and pushed themselves more but i get that minimalism is their thing. its kind of same ol same ol whatever to me at this point, but i understand ppl who are really caught up with them. boy she is really junk compared to him tho, it becomes more obvious every time i watch them skate. every +3 goe should be halved to +1.5

shibs - this fd is the biggest fuckin zzzzzzzzz ever. the music is so dull and restrained, but i’m not a fan of their interpretation of it either. there’s such an emotional disconnect for me….i mean do they even look at each other once? they skated ‘fix you’ with such abandon last year, but now they’ve gone back to their stiff upper backs and super controlled skating and its kind of frustrating to watch. theres no passion or intensity or shades of anything other than blah. skating after pc did them no favors either, they looked like amateurs next to them. U CANT OUTARTPOP THE ULTIMATE ARTPOPPERS

virtue/moir -  my faves who have never done anything wrong ever in their lives


2016-2017 GRAND PRIX FINAL | Universal Sports (USA) - Full SHORT DANCE

Startlist: (1) Chock/Bates, (2) Virtue/Moir, (3) Papadakis/Cizeron, (4) Bobrova/Soloviev, (5) Shibutani/Shibutani, (6) Hubbell/Donohue