Next in my Pokemon Type Sepcial series, Dark Type Pokemon!

I personally love a lot of Dark Pokemon, a few are my favourites. I really wanted to center this piece around Tyranitar as to me he’s THE Dark Type. I thought a city would be a good atmosphere for the Pokemon and having Yveltal kind of watching/commanding them above the city would be a really cool way to center him as well. 

I’m OPEN for commissions so if you’re interested shoot me a message! 

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#674.5 - Pancham have a lot of attitude for such small Pokemon. They try their hardest to look intimidating and get taken seriously by their enemies, but often fail since their glare is not sufficiently frightening. Pancham look up to Pangoro, and in an effort to be as “cool” as them, will often seek out a Dark Type Pokemon to study under; a condition that is necessary for sparking Pancham’s evolution. As they age, Pancham grow larger and stronger, becoming violent and intimidating in their own right. Despite this, they have a warm heart and appreciate affection, and will look out for weak Pokemon who are being bullied.

Named: Pancham - Panchou - Pangoro

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