For those who know NOTHING about “Uncharted” but still want to read my stories about it

A “little” backstory (this is so long probably no one will read it but oh well, still posting it) : 

Samuel and Nathan Drake are two brothers who were orphaned rather young. Their father left, and their mother (Cassandra, from whom they were very close) unfortunately died. She was a historian and taught them many things about ancient civilisations and such…The story begins when Sam is about 17/18 and Nate 13/14. You learn that Nathan is in an orphanage and doesn’t really behave (fighting a lot and stuffs) and he’s grounded in his room when…Sam helps him to “escape” the orphanage he’s in, to go get their mother’s journals back (their father sold them) in an old mansion in the outskirt of town. Long story short, things turn bad. The resident of the house, an old woman who knew their mom very well, and who was an (lonely) explorer too…dies of a heart attack, and since she thought they were robbers, before realizing they were just kids who were after their mother’s possession, she called the cops and well…let’s just say that Sam and Nate had to run to not get caught by the police and get in trouble, especially since now, Sam is an adult, he can get convicted…

And so begins their life full of adventures. Sam, who was suppose to leave to work (and so not see Nate anymore) abandons that idea, and Nate never goes back to the orphanage…Instead, they become the “Drake Brothers” (their actual name is “Morgan”, they decided to change it inspiring themselves of Sir Francis Drake’s name), treasure hunters (basically, thieves). So here we start, with two young orphan boys, who decided to take their destiny in their own hands. “Sic Parvis Magna”, greatness from small beginning. 

Since they were quite young they’ve been obsessed with the treasure of a legendary pirate called Henry Avery (their mom’s journals are basically all about it). One day, they have an actual strong lead, and team up with a rich kid called “Rafe Adler”, to get into a panamian prison and retrieve an artifact hidden in its old fort. Only the guard that was bribed to get them out afterward got greedy, and asked for a share of “whatever they were into”…Rafe (who’s really an unstable man I’d say…Also since he was born everything has been handed to him on  a silver plate and that gave him lots of issues, spoiled brat) got a little mad and kinda…Stabbed the guy. Which resulted in a huge shoot out and Sam, Nate and Rafe trying to run away and…Oops. Sam, as they were escaping through the roofs, got shot and fell. Nate tried to find him after you know ? To make sure he was dead. And everything was indicating that Sam indeed died that day…Heartbroken, Nathan decides to never talk about his brother ever again (not even to the love of his life he’ll meet later, “Elena Fisher”). 

Fast forward 15 years : Sam is actually not dead. OH OH SURPRISE NATE ! He’s been stuck in prison in Panama for fifteen fucking years, and got out thanks to a mob boss called “Alcazar” who escaped thanks to heavily armed people who came for him…The reason he brought Sam with him was because he was Sam’s cellmate, and Sam often talked about Avery’s treasure and how he could find it…Of course, mob boss Alcazar wants his share. So he busts Sam out too, and threates him to get the treasure and pay him, or he’ll kill him ! At least…That’s the story Sam tells his brother to get him into all of this. 

The truth actually is that Rafe heard a rumor about how Samuel Drake was still alive, and bribed guards to get him out. No shoot out. And the reason Rafe did that, is because Sam in an authority on Henry Avery, like he knows everything about it, and Rafe never gave up on finding the treasure (Nate did, their leads never got them anywhere, and he wanted to find Avery’s treasure with his brother…Who he thought was dead, it was too painful, so he left Rafe, who was kinda crazy anyway), and he wanted to help…That’s when we learn that Sam has been out for TWO YEARS but never came to Nate before (assuming it’s because he wanted to get every clue Rafe had on Avery’s treasure so that him and Nate could find it, because “all he ever wanted in life, was to find this treasure with his brother”…Like Nate is important to Sam, and that’s an understatement, and Sam, though maybe he didn’t always handle it well, always tried to look out for his brother, and Avery’s treasure ? It’s more than just the treasure…it’s him and his brother finding that thing their mother was obsessed with, it’s him and his brother against the World…if that even makes sense…basically, it’s important, and not just because of the gold, it’s much more than that, but like, I can’t talk too much about it or it’ll take days for me to finish writing this thing, and it’ll be very boring ^^’).

Anyway, all of that ? Nate won’t know it for quite a while. he won’t know in fact, until they almost find the treasure and everything is revealed to him…But that’s for later. Right now, Nate only knows that that “Alcazar” guy (who actually died in a shoot out months before) will kill the brother he just found back if he doesn’t help him find Avery’s treasure. 

So they have a few adventures. In Italy, Madagascar, Scotland…And finally they find the island where Avery’s treasure is suppose to be. But hey, they find something even bigger, they find “Libertalia”. A legendary city that was suppose to be Pirate Haven basically (kind of like Nassau IRL, except way better, huge, perfect). Blahblahblah. They find the treasure, after multiple fights and such with Rafe (who isn’t too happy that Sam betrayed him). And…Basically, that’s Uncharted 4. With a lot of amazing thing left out…just…A “little backstory” really, for those who know nothing about it. And I didn’t really spoil it too much, so you can still enjoy the greatness of the games ;-) (besides I only talk about Uncharted 4,not about all the great other ones). 

Now I’m gonna talk about a few characters that are important : Victor Sullivan, he met Nathan when Nate was about 16 (Nate stole the thing Sully wanted right in front of his nose) and ever since kinda became like a surrogate father to Nate. Important man. He has Nathan back ALWAYS. Will always be here. And though he’s not really a reasonable man, he’s more often than not the voice of reason for Nate. Anyway, surrogate father, important dude. 

Elena Fisher is, in this game, Nate’s wife (they had a lot of “on/off” things before it finally worked out…I fucking love their relationship). She’s a badass journalist/writer and saves Nate’s ass more than once. The two of them ? Relationship goals. They’re perfect for each other. Both witty and funny, and just so damn cool. I undersell her really, she’s like a fucking great female character. She doesn’t take anybody’s shit, and certainly not Nate’s…But man they’re in love. It’s almost disgusting how much they love each other. 

Rafe Adler : Rich kid. Kinda psycho. Obsessed with Avery’s treasure too…doesn’t like to be double crossed (haha). I feel like in Uncharted there was much more to him than we were shown…Like he clearly has a problem with the fact that everything has been handed to him on a silver plate. He wants to EARN SOMETHING ON HIS OWN FOR ONCE. He has…issues. 

Nadine Ross : owns a company called “Shoreline” full of mercenaries. Helps Rafe. Is super ruthless. And man she can fight. She’s awesome, though in Uncharted 4 she’s portrayed as some kind of villain, in “The Lost Legacy” (a spin off game) we learn more about her and we understand…She’s not just the heartless warrior she seems to be. She’s actually really cute and naive more than once. But for real. You should see her fight. 

Chloe Frazer : Not in Uncharted 4 but in The Lost Legacy. She used to have a thing with Nate…But most importantly ? She’s a badass treasure hunter too. Like she’s fucking great. Smart, funny, impressive…Chloe Frazer. I don’t have much to tell about her but the fact that she’s just super cool. Oh and, basically, The Lost Legacy is about daddy issues, Indian folklore, Horn of Ganesh, cool enigmas, relationship bonding between Chloe and Nadine, Sam being a goofy man, him and Nadine fighting a lot (orally)…I might make another post to talk more about this awesome game that’s “The Lost Legacy”. 

…Ok that was a bit of a mess but I tried to tell you the most important things about Uncharted 4 (probably the game out of all the four Uncharted I’ll write the most about). Anyway. Here. Thought I’d write a little summary of it. 

And you can find my own story here : “You deserve so much better than…him” (Sam Drake x Reader). Anyway. Here. Boom. The end. 


Room Boards - Leslie @furiouslydecaffinated

So, I had a lot of trouble picking a style for you, and honestly this isn’t REALLY how I picture you, but I used the fact that you’re a Little Panamian as an excuse to make a cute beach house. If I would have done a true to form Leslie room, it would have been a lot of spicy reds and inky blacks. And you ARE pretty spicy after all, but I know you’re also a super sweet person, who has always supported me wholeheartedly, and you always make me feel appreciated and welcome, even when I’m being emo. You’re really the best type of person to have around, and I think everyone in this community loves you so I won’t babble too much more :) (Missing from this photo: My burning hatred for Yuletide.)

Grateful - (Sam Drake/Reader)

So, I’m back again with more of my trash! *throws confetti*

This fic is based on @missdictatorme​ ’s request (thanks for that btw), that reads as follows:

“The reader meets Nate at the events of the first game, they became best friends. After that adventure the reader gets another job where they learn, that a man named Sam Drake is in a panamian prison. The reader asks Nate if he knows him, and he tells her that he is his brother and he thought that he was dead. They break him out, and Sam is very grateful for the reader and starts to fall for them.”

Please forgive any typos i DO NOT have the strength to proof read this it was so late when I finished it. I love y’all.

You had been working solo for quite some time now, Nathan being busy with his own odd-jobs and findings. You knew he enjoyed working with Sully as much as he did with you, so there was never pressure to get him back. You knew how how to share your friend.

But this time…this time it was different. This time, your current job had led you to a prison in Panama. Nathan had mentioned Avery’s treasure in the past, and though he was insistent in not looking for it, and seemed like it was a sore subject for him, you had not been able to keep your mind off it.

The greatest pirate heist in history? That had to be found.

But then you had stumbled upon this name. Samuel Drake. Drake. There’s not much people out there with a name like that. And so that’s why you were standing in your motel’s room at 3 AM in the morning, with nothing but your underwear and a t-shirt on, and cursing Nathan for not picking up his phone.

When you finally heard his voice on the other side of the phone, you sighed in relief.

“Nate!” You blurted out, earning a sleepy groan from the man.

“Jesus, Y/N…it’s so damn late. Or early, I guess…what is it?”

“Sorry to wake you up but you need to hear this. I was getting some info on that prison in Panama you mentioned years ago.” Nathan protested on the other side of the line, but you shut him down. “Listen, I found something…there’s an inmate there…by the name of Samuel Drake.”

The moment that name abandoned your lips, there was a long silence coming from the other side. And you waited, your eyes darting around the room.


“Y/N…I’m going to need your help.”

And this is how you’d gotten yourself in this mess. You had broken many a law to pass as a prison guard, and help Nathan break his brother out of prison. He would be waiting with Sully outside, with the plane. He couldn’t break in, they had in on their records. But it was simple enough. You just had to get Sam, take him out of there quietly, make it to the water and you could all fly home merrily.

Except that never happens.

And one of the guards had found out you were a woman, passing as a male guard. No women allowed in there. So your first reflex had been to pick up the landline phone from the desk and hit him as hard as possible with it.

And now you were standing in his office, phone in hand, breathing ragged, and a man laying on the floor with a bleeding wound on his head.Time to go.

You had to carry out your plan before anyone discovered him. So you made your way out of the office, and through the somber corridors. You could feel the inmates’ stares on you from every corner.

When you got to Sam’s cell, you banged on iron bars of the cell door with the side of your fist and raised your voice. “On your feet, Drake. Inspection.” You tried to sound stern and as masculine as possible.

The man made a disgruntled sound, and reluctantly walked over to the cell door for you to cuff him and then open up to take him out of there.

“Inspection?” He complained. “Unless you teach me how to kill a man with a cigarette, I’ve got nothing else on me.”

“Shut up!” You shouted, and then lowered your voice to speak closer to his ear. “Sam…” You whispered. “Sic Parvis Magna.”

That was the secret code Nathan had told you to use. And it worked wonderfully. The second those words left your mouth, you could see it in his face. He knew. He knew his little brother sent you. And so he remained quiet, and visibly relaxed in your grasp.

You two managed to make your way out of the main building without much hassle, and you were making your way through the main patio and towards the walls to climb your way into freedom the same way Nathan and Rafe had done years ago. That’s when you heard the alarm sound, and you knew they had found the body.

“Shit.” You muttered.

“What?! What do you mean shit?!” Sam looked at you, his green eyes opened wide in shock.

But there was no time to explain, you prompted him to climb fast.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Sully sat inside the latter’s plane, the former fiddling around with his phone out of pure anxiety.

“Where are they, Victor? They should’ve been here long ag-”

Nathan’s sentence was cut short by the sound of shots being fired and a couple of screams, and shortly after two figures fell into the water not far away from them.

“There’s your answer.” Sully stated, grabbing the steering wheel, engine already warm and ready to go.

“GO, GO, GO!” You shouted, swimming faster than ever before in your entire life. You could hear Sam gasping for air and swimming right behind you.

Nathan reached down for you, and you pulled your hand out of the water, freezing and slippery, and got yourself into the plane, helping Sam up afterwards. Victor was swift in taking off and getting yourselves the hell out of there. After that, the worst thing left from that experience were the cold wet socks on your feet you had to keep on all the way back.


It had been three months since you broke Samuel Drake out of prison. And you had stuck for the ride with the Drake brothers all that time. During this time, you had rekindled your long time friendship with Nathan, and found a new friend in Sam. He truly was a fascinating man, with a brilliant mind.

If you were entirely honest with yourself, you sometimes felt like you two clicked together perfectly. Like two pieces from the same puzzle. You could sit down with him all night, just listening to him talk about his life and the many, many things he knew about history. You enjoyed the same TV shows, and movies. You introduced him to some of your music, and he did just so with you. Not to mention the day you helped him catch up with technology.

Perhaps it was just you feeling this way. But sometimes, you could’ve sworn you’d caught him staring at you, and his gaze would linger in a special way. Or he’d laugh at your jokes, and he just sounded so genuine. And whenever you made a new discovery, he just looked so proud. So mesmerized.

But maybe it was just your imagination.

That particular evening, you were sitting together at the table in your hotel room. The boys shared an adjacent room, and Sam swung by yours to keep you company for a while, a gesture you still appreciated even if it was becoming commonplace. 

You were playing a game of chess, and even though he wasn’t great at it, he was doing his best. It was your turn now, and you were pondering on your tactic and your next move, a hand resting on the table right by the chess board and the other on your chin, your index finger brushing your chin slightly. You looked pensive, and he didn’t want to interrupt you.

“I think I got your queen now.” You finally let out, your lips curling up in a smirk.

He returned your gesture with a smile, eyebrows raising as he spoke.

“Oh really? Show me what you got then.” Sam dared you. And you picked up your white horse to move it, right on top of his queen, exchanging the one piece for another and setting the queen aside. 

You looked up at him and clicked your tongue

“Fine, fine, fair enough.” He laughed faintly, rolling his eyes.

“Your turn.” Gesturing towards the chess board first, you then reached for your drink, sitting on the table. You were going to pick it up when Sam grabbed your wrist. It was a fairly gentle touch, seemingly requesting your attention.

“Wait, Y/N…There’s something I’d like to tell you.” 

When your eyes gazed up at him and your stares locked, you could see there was something important going through his mind. Somehow it felt like he’d been keeping something quiet for a very long time. He almost seemed nervous, biting down on his lower lip as if considering whether he should speak or now.

“I’m listening.” You said, as if to give him a little push, donning a tender smile. 

“Well, the thing is…” He drew a long breath. He was still holding your wrist. “I’ve noticed that I’ve, uhm…come to care about you. A lot.” Sam finally let out, his fingers loosening their grip on your wrist only to move further up and hold your hand.

“We’re a team, Sam.” Your eyes were still fixed on his. “I care about you too.”

“No, no, you’re not getting it.” He sighed in slight frustration, his free hand rubbing up and down on his knee almost anxiously. “I mean I care a lot. A special kind of care.” You looked slightly confused, so he cleared his throat, apparently giving up on any subtlety.

“Alright, cards on the table then. When you got me out of prison, at first I was sure you’d done it for Nathan. You two are such good friends and all that… But eventually I realized something.” He pulled your hand a bit closer, his fingers brushing against yours tentatively, almost asking for permission before entwining them with yours. “You did it out of the goodness of your heart. And I just don’t know how to repay you. You’re a lovely woman… a lovely person.” 

He cleared his throat again, and you could almost spot a light blush creeping up to his cheeks. Sam let out a faint smile as if to relieve tension.

“You’re just lovely all over.” He finished, and you gazed at your hands, fingers tangled together. And it felt so good. Like home. “What I mean is…I think I might be falling for you at breakneck speed, girl.” 

An incredulous sound left your lips. You were gobsmacked. You never knew just how much you wanted to hear him say that up until that very moment. Getting up from your chair, you walked around the table, never letting go of his hand, and sat down on his lap.

He seemed to approve greatly because the look in his eyes just screamed ‘oh yes please’ all over the place. 

“Since we’re confessing things…” You whispered with a genuine smile. “There’s something you need to know.”

Sam didn’t make a sound, his green eyes looking at you impatiently. He’s so taken by you right now, being so close, your sweet scent is mind numbing. His lips parted as if to say something, but he was waiting. Waiting for you to say it. And wishing you’d love him back.

And God his lips looked tempting. So instead of wasting time with any more words, you placed a hand on the back of his neck, fingers brushing against his long brown hair, and pulled him in for a kiss. Your lips met, warm, melting together. And you let out a sound of content. It was so intoxicating, you grew hungry for him incredibly fast. You felt his tongue slip through your lips to meet yours, such a gentle brush, but it sent chills up and down your spine. 

You never wanted to stop tasting him. You’d been longing for that kiss for longer that you knew yourself. And when  your lips parted ways, it was all over too soon. So you stayed close, lips almost brushing and breaths mingling.

When you opened your eyes again, you met his gaze. Such beautiful eyes. Your heart was pounding against your chest and that single kiss had been enough to take your breath away. And then you knew, in your heart, that you could never get enough of Samuel Drake. 

“Yeah…I’ve already fallen.” You murmured. 

And this time, when you met his lips again, you felt him smile under your kiss.