“ Your dad keeps crying because of you. It was no joke. Taek ah, I thought your dad was Superman today. I don’t know where he got such crazy amounts of strengh… Be good to your dad. It really seems likes you’re everything to him”


“It’s your life, Dad. I’d like it if you were happy. I’m okay with anything as long as you’re happy.” 

I miss Boston Bruins hockey

I miss

  • The goal horn
  • The goal song
  • “woo!”
  • Zdeno Chara’s “I just scored!!” face
  • Patrice Bergeron having the most face off wins
  • Marchand getting a shorty
  • Marchand pissing people off
  • Krejci’s passes!!
  • Lucic being protective
  • Seidenberg’s accent <3
  • RENE!
  • Jack’s muffin allusions
  • “Save by Rask!”
  • Johnny rockets
  • Krug scoring in over time
  • Daniel Paille getting a break away
  • The faces Claude makes on the bench
  • Carl playing like Carl
  • and most importantly,


30 day NHL Challenge

Day 28: Most overrated player.

No such thing

As the post says, they all worked to get where they are now, and no one should be punished for that. Whether you like them or not what they’ve done isn’t chance or luck or a fluke. These guys are good, and they deserve their success. Respect the sport you love and the men who keep it going.