For  Fuckyeahdirtyverses who asked for the story of the Virgin of el Panecillo. Before the Spanish came to this hill, which divides the center of the city and the south, it was referred to as Yavirac, a sacred geographical point belonging to Cusco (the center of the universe in Inca phenomenology). Atop the hill was a sun temple called Yavirac of Shungoloma where Incas carried out religious solar ceremonies. When the Spanish conquered it they immediately called it Cerro Gordo (lit. Fat Hill) and then Panecillo (lit. a diminutive of bread) due to its round shape.The temple was destroyed by Rumiñahui himself (an Inca warrior of Ecuador) as he rather would see it destroyed by his own hands than the Spanish. The statue of the Virgin Mary was inaugurated in 1976 and is based on the woman of the Apocalypse denoted in the book of Revelations (Revelation 12:1-18). Before going into the statue there is a plaque with this description that I have translated:

La Mujer del Apocalipsis

                                           (AP. 12)

¿Quién es esta mujer, de sol vestida, reina, de doce estrellas coronada portentosa señal, airosa, alada, que el firmamento se remonta erguida?

¿Quién es esta mujer engrandecida que a sus plantas la luna ve postrada, mantiene a la serpiente encadenada y entre todas es la única escogida?

Es María, La Virgen, la esperanza mostrada en El Edén, a cielo y tierra, en quien Dios se encarno y entro en la historia.

Es la madre de Dios, flor de la alianza, la mujer fuere que al infierno aterra la esclava del Señor, la asunta a gloria.

-Rigoberto Correa Vazques




The Woman of the Apocalypse

                                                                  (rev. 12)


Who is this woman, dressed in sun, queen, of a crown of twelve stars, portentous symbol, airy, winged, so that the firmament goes up straight?


Who is this enlarged woman, that at her soles the moon sees prostrated, maintaining the serpent in chains, and among all other she is the only chosen one?


She is Mary, the Virgin, the hope that appeared in Eden, from Heaven to earth, in who God became flesh and came into history.


She is the mother of God, flower of alliance, the woman would destroy hell as the slave of God, enjoining her to glory.


-Rigoberto Correo Vasquez

Also here are some more pictures of the statue and the view up there (I went for the millionth time on Friday).