Voltron/Pacific Rim AU

(I can’t stop thinking about this, so HERE I GOOOOOO)


2012: “Tresspasser” appears in Tokyo; first Kaiju attack. United Nations establishes the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

2014: Jaeger Program launched by Pan Pacific Defense Corps; Program’s First Director is Dr. Samuel Holt. Program’s first Marshall is Dr. Alfor Altena. Coran recruited to develop and perfect a brain-mechanic interface for rangers to pilot the Jaegers. PPDC begins construction of Shatterdomes.

2015: First Jaeger built: Brawler Voltron, Mach-1. Marshall Alfor Altena passes from radiation-induced cancer after piloting Brawler Voltron. Co-Pilot Zacharias Arkes-Konig acts as Marshall.

2016: “Knifehead” and “Otachi) make first appearance in the Pacific. Diablo Intercept, Mach 2 (RED LION; piloted by Thace & Keith) dropped to engage Knifehead near San Francisco. Mammoth Apostle, Mach-4 (YELLOW LION; piloted by Shiro & Hunk) dropped to engage Otachi by Anchorage. Diablo Intercept sustains heavy damage; Mammoth Apostle sustains some damage; Hunk drops out and becomes a Jaeger engineer. Casualties: Thace (ranger), Dr. Holt (Jaeger Program Director), & Matt Holt (Shatterdome Technician), + civilians.

2018: Otachi makes second appearance in the Pacific. Gipsy Danger, Mach-3 (BLACK LION; piloted by Shiro & Keith) and Striker Eureka, Mach-5 (GREEN LION; piloted by Allura & Pidge) dropped to intercept Otachi. Gipsy Danger out of commission; solo-piloted to surface in Yukon territory. Casualties: Takahashi Shirogane (ranger), + civilians. 

  • Keith discharged from Jaeger Program after psych evals from resident analysts (Shay). Keith begins to wander; becomes involved with Kaiju Harvesters (lead by Rolo & Nyma) in Hong Kong
  • Marshall Zacharias Arkes-Konig accepts position of Secretary General of the PPDC. 
  • Coran Torbitt accepts position of Marshall of the Jaeger Program.

2021: New Marshall Allura Altena intercepts Keith Kogane leading a delivery of a kaiju fetus. Keith Kogane agrees to accompany the Marshall to the Hong Kong Shatterdome.