Imagine: you’re walking through the streets of Los Angeles, enjoying the sights, admiring the buildings. This is only the second time you’ve visited, but somehow you already know your way around. Somehow, it feels like home already. You’re wearing this shirt because it’s laundry day, and you walk into a bookstore to get a quick break from the heat. You find yourself wandering through the bookshelves, past the science section, and end up on the music row- cause, that’s right where the air conditioner is. I mean, you’re definitely NOT used to this kind of heat.

In your peripheral vision, you see a guy in a leather jacket leafing through a book, but he’s all the way at the other end, so you rest your head against the cool shelf and pretend he’s not there. You’ve just closed your eyes when you hear him chuckle and set down the book. You count four, six footsteps.

“Hey, I like your shirt” he says.

You open your eyes to see his boots, still exhausted from the weather, and laugh. “Oh, thank you ve-”

Those eyes.

Those brown eyes.

Your smile vanishes and your eyes widen further than you thought possible as surprise steals your face from you. You blink a few times, certain the heat’s caused you to hallucinate.

He laughs. “Are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Say something! Oh my god, dude, just say something- it’s Ryan freaking Ross.

“Uh…” Panicking, (haha, panicking) you hold your hand up, look at it for a second, and take a breath as you extend it toward him with a questioning look.

He smiles, and shakes your hand. “Cat got your tongue?” He seems to be very amused that you’re so flustered.

For some reason, you’re brain still isn’t quite working properly yet, but your mouth starts running anyway. “Oh, I hope not. I’ve had enough claws in my face to last a lifetime.” Your laugh isn’t forced, but it’s definitely a teeny bit nervous. You both smile, and suddenly the fog around your head disappears, and you take your hand back (regretfully).

“I’m sorry about that- it must have been the heat or something…”

It’s a lame excuse, and totally transparent to the both of you. Meh. Apparently it’s the best you can do.

You tell him your name, and make small talk about the books. He’s picked up some music books, a couple of biographies- The Beatles, and a book of photography, filled exclusively with pictures of musical instruments, as well as a history of the piano. On the topic of music, you can’t help but finally blurt out what an honor it is to meet him, and how his writing is probably the most beautiful stuff you’ve ever read. He shows you a few (actually, several, but you don’t mind one bit) pictures of Dottie, and you tell him about your cat.

The both of you sit down for coffee in the bookstore, and have a great time. The afternoon heat soon turns into evening sunset, and you realize the both of you have been talking for hours. He says he should get going, and you ask if he wants to get coffee another time- you’ve got a funny story about your cat that he just HAS to hear. The relief when he agrees is phenomenal and you both exchange phone numbers, texting each other right there, to make sure it works.

You both exit onto the street, going separate directions, and he waves a goodbye. As you walk farther from the book shop, there’s a smile on your face when you realize you’re not just a fan anymore- you’re a friend.

Maybe laundry day isn’t such a bad thing, after all.


Marci’s friends drag her out dancing, but her anxiety gets the better of her.

My third year SVA film!! I worked super hard on this one, I hope you enjoy!
Music by Cooper Goodwin (@gooseworxmusic)
Thanks to my awesome friends, family, teachers, and classmates for supporting and encouraging me along the way! and thanks for watching!

The Signs As Nice Panic! Lyrics

Aries- “When I look in her eyes I just see the skies”

Taurus- “There are no raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses”

Gemini- “You are at the top of my lungs, drawn to the ones who never yawn”

Cancer- “Your melody sounds as sweet as the first time it was sung”

Leo- “Spark your heels up against the picket fence I built”

Virgo- “Endless romantic stories, you never could control me”

Libra- “If you’re gonna be the death of me that’s how I wanna go”

Scorpio- “Her words were swimming through his ears again”

Sagittarius- “If I go to hell would you come with me or just leave?”

Capricorn- “My wingtips waltz across naive”

Aquarius- “Back away from the water, Babe you might drown”

Pisces- “Into a place where thoughts can bloom”