L'infinito è l'unità di misura dell'amore.
Questo è il mio, aperto, per ricordarmi ogni giorno della continua sensazione di non essere completo, che manchi un tassello, fatto forse di quella felicità mai ritrovata o ritrovata e spesso ripersa.
Le rondini, nate dal pezzo mancante, si liberano in volo oltre il cielo e le nuvole per raggiungere il cuore ovunque sia.
‘Sei’, per la precisione, il numero dell'amore assoluto. ‘πάντα ῥεῖ’, ‘tutto scorre’, scorre e passa, a volte scorre pur restando, all'infinito dentro di me.
A. Muscatello


Seasonal Ties

As my tie wearing opportunities have diminished for various reasons over the past few months, I began to focus more on seasonal fabrics that may be simple in color scheme but complex in their textural depth for the rare occasion when a tie was needed (or wanted).

That’s why when La Casuarina held his Carmina shoe sale & semi-annual tie purge last week (mentioned here) I leapt at the chance to acquire the above tie. Navy is perhaps the versatile and easy to wear of all tie colors, but the six fold construction and flecks of multi-colored donegal wool help it to differentiate itself from the herd just enough.

I remember seeing this tie when Panta introduced it, but I missed my chance to purchase before it sold out. Now, having acquired it at a reduced rate some time later, I see it getting quite a lot of use this fall/winter, at least for someone who doesn’t really have to wear a tie all that often. 

Spoopoker, one of our members, runs Luxeswap, a very successful high end clothing and accessories consignment business.  No idea how he can work while dressed this way.  When I am taking photos, or packing boxes, the best I can do is not to sweat out my tee.

Panta custom Sportscoat; Finamore shirt; Drakes London for LuxeSwap tie; Thrifted cotton pocket square, (possibly Simonnot Godard); Avi Rossini ostrich belt; Ralph Lauren flannels