How on earth is it possible to look this cute in every. single. interview??  If I manage look half as decent as she does today I’ll consider that a huge success.  It’s press weekend for the show that I’m in and we’re doing interviews and talks and everyone is so put together and well spoken and I’m over here like:

That’s right.  I’m an actor who hates public speaking.  I actually take off my glasses so I don’t have to see all the people I’m talking to haha.  I have such admiration for the people on this show who have to go through this every year to promote the new series.  I’m rubbish at promoting anything.  Just another reason why the CtM cast is amazing! 

On a side note:  What happened to Sister Julienne??  I haven’t made it that far and now I’m concerned!!

-Shelagh xx

anonymous asked:

This may be a weird question but could you tell me about Alex's family? Like her siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc? I'm kinda a new fan and im just curious!

Her mom Pam, dad mike, older sisters jenny and jeri, Alex is the only one married. Has a lot of aunts and uncles I believe but I won’t mention them. She has a god child as well who is her best friend Kayla’s son