ok im trash for the World Cup so here are the best moments so far according to me

Panamanian commentators hug and cry while listening to the Panama Anthem for the first time in a World Cup ever

Mexican fans join Pride after Mexico’s victory against Korea in Mexico DF

Panama player Fidel Escobar and Belgium player Romelu Lukaku pray after the game

James Rodriguez’s face while listening to Colombia’s anthem

ICELAND NT (and their fans)

i’m sad for Panama but Lingard’s celebration is the best

whatever this is

Senegal nt being Senegal nt

Cuadrado’s dance after scoring a goal against Poland

Germany winning at the last second

Part two


Latin America + capital cities  (North and Central America + Caribbean)

Alphabetical order (by country) - part 2/2

○ Explore Latin America ○


Rescue of a trapped sea turtle, Panama

Part two of things that make me love the world cup so much

Radamel Falcao Garcia “El Tigre” scoring his first goal in a world cup after recovering from an injury that prevented him from going to the 2014 World Cup

Senegal’s nt coach

The panamanian team captain crying while hearing Panama’s anthem play in a world cup for the first time ever

i don’t know when this happened but it’s the funniest thing that’s happened so far

this failed attempt, i still value the iniciative

Gerard Pique being the purest human being ever

BONUS: not from this world cup, but i love my team and they’re cute

Earliest Cancer in Central America Identified

Archaeologists, studying the skeletal remains of a teenager in western Panama, have discovered the earliest evidence of cancer in Central America. The adolescent was between 14 and 16 years old when she died, in about 1300 CE. Although her skeleton was first found in the 1970s, it was not until recent re-analyses were done that signs of a tumor were identified on their upper right arm.

Unfortunately, it was not a painless cancer. She would have experienced intermittent pain, as the sarcoma grew and expanded through her bone, until she died. Interestingly, a pediatric oncologist who examined the remains thought that the cancer was unlikely the ultimate cause of her death – though there is no way to know for certain now.