White people associate Black Power with violence because of their inability to deal with blackness. If we said ‘Negro Power’ nobody would get scared. Everybody would support it. If we said power for colored people, everybody’d be for that, but it is the word 'black’ that bothers people in this country, and that’s their problem, not mine. That’s the lie that says anything black is bad.
—  Stokely Speaks

“I believe that when you wrestle with your demons in public, they cease to haunt you in private,” says Kenyan born writer, producer and director Peres Owino well known for the documentary Bound: Africans vs. African Americans, Indeed, It would be ridiculous and ignorant to say that there exists no chasm or rift between Africans, African-Americans, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Caribbeans and Afro-Europeans. The conversation about the state of the black race within the context of the larger human family is one that is very necessary to have.

Why do Africans and people of African descent hailing from elsewhere appear to hate each other? Good question. There are several reasons why. The following will provide a good summary.

·         Misconceptions among African Diaspora that Africans are tree climbing, starving naked monkeys that can be saved by donating one dollar a month.

·         Misconceptions among African Diaspora that Africans did not contribute to the overall struggle for the race and that they somehow ‘suffered less’.

·         Belief that Africans cruelly sold the African Diaspora as slaves.

·         Belief that Africans are arrogant and disrespectful to African Diaspora.

·         Belief that Africans just love licking the white man’s foot.

·         Misconceptions among Africans that African Diaspora are uncultured and not purely African

·         Belief among Africans that African Diaspora are lazy and useless to the economies of the countries they reside in.

·         Belief among Africans that African Diaspora are unconcerned about Africa’s future and therefore irrelevant to the African story.

Now onto my favorite part of this article where we debunk all this crazy and childish (If I may say) myths that so effortlessly make a fool out of the hope of total Pan-African unity. Firstly, it is ludicrous for anyone let alone people of African descent to be in the 21st century and still believe that Africans are primitive nude apes dying of Aids and Ebola. Anybody that still holds on to that belief should do some research and stop leisurely displaying their ignorance and gobbling down what the media shows them and taking it as gospel truth. I even once read a comment on snap chat from an American shocked beyond measure by the site of thousands of snaps from Nairobi (the Kenyan capital) while he thought there were only three phones in the whole country. Another posted that he couldn’t believe the people “whose drinking water he was paying for” had smart phones. The reason all this is laughable is because Nairobi is just one city in a country that has several and there are 54 independent states in Africa and years of information, cultural exchange and knowledge about the state of Africa. Talk about ignorance by choice.

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None but ourselves can free our minds. #quote #johnhenrikclarke #wisdom #panafricanism #africandiaspora #blackloveisrevolutionary #blackdiaspora #eurocentrism #decolonize #mentalslavery #blackgods #blackisbrilliant #blackisbeautiful #internalizedracism #antiblackracism #blackunity

“Lumumba [is] the greatest black man who ever walked the African continent. He didn’t fear anybody. He had those people so scared they had to kill him. They couldn’t buy him, they couldn’t frighten him, they couldn’t reach him. Why, he told the king of Belgium, Man, you may let us free, you may have given us our independence, but we can never forget these scars. The greatest speech— you should take that speech and tack it up over your door. This is what Lumumba said: You aren’t giving us anything. Why, can you take back these scars that you put on our bodies? Can you give us back the limbs that you cut off while you were here?

No, you should never forget what that man did to you. And you bear the scars of the same kind of colonization and oppression not on your body, but in your brain, in your heart, in your soul, right now.”

—  Malcolm X, June 28, 1964

Indonesian police chief: “I ordered to burn the civilian’s houses in Utikini village. This was deliberately done to trim the movement. I will annihilate them." 

We have received more reports about the arrests, torture and burning of houses by the Indonesian police and military towards West Papuan civilians in Timika. 
According to an Indonesian police chief, over 1500 personnel have been mobilised to Timika to undertake this operation which has resulted in the burning of dozens of traditional West Papuan houses and the arrests of over 100 Papuan civilians. 

Free West Papua Campaign

This operation was conducted in order to try and crush pro-independence sentiment in Timika, West Papua. The only excuse given for the attack by the Indonesian police and military was that there were banners calling for an independence referendum found in the basement of a house. 

Our people desperately need international support to help stop this genocide against us. There is so much you can do to help. Please visit the Take Action part of our website to find out how you can act to support us in out struggle for freedom from oppression and occupation. 

Please hear our cries for freedom. 

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“Eskista ((Addis Ababa))”

Eskista (Eh-Skĭ-Tah) the name of the Ethiopian traditional dance &birthplace of the harlem shake ::: Here lies a pan africanist love story ::: sankofa in reverse ::: A day in an African Metropolis through a radical love warrior’s RedBlack&Green Black Nationalist politic ::: Punk Futurist Lovework Aesthetics ::: My gift to you :

Destiny Iwuoma. UC Regents Meeting. UCSF. 2014

“what a week…what a year to be Black”

if you like me are wondering what your new year resolution is going to be, consider being a humane person. what a year it is to be black and to have that come to light, not for us, but for the greater society and its both a beautiful and disheartening realization because it took so long. we been living this life. anti-black sentiment is very much a live and when you discredit it you are undermining the magnitude of the problem and thus contributing to its existence. 

when we say #blacklivesmatter it means more than you think.  black lives have always mattered. it means black lives matter to me that black issues matter to me that i am working to understand the genocide of black people, globally. most importantly, that black solidarity and unity is more powerful than anti-capitalism anti-western politics. its a call to all brothers and sisters that “I” am awake and ready to do my part.


What fucking bullshit is this?!?!?!?

Puerto Ricans have AFRICAN ancestry. We’re literally a mix of Spanish conquistadors, African slaves, and Taínos. Any Puerto Rican that has anything against black people really needs to look at their fucking history.

Latinos (including Puerto Ricans!) and Black folk fucking created Hip-hop!! I’m talking the spoken form(Rap), the written or visual form(Graffiti), the aural form(DJing), and the physical form(Breaking).

Is this some bullshit white folk are trying to spread or what?

Today is the 95th Anniversary of the #PanAfrican Flag! Adopted by the #UNIA and #ACL in 1920! #RedBlackGreen! WEAR YOUR COLORS!

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