The Wall of Capitol Portraits



As the release of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 01" draws closer, a series of striking propaganda posters from The Capitol have been released; proclaiming a false sense of peace and unity within the conflicted post-apocalyptic nation by promoting the rallying cry of “One Panem" as a means to distract the population from the rising rebellion sparked by The Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen.

The collection of posters above features ‘everyday heroes’ handpicked by the Capitol Ministry of Information and endorsed by President Coriolanus Snow himself, who declared the following statement upon their public debut: “Today we celebrate the proud men and women who live and breathe their Districts. Today we are One Panem.”

The various Panem citizens featured in the propaganda posters represent some of the outlying Districts that provide specific needs to the Capitol and the rest of the country. They are:

  • Fibre Bissette, age 32, from District 3 (Technology)
  • Naida Dolan, age 22, from District 4 (Fishing)
  • Malcolm Kastel, age 31, from District 6 (Transportation)
  • Elias Haan, age 26, from District 7 (Lumber)
  • Triti Lancaster, age 17, from District 9 (Grain)
  • Felix Stam, age 35, from District 10 (Livestock)
  • Lily Elsington, age 6, from Distrct 12 (Mining)

Capitol Couture is a fashion magazine from the Hunger Games’ image-obsessed dystopian Capitol. Their latest effort is a series of photos titled “One Panem,” showcasing a “hero” from of Panem’s twelve oppressed and often poverty-stricken districts.

With the next Hunger Games movie introducing a fully-fledged rebellion, this photoshoot is evidently meant to be propaganda, trying to get citizens to stay proud of their own district’s role in supporting the Capitol.

Tellingly, Katniss Everdeen’s district isn’t represented by a “hero” who shows pride in their work and patriotism, but a 6-year-old girl who “channels her hope and optimism toward Panem’s peaceful future.” 


The great "Fox Block" of 2014

Going along with other theories about this situation, if it’s true, then it’s Jen’s image under contract, not Josh’s. So they could easily release a black out trailer.

Imagine with me, if you will:

Black screen.

Voiceover, President Snow: “We need to break her. And with this new development, I believe we can.”

Flash text **THIS NOVEMBER**

Voiceover: heavy, ragged breaths.


Fade in from black on a head hung low. Hair tattered, and matted with dirt and blood.

It lifts slowly, revealing a feral looking Peeta Mellark.


Cut to black.

Voiceover, Peeta Mellark, whispers: “Katniss.”

Voiceover, Peeta Mellark: Screaming.

Queue dramatic score.

Fly-from-back burning Mockingjay Logo and title.

Flash text **NOVEMBER 21, 2014**