the lance issue of the voltron comic is so klance i’m in pain

keith literally blushes at lance’s bad flirting with allura


KEITH IS SO???????? FOND??????????? REST ! IN ! PIECES !

also pidge is gay and steals the princess from lance so no wonder keith is happy


Take a fuckin’ Dave babes

No permission needed, credit is appreciated but not necessary either. Feel free to change the background or edit the Daves to better fit your headcanons if you want, since these are panel edits to begin with. 

I hope you all enjoy these different variations of this beautiful boy.

I’m so happy and hyped that @therealjacksepticeye is playing (and enjoying!) Hiveswap!!! Homestuck is something super dear and close to my heart and Jack is one of my favorite Youtubers, so seeing both worlds collide like that? It’s exciting.

Any way, here’s a panel edit with JACK, the BARD OF DOOM (Destroying all that’s bad and negative for his fans), with MARK, the KNIGHT OF BREATH (Using his popularity to serve his fans).

I swear if Jack ends up liking Hiveswap enough to check out Homestuck I’ll have a heart attack.