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French flag being projected all over the world and facebook makes a French flag DP filter. I wonder why FB never created a Palestinian flag filter where hundreds die each month? Or maybe a Syrian, Iraqi or Afghan flag? A Pakistani flag after 16th Dec APS attack? Its exactly this “Selective” Humanity and Imperialistic mindset which leads to hatred towards the west. I condemn Paris attack but i also condemn the hypocrisy of western imperial mindset. - Hamza Ali Abbasi

SO, if anyone is interested, I will be selling these hand painted Palestinian flags. They are painted on a 5inx7in canvas. I will be donating 100% of the profit to Gaza. You can get this for $10 or more. If you donate $15 or more I will write your name or anything else you want written in the middle in either Arabic calligraphy or English. Message me for details or if you’re interested in purchasing one. 

Celtic (Scottish football club) fans have raised more than £100,000 for Palestinian charities in an attempt to match an impending Uefa fine for displaying Palestinian flags at a match against an Israeli team.

European football’s governing body began disciplinary proceedings against the Glasgow club last week after a number of fans displayed the flags during their 5-2 home victory against Hapoel Be’er Sheva in a Champions League qualifier.

The return leg is due to be played in Israel on Tuesday night.

The Green Brigade group of supporters set up an appeal on the gofundme website on Sunday to match the anticipated fine, and donations passed £80,000 on Tuesday morning.

The fans are raising money for Medical Aid Palestine, which delivers health and medical care to those “worst affected by conflict, occupation and displacement”, and the Lajee Centre, a cultural and sports project for children in Aida refugee camp, in Bethlehem.

The appeal read: “At the Champions League match with Hapoel Be’er Sheva on 17 August 2016, the Green Brigade and fans throughout Celtic Park flew the flag for Palestine. This act of solidarity has earned Celtic respect and acclaim throughout the world. It has also attracted a disciplinary charge from Uefa, which deems the Palestinian flag to be an ‘illicit banner’.

“In response to this petty and politically partisan act by European football’s governing body, we are determined to make a positive contribution to the game and today launch a campaign to #matchthefineforpalestine.”

The statement said the money raised would help buy football kit and equipment to enable the refugee camp to have a team, which would be called Aida Celtic, in the Bethlehem youth league.

Celtic face their ninth Uefa punishment for supporter behaviour in five years when the case is heard on 22 September. Two years ago the club was fined more than £15,000 after a Palestinian flag was displayed at a Champions League qualifier against KR Reykjavik.

Uefa rules forbid the use of “gestures, words, objects or any other means to transmit any message that is not fit for a sports event, particularly messages that are of a political, ideological, religious, offensive or provocative nature”.

Yesterday was Eurovision, a competition that specifically banned the use of the Palestinian flag in any performance while allowing Israel to participate every year since 1973 although not being part of Europe.

Today is Nakba Day. The annual remembrance day of the mass killing and displacement of Palestinians in 1948.

One day is not enough to remember what happened and what is still happening to the Palestinians, that being said take the time today to educate yourself on the on going atrocities and maybe think twice about taking part in things that regularly silence the oppressed.

Multiple Palestinian flags flying in support of the Greek struggle against austerity outside the Parliament in Athens . The Greek people remain among the strongest supporters of the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

A Palestinian protester covers his face with a Palestinian flag during demonstrations outside the UN's headquarters in Gaza after they announced a lack of funds to rebuild the Palestinian territory as some 100,000 people remain homeless after the July-August conflict, which killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians. (Mahmud Hams/AFP)      

May have triggering photos

So remember when ISIS attacked Paris?

This happened:

What did Paris do?

What did it cause?

Have you heard about the story of the Austrian meat truck?

71 Syrian refugees died on the way to Austria inside a meat truck by choking, the truck included multiple children and a baby, also a few women and men.

Has #prayforsyria trend worldwide?

Did Facebook change their icon to Syria’s flag?

Did the buildings of the world change their lights to the color of the Syrian flag?

Did people change their icons to the Syrian flag? 


What about Palestine? 

Did Facebook change their icon to the Palestinian flag?

Did #prayforpalestine trend worldwide?

Did the buildings of the world change their lights to the color of the Palestinian flag?

Did people change their profile picture to the Palestinian flag?


What about all the Islamic countries that people die in every day that are not recognized by anyone? What have people done to the people who are dying? Did we all forget that we are all human? That we are all supposed to be keeping each other steady? That we share this one world? If everyone is going to take sides and/or ignore other countries in need we will all fail to be human; we simply become no different than animals.

Spread love, not hate.

(sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language)