Palestinian flag

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-I am jewish and felt completely safe at the event
-the event was explicitly political and organized by a coalition of activists of color including both jewish and palestinian activists
-the flag was a symbol which strongly resembles the israeli flag and which is sometimes used to represent lgbt jewish pride and is sometimes used to represent lgbt support of israel and it wasn’t clear which one the people at the march were trying to indicate
-some of the palestinian activists, in conjunction with a group of five or six jewish organizers, talked to the people with the flag about it for around two hours before they left

Yesterday was Eurovision, a competition that specifically banned the use of the Palestinian flag in any performance while allowing Israel to participate every year since 1973 although not being part of Europe.

Today is Nakba Day. The annual remembrance day of the mass killing and displacement of Palestinians in 1948.

One day is not enough to remember what happened and what is still happening to the Palestinians, that being said take the time today to educate yourself on the on going atrocities and maybe think twice about taking part in things that regularly silence the oppressed.

The Palestinian flag flies from the side of a tower block, not on a street in Gaza, but in the Republican New Lodge area of Belfast.

In this neighborhood, flying the flag of the Palestinian territories is a sign of support for Catholic Irish Republicans and their aspiration for a united Ireland against what they see as British occupation.


Palestinian flag on the walls of the city hall in Rotterdam. 2017.

Stand up for Palestine!

* We zoeken nog vrijwilligers voor de demonstraties op 17 en 18 juni, wil je meehelpen? Meelopen? Doneren? Mail mij voor meer informatie. * We are still looking for volunteers for the demonstrations on the 17th and 18th of June. Do you want to volunteer? Participate? Donate? Send me an email for more information. Palestine will be free in shaa Allah

We will become a people, if we want to, when we learn that we are not angels, and that evil is not the prerogative of others

We will become a people when we stop reciting a prayer of thanksgiving to the sacred nation every time a poor man finds something to eat for his dinner

We will become a people when we can sniff out the sultan’s gatekeeper and the sultan without a trial

We will become a people when a poet writes an erotic description of a dancer’s belly

We will become a people when we forget what the tribe tells us, when the individual recognises the importance of small details

We will become a people when a writer can look up at the stars without saying: ‘Our country is loftier and more beautiful!’

We will become a people when the morality police protect a prostitute from being beaten up in the streets

We will become a people when the Palestinian only remembers his flag on the football pitch, at camel races, and on the day of the Nakba

We will become a people, if we want to, when the singer is allowed to chant a verse of Surat al-Rahman at a mixed wedding reception

We will become a people when we respect the right, and the wrong.

—  Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian poet, in his poem “If We Want To”

Kinda controversial but I still think this is ultimately true

“Proletarian internationalism (no war but class war) discloses the rallying cry for a “Free Palestine” as a retreat from the possibility of human community. Leftist support for reactionary nationalism on the grounds of siding with the underdog is both preposterous and repugnant. It is a wanton irrationality. Whomsoever brandishes the Palestinian flag sustains the general category of nationhood. And yet this left sentimentalism is also intelligible. Of greater interest than ostensible popular frontist rationalizations around my enemy’s enemy, is the how of leftism’s pro-nationalism. It appears in protest form against the historical process of demolition and bulldozing of that which has been defeated. The Left perpetually seeks another means for returning to the historically obsolete modes of religion, nation-state, and sentimentalized cultural particularity. Indeed, this seeking out of ways back, is the Left’s political function.

Historically, it has been the task of communists to simply refute this backward drifting of the Left, hitherto understood as mere opportunism or blatant racketeering. The refutation has always taken the same form: there can be no dialogue (and still less common cause) with the nation, with religion, with class. In their approach to leftism, it has been conventional for communists to fall into line with the progressive historical lockout of obsolete forms in the name of proliferating past potentialities. Evidently, this policy is inadequate and implicitly assumes the absolute unworthiness of all of that which is no longer supported by the present productive apparatus. While it is true that all past social forms institutionalized themselves as a specific mode of inhuman violence, repression, and denial, they also recorded something of an eternally renewed “passion and will” for the human community. The Left has imperfectly sought out connection to that which is good but buried in the past. This is not to suggest that a “return” to that which is otherwise lost forever is a plausible or even desirable option. National liberation is untenable and in all cases incompatible with human community. The no state, no religion, and no class demands, which communism makes upon society, remain invariant. There can not be and must never be a “free Palestine.””

French flag being projected all over the world and facebook makes a French flag DP filter. I wonder why FB never created a Palestinian flag filter where hundreds die each month? Or maybe a Syrian, Iraqi or Afghan flag? A Pakistani flag after 16th Dec APS attack? Its exactly this “Selective” Humanity and Imperialistic mindset which leads to hatred towards the west. I condemn Paris attack but i also condemn the hypocrisy of western imperial mindset. - Hamza Ali Abbasi


Leila Khaled is rolling over in her grave.

THIS JUST IN in cultural appropriation news. Dodo Bar Or, a model/actress turned fashion designer, previews a collection at David Lynch’s Silencio in Paris last year and the fashion world goes wild.

Her collection as described by Net-a-Porter, and I quote: “creates clothes infused with cool, contemporary flair. We especially love the versatility of her printed kaftans – perfect for summer, whether in the city, by the beach or at a festival.”

Hayeti, that’s real cute. I can’t wait to see some blond skinny white girls pairing this with a feather headdress at Coachella.

“The keffiyeh has been worn by Arabs residing in in Arabia, Jordan and Iraq for over a century. During the 1960s, usage of the black and white Palestinian keffiyeh grew as Palestinian nationalism increased and the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat adopted it as a symbol.” (Wiki)

But you keep calling it a printed kaftan… I’m going to buy a dress and show off my arabic tattoos and drape a Palestinian flag over my head and send it her way. 

Fans of Saint-Étienne (French football team) waved Palestinian flags during last night’s match against Beitar Jerusalem - an Israeli team who refuse to sign Arab players. You’ll be pleased to know Saint-Étienne knocked them out on the pitch too, winning 2-1 on aggregate. 

See also: Celtic fans raise over £100k for charity after UEFA fined them for waving Palestinian flags