Palladian Bridge in Prior Park, Somerset
Prior Park Landscape Garden is an 18th century landscape garden, located in Bath, Somerset in England, that features a rare 260 year old Palladian bridge, a stunning Gothic centerpiece in the park. In 1726, Ralph Allen purchased part of an estate between Widcombe and Combe Down, including the old priory lands. Allen was by then a leading citizen in Bath. Between 1734 and 1740, Allen, with help from the poet Alexander Pope (1688-1744), made designs for the park. These featured a grotto, serpentine river with a sham bridge, and a flowing cascade. In the 1750s, the landscape was extended northwards and the Palladian bridge was constructed. The Palladian bridge is one of only four left in the world. The garden was influential in defining the style of garden known as the “English garden” in continental Europe. The 28 acre park is set in a dramatic site, running down a small steep valley, with a lake and stunning views of the city of Bath. source 1, 2, 3

The Palladian Bridge - Stowe

“The original is at Wilton [near Salisbury], put up in 1737 to the design of Lord Pembroke, the ‘Architect Earl’, and his assistant, Roger Morris. It was a jeu d'esprit in the Palladian manner, then fashionable, and fully original to the extent that it was quite different from any bridge by Palladio himself, and better. So great was the renown of this flawless minor masterpiece that two copies were made: at Stowe, very quickly; and at Prior Park [near Bath], somewhat later. This at Stowe was in existence by 1742. Adapted for carriages making the circuit of the grounds, it stands lower than its model, which is approached by steps, and thereby raised more beautifully above the water." 

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