That scarf around my neck is called a keffiyeh, and this one was given to me by a Palestinian family in Bethlehem. Palestinians live under an apartheid rule by the state of Israel, and are denied many of the rights and privileges given to their Israeli counterparts. Their situation is very similar to the plight of black people and I believe if I’m fighting for my rights and my freedom it is only right I fight for theirs as well.

So here’s a smile and a laugh for Palestine, hoping one day they can do the same.

Happy Blackout.


Church of Saint Porphyrius.

The Church was built in one of the oldest quarters in the Old City of Gaza, Al-Zaytoun (Olive) Quarter, where a Mosque was built next to it, embracing one another. 

The original construction of the Church of Saint Porphyrius dates back to 425 CE, however the modern construction was undertaken by the Crusaders in the 1150s or 1160s and they dedicated it St. Porphyrius who was Gaza’s Bishop from 395 to 420.


This is life for many Palestinian families who lost their homes from Israel’s bombs. A concrete room with no doors or windows. No kitchen. No bathroom. No electricity. No clean water. No food. No fuel. No furniture. No toys. NOTHING. They barely survive. They are suffering….especially the children. Israel’s blockade is strangling the 2 MILLION people who live there. They can’t earn a living. They can’t rebuild their homes. They can’t leave. Few can get in to help them.

I love how us Palestinians have this feeling of family between us. 

From my experience, for example, when Palestinian families get together (related or not related) for a gathering, the other family’s mother would treat you as her child, the father would treat you as his own, and the other family’s children would treat you as siblings and vice-versa. 


A ‪Palestinian‬ wins a Gold Medal for the first time in Olympics history at ‪‎Rio2016‬ :)
The Taekwondo player ‪‎Ahmad Abu Ghoush‬ who holds the Jordanian nationality has just won a gold medal after winning the final match against a Russian player. Although he holds Jordanian nationality, Ahmad is Palestinian refugee; his family was forced to flee the country and his village, ‪Imwas‬, was demolished by “Israel” in 1967.
Congratulations!!! ‪‎Long Live Palestine‬

anonymous asked:

Why was what happened to the Dawabsheh family a crime and a tragedy, while what happened to the Fogel family was not? Why was what happened to those boys on the Gaza beach a war crime, but not what happened to Hillel Yaffa Ariel? Is it just that those of you in the BD SS movement just don't think Jewish lives matter? Is that it?

Because the Dawabsheh family were Palestinians living on their own land and minding their own business when Israeli terrorists attacked them in their own home.

Israeli settlers are violent invaders who build their homes on land that still belongs to Palestinians, that are maintained through the subjugation of Palestinians, and are armed to the teeth and do everything they can to make Palestinian lives miserable and force us off our own land.

What you’re asking me is “why is it a crime when the invader kills the native, but not when the native kills the invader? Why is it a crime when the colonized kill the colonizers, but not when the colonizers kill the colonized?” and if you still need it to be elaborated more than that, the you just really don’t care and are looking for an excuse to further justify the ethnic cleaning of Palestinians.

It’s always a tragedy when children are hurt or killed, there’s no denying that whatsoever, and I’m not trying to justify attacks against children /at all/, especially since they shouldn’t have to pay for the crimes of their fathers and they didn’t choose to be born in Israeli settlements, but at the end of the day if you want to blame anyone, blame the invading Israelis who chose to live in Israeli-only settlements on stolen Palestinian land, the people daft enough to choose to move into land STILL OWNED by Palestinians who aren’t even allowed to set foot there and work to uphold a system of apartheid and discrimination, and raise a family.

No tears should be shed for Israeli terrorists living in their illegal settlements.

Israeli settlers are invaders who live on stolen Palestinian land and uphold systems of segregation, racism, and apartheid. They are terrorists through and thought and deserve no sympathy.


RACHEL CORRIE- murdered 13 years ago today by the Israeli occupation forces while trying to protect a Palestinian home and family in Rafah, Gaza.
Friends remember friends: Two pictures of a café in Al-Khalil/ Hebron named after Rachel, close to the checkpoint sealing off Tel Rumeida. Third: A grafito there that resonates with her attitude - and her brute murder.
Rest in power, Rachel!