Pandaman - Pokemon Types pt.1

So… I’ve been thinking on which pokemon my characters would train… I know some of them instantly but… others need some more thinking so for now here is the first batch! Tomorrow I’ll do the rest.

Pandaman would train fighting type pokemon, mostly those who specialize on punches and low blows. Bill would train fierce rock-chuckers. Max would train steel types, but would also train dark types. Flux would train electric types pokemon as research partners. And Ninja X is a pretty normal guy… so he has normal type pokemon

Commission Info


Meanwhile, the latest batch of Pokemon commissions are done! Were done a while ago, but I was hoping to be able to space them out with some other stuff too. Work’s had me super busy, and there hasn’t been time to do much other than a doodle-splat here and there.

I’m gonna be putting these on hold for a little while, but I’ll be opening them back up early April! If you’ve already contacted me about one, don’t worry, I’ll squish you in with the current schedule. Thanks so much to everybody who commissioned these!