Get this book y'all! The FBI WAR on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders. It details how our freedom loving United States government targeted an attacked leaders and activists such as Bob Marley, Fred Hampton, Assata Shakur, Afeni Shakur, Jimi Hendrix, Huey P Newton and many many more who were subject to COINTELPRO and cointelpro style tactics of repression and neutralization. There’s a documentary tied in with the book as well that I have posted up on several occasions.

spirit animals for the signs
  • aries:bear // strength and courage
  • taurus:panther // courage and power
  • gemini:wolf // intelligence and love for freedom
  • cancer:deer // grace and gentleness
  • leo:tiger // willpower and courage
  • virgo:hawk // power of focus and wisdom
  • libra:hummingbird // enjoyment of life and independence
  • scorpio:fox // cunning and ability to see through lies
  • sagittarius:horse // personal drive and freedom
  • capricorn:turtle // determination and patience
  • aquarius:owl // wisdom and intuition
  • pisces:panda // gentle strength and peace

In 1943, a single early Panther Ausf D, along with a single PzKpfw VI Tiger H1 was sold to Japan, but both were never delivered due to the war situation and were loaned by Japan to the German Army. Japanese engineers had several opportunities to visit Germany to experiment and study the German war machines, however, and it is evident that these studies greatly influenced Japanese blueprints and future tank designs. Both were unknowingly destroyed by the Russians in combat.

[PHOTO] America: Black police Chief Helps Protester in Nazi T-shirt at KKK Protest

“To me, this photo represents the real America.” – Noah Smith @Noahpinion Read the story here [The Independent]

Panther Power
  • Panther Power
  • 2PAC
  • Tupac Shakur: Beginnings

My Mother never let me forget my history
Hoping I was set free chains never put on me
Wanted to be more than just free
Had to know the true facts about my history
I couldn’t settle for being a statistic
Couldn’t survive in this capitalistic
Government cause it was meant to hold us back
Using ignorance, drugs and sneak attacks
In my community they killed the unity
But when I charged them, tried to claim immunity
I strike America like a case of heart disease
Panther power is running through my arteries
Try to stop home boy you’ll be clawed to death
Cause I’ll be fighting for my freedom with my dying breath
Do you remember that’s what I’m asking you?
You think you living free don’t make me laugh at you
Open your eyes realize you been locked in chains
Said you wasn’t civilized and stole your name
Cause some time has passed seem to all forget
There ain’t no liberty for you and me we all ain’t free yet

Panther power

“In America we receive fragments of unrelated knowledge and our education follows no logical format or pattern. It is exactly this kind of education that produces people who don’t have the ability to think for themselves and who are easily manipulated.” -Assata: An Autobiography
Happy 68th Birthday Queen Assata 👑


Always Good To Hear Chairman Fred