After a long time I have come across a eating joint that doesn’t boasts about being different than the rest, but it truly is.

This Bistro, with a great ambience in the heart of South Delhi, GK3 is indeed a very  pleasant change.

They have a huge menu, and it definitely takes a lot of time choosing what you actually want to eat, but spend a little time on those descriptors of dishes and I am that will help, else the staff is more than accommodating to suggest you the best on offer.

Starters Ordered:

Chipotle Chicken Tikka- a word of caution for this one, tastes amazing but is quite hot and spicy.

Chiang Chui Chilly Chicken- a great chilly chicken with a Cress twist of taste, a must try.

Burmese Samosa- a very unique and different tasting chicken dumpling on a bed of burmese gravy, little sweetish in taste, something that will take time to develop a taste for. For the first time, OK, but not a taste to fall for. But this is my personal choice, as per the chef its a hot selling item on their menu, so give it a try for sure.

Main Course:

Peanut Butter Chicken: a version of butter chicken with a very particular flavour of peanuts. Its a treat for those who love peanuts and peanut butter, others may find it a little too over powering.

Meat Beliram: a very very delicious twist to the regular mutton curry, the mutton was very juicy and tender and the spices were perfectly blended, making it nether too spicy not bland.

Dal Makhani: It was good but not too great, I think next time I  will give some other vegetarian dish a try rather than dal, it surely wasn’t worth the price.

Overall I will still the rate the place 4/5 purely because of its dare to be different attitude in the menu.

The Service was quick and staff friendly. Do plan your next outing at this sweet little joint and surprise your taste buds.

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Cress Bistro- Restaurant Review After a long time I have come across a eating joint that doesn’t boasts about being different than the rest, but it truly is.
[Cookbook Review] The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook by Will Ricker

On a cookbook shopping spree? The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook by Will Ricker is a keeper. Cookbook review -

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I am a cookbook addict.  I belong to to the cookbook anonymous club, if there is any.  Even hubby knows that and he will not interfere in my cookbook shopping spree.  Phew!

Cooking out of cookbooks is fun but improvising them is even better.  Why create when there are good recipes out there?

Today I’m going to share with you a cookbook by Will Ricker: The Eastern & Oriental Cookbook.  If you…

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So I took my mom out for a late birthday/Mother’s Day dinner tonight to POD in University City in Philly. This is one of my favorite restaurants,mainly because the food is soooo good! My mom enjoyed herself, which was all I could ask for.

So we started out with some crab spring rolls. Which are two crab spring rolls filled with sweet and succulent crab meat, served with a sweet chile dipping sauce. We ate those with our seafood fried rice, jasmine rice loaded with scallions, shrimp, lobster, and scallops. Deliciousness!

Then we moved on to a lobster tempura sushi roll with a truffle dip. MMMMMmmmm

Then came the chicken wings in a sweet chile sauce served with pickled cucumber on the side. Lastly, we got our pho. A big heaping bowl of rice noodles with beef, cilantro, Vietnamese basil, with basil, limes and peppers to accompany it. Pics below….

(oh we housed the rice, spring rolls, and sushi roll before i remembered to get pics lol)

Pod has a list of martini drinks that are named after colors. Most are delicious. I had a Blue and a Yellow. I ordered a Pink, but it tasted like straight sparkling wine(one of the ingredients in it.) So I sent it back and got the Yellow on suggestion of our servers. Boy, was that a good decision! It tasted like a fresh lemon without the sourness. It was so good!

If you are ever in the area and enjoy asian food, Please try it out!

pho w/ fixings

chicken wings

Grilled to Bits

The Asian Grill Festival at Shiro is another excuse to drop by for a meal here.

Priya Bala | Editor,

First time visitors to Shiro, who see the buzz around the bar, may be forgiven for thinking it’s one of the city’s hip watering holes. That it certainly is, but Shiro, at UB City, is also a fine restaurant, serving some excellent Pan Asian fare.

The Asian Grill Festival is currently on here and runs till mid-December. And in the cool weather we are currently having, well-seasoned offerings from the Shiro grill certainly seem like an attractive prospect.

I went for a tasting the other night, and sampled the festival menu.  My pick from the vegetarian selection would be the melting soft tofu, pan-seared and served with a spicy Indonesian ginger sauce, that’s sweet, sour and simply delicious.  There are also potato skins, stuffed with mixed veggies and finished with teriyaki glaze.

It’s only a small menu, but each grill is different with distinct sauces and accompaniments. There’s grilled chicken with a citrus tamarind glaze and also kaffir lime-infused grilled chicken. I enjoyed the snapper brochettes, perked up with Thai green spice mix.

Ah, and on to the meats. The Asian barbecued pork ribs are splendid – moist and juicy and sweet from the hoisin and sake glaze. Pork lovers are sure to enjoy this one. There are also lovely tenderloin medallions served with soya shitake butter. The sweet potato mash which accompanies the meat is just right. A fabulous, if unusual combination!

Shiro’s service is always impeccable – friendly and efficient. The drinks are great and the setting is perfect.  So, if its’ a hearty tuck-in and Asian flavours you are looking for, then here’s the place.

Book your table and earn 1000 PoshVine reward points. 

Black Peppered Soft-shell Crabs

The soft-shell crab is one of the ingredient in cooking which can be prepared in many ways, including to this black peppered crab. Be gentle when handle this crab because the shell is soft, season it; and dash with some flower, or cornstarch or cassava flour to give a crispiness when it fried. deep in hot pool to fried, and have it when hot with your favorite dip or wok-fry with black pepper sauce, simply asian style.

Sampan - The Suryaa Hotel New Delhi

Keeping the same virtues of Pan Asian cuisine SAMPAN under the able hands of Executive Chef Sanjay Thomas and Chef Tenzin have brought a culinary delight to the food scene in Delhi.

The all new SAMPAN promises to be an epicurean’s delight. Showcasing a perfect blend of traditional and authentic flavours amid a contemporary setting where all the diverse Pan-Asian cuisines unite rather than divide.

Go visit  SAMPAN for your kitty party to discover the flovors of Asia with discounts on kitty lunch @1300 kitty dinner @1800 along with welcome drinks.

For more visit at

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Photo Credit: AgnieszkaS BY SEBASTIEN ROBILLARD TWITTER: @Seb_Blog EMAIL: FASHIONBPM@GMAIL.COM Last week I was invited at the media opening of EAST PAN-ASIAN restaurant. Located in the newly open Rennaissance Hotel on Robert Bourassa boulevard (formerly University) and Cathcart Street. The latest addition to Groupe Satori, EAST Pan-asian, Cuisine & Bar celebrates the cuisine of all Asian…

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Some green tea soba noodle soup with #tofu at #ZhuArlington!!! Definitely recommended!! 🍜 #healthy #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthychoices #vegan #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #veganfoodshare #TheHealthyLifeBlog #crueltyfree #plantbased #plantstrong #meatlessmonday #meatlesseveryday #meatfree #dairyfree #nomnomnom #vegetarian #vegansofboston #bostonvegans #foodporn #veganforlife #nocholesterol #herbivore #meatfreemonday #veganprotein #plantprotein (at Zhu Pan Asian Vegan Cuisine)