DC Women “Street Style” by Mingjue Helen Chen
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alternate ending for Suicide Squad:

everyone is back in their cells, same as the actual ending. Harley is enjoying her cappuccino when Belle Reve starts to tremble. the entire prison, shaking down to its very foundation.

and then the plants start to come. at first it’s just weeds shooting through the crack, but then come the vines creeping through the gaps in the windows, the tree roots tearing through the floor.

alarms are going off, lights are flickering, guards are rushing around in confusion. Harley watches wide-eyed as winding tendrils of exotic flowers start to grow up the bars of her cage.

we see the corridors of Belle Reve full of tiny, rapidly-growing jungles, a green fog hanging thick in the air. here and there are guards, ensnared by vines and dangling from the ceiling by a leg or their neck. the basement is flooding fast as prison is reclaimed by the swamp.

Harley’s bouncing with excitement now, clapping her hands as her cage is torn a apart by a rapidly growing cypress and water starts to seep in. as the metal falls to the floor, a figure appears in the doorway. she’s dressed all in shimmering green, her red hair long and wild, her dark skin shiny from exertion. 

“Red!” Harley squeals, and runs for her, splashing across the room in her fluffy pink slippers. she crashed into Pamela for a hug, standing on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around her girlfriend and snuggling her face into the crook of Pam’s neck.

“hey, you,” Pamela whispers in her ear. she’s trying to be cool, every bit the supervillainess, but it’s hard to hide her smile.

“you came,” Harley says. she’s wide-eyed now, staring up at Pamela like she can never look at her enough. Harley breaks into a wide smile and bats her eyes, looking almost shy. “does this mean ya really do like me?”

Pamela doesn’t answer right away; she brushes one of Harley’s pigtails back, letting her hands linger, and presses a gentle kiss into Harley’s forehead.

“I missed you,” she says simply. “and I couldn’t just leave you here for the clown.”

Harley can only smile, at a loss for words. she claps her hands over her mouth, trying to hold back the tears that are coming.

Pamela pulls her hands away, meshing their fingers together. “you wanna go home?”

Harley nods, pigtails bouncing. “yes, please!”

they walk out of Belle Reve, holding hands, and go back to Gotham City, where they happily spend the rest of their lives giving Bruce a headache. the Joker is definitely dead.


I was in trouble and you came to save me. Don’t think for a minute that I’ll ever forget that.”  “You know I would do anything for ya, daffodoll. After the way ya helped me get settled here with my fuzzy babies an’ my hired thug problem, I owe ya a big time.” “You don’t owe me a thing. We’re friends, we look out for each other. It’s what you do for the ones you love.”