Dallas - Pamela 's Breakingpoints
  • The Death of the Twins
  • The Betrayal by Her Dad
  • Bad Relationship with Mother
  • End of her and Chirs
  • Betraying Her Father For John Ross
  • No Close Firends
  • No one to Trust
  • The Man she Loves is Lying to You
  •  He is Cheating  on you with a so called friend
  • not only learns she can’t trust her husband, or her friend Emma, but she also feels betrayed by other members of the Ewing family.
  • She has given her faith to this man. She trusts no one. She’s got no friends. Her father was the biggest betrayal of her life  -
  • “Now the one man that she’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in love with him, because I can see eye to eye with this guy. We’re so similar in so many ways, and have so many similar goals. We can be partners'… now he has betrayed her and humiliated her. This is such a huge blow.-
  • Lacking  Family
  • Lacking Support
  • Seeing her Life Fall and Burn

Its all well and Good To Say The I’m a Strong Woman Line . But at some point you will brake maybe its a Little Maybe its a Lot but something got to give.

Pamela Has been through a lot and she is not a robot. She has all of this crushing down on her  . And now she can not trust anybody and has No Family she can Turn to.The ONE PERSON she has her Heart and Soul into John Ross . Her Husband has Betray her in the worst way and EVERYBODY knew it but Her .

Julie did an excellent  Job with Her Scenes tonight she is a Great Actor who does great work with Dallas gives to her.

But We should have seen More Pamela That Is where the Story should have Been . Pamela Has Been Sidelined Long enough for this Dumb ass Cheating storyline. Its long past time Dallas start showing Pamela Ewing More On the show. This 2nd Half  of Dallas That will be back on Aug 18 Need to Start Bring Pamela Out of the Sleep they had Her in start Showcasing the Talent you have in Pamela AKA Julie . Give Pamela her own story line and The Time to play it out.