@housegand: Hopefully it’s James. Most useless character award sure af goes to him.For two seasons in a fucking row.

james: *has helped kara become supergirl, has always believed in her, politely accepted their circumstances for their relationship, has supported all of his friends, has helped others SEVERAL times as james olsen and as the guardian*

gross ass karamel stan: “what a useless character compared to our brave white bread space asshole. look at all the help he’s given by standing around and doing nothing besides lying and manipulating the woman he supposedly loves.”

i want a ww2 film about women ..idfc if its “just” german nurses baring the hell of medic camps with not a single weapon but a sharpnel and have to avoid disgusting soviet rapists and continue their duty as nurses. i dont care if its “just” about detroit working american women in an assembly line dealing with the harsh conditions of work and the pressure that the war depends on them, i want to see female russian soldiers amidst male russian soldiers fighting. i want to see okinawans and chinese women have to survive and fight tooth and nail under the pressure and chase of imperial japanese murderers. korean sex workers who had to endure the brutality of japanese field officers.

 women who take role of their brothers, husbands or just male friends as nurses / armed forces so their male buddies are sent into combat when nobody else is going to take the role BUT women. women taking in aviation efforts because nobody else but women can at the moment, women taking as much u.s employment service–because its required for them to work extra hard at home to get a tomato and can of beans on the table–and that’s without ration tickets.

 i’d love to see a film of women having to survive at the u.s home front because that’s all they have at the moment and are unable to join any of the army branches.

you may die like men in war or you survive like women. 

Lol The retarded anti karamels are REEEEEEing all over the place. It’s not over boo boo. It never is. Dumb little cunts need to stop running their mouths. Oh and since you fucks can’t seem understand not cross tagging, I’m doing the same shit. Fuck you little cucks. Hehehehe Keep the REEEEEEEEEE coming. No one cares about your autistic screeching.

shoutout to mspec (that means bi, ply, pan, omni, etc !!) who don’t experience “same gender attraction” !! 

whether it’s because you’re nonbinary and don’t have a “same gender” or because you are respecting the gender of a nonbinary person you are attracted to (regardless of alignment or assigned gender or presentation), you are still allowed to identify as mspec because you are attracted to multiple genders !!

and regardless of whether or not you experience “same gender attraction” you are 1000% loved and allowed to identify as a part of the lgbt+ community !! i hope you have a wonderful day !! ❤❤❤❤❤