FIRST excavated in 1839, the house has been attributed to Livia on the basis of the name IVLIA AVG[VSTA] stamped on a lead pipe on display on the left-hand wall of the tablinum. The two-storey house, built around a central atrium, was decorated with advanced “Second Pompeian Style” wall paintings, reflecting the sophisticated taste of wealthy Romans. The remains of the house are reached by a sloping hallway whose floor is covered with a black and white geometric mosaic leading into a rectangular atrium.

The best preserved section of Livia’s House consists of a rectangular atrium and three relatively large adjoining rooms (atablinum and two side rooms). Each room was painted with a mythological subject and its floor decorated in black and white geometric mosaic.

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Article and photos by Carole Raddato/Following Hadrian on AHE

To celebrate the upcoming release of the second edition of Palatine First, we’re putting out a fanmix/soundtrack for your listening enjoyment a little early. These are the songs that most of Palatine First was either written to or inspired by - check the mix out on 8tracks and tell us what you think! 

1. Lions in Cages - Wolf Gang

2. Heavens to Purgatory - The Most Serene Republic

3. Mountains - Biffy Clyro

4. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright - Nick Drake

5. Karaoke Soul - Tom McRae

6. Forward Motion - Meese

7. Trouble Hunters - Astronautalis

8. Momentum - Song of Return

9. Burnt by Beautiful Noise - Loss of a Child

10. Hold On to What You Believe - Mumford & Sons

11. Life Won’t Wait - Ozzy Osbourne

12. Cello Suite 1 - Johann Sebastian Bach

13. The War - Angels & Airwaves

14. Wait - M83

15. Welcome Home - Radical Face

16. No One Said It Would Be Easy - Cloud Cult

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Palatine First dream cast

(Requested by anon)

Kellan Lutz as Gideon Creed

Andrew Garfield as Reece Sheppard

Xavier Samuel as Hayden Rice

Kaya Scodelario as Nivy Noemie

Imogen Poots as Scarlet Ashdown

Sam Elliott as Mordecai Creed

Bill Nighy as Charles Eldritch

Carey Mulligan as Po Trimble

Hayden Christensen as Liem Sheppard

Patrick Stewart as Grand Duke Thaddeus Sheppard

Sigourney Weaver as Abigail Sheppard

Adrien Brody as Owon the Vee

Jason Isaacs as Hugh Rice

Alexa Gerasimovich as Sophie Rice

Vanessa Redgrave as Tutor Agnes

Richard Griffiths as Robert Gustley

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A few words from Amazon reviewers:

‘This is thoroughly enjoyable … a youthful fantasy for kids of all ages! I want to join Reece on his next spectacuventure.’

’…But if the stylish descriptions of the steampunk world are visually appealing, the real fun of reading the book is in the inventive dialog, lively plot, and memorable characters. The protagonists and even some of the villains in the story were people I could care about. Their story was engaging. And the novel’s conclusion left me wanting more.’

'This story grabs you from the very beginning and holds on until the end.’

'Highly enjoyable and just dark enough to twist, portrayed points of view drew in, a nicely sketched out world build visceral at times enough to thrill.’

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Palatine First, Chapter I pt. i

The Aurelian Archives, Vol I:


Courtney Grace Powers

Chapter I pt. i

That’s One Way to Make Friends

The planet Honora had three moons: two small ones, green and red, and one bulbous white one, called Atlas. They hovered like balloons against the pink dawn sky. Silhouettes of ships in route for Atlas and its esteemed Aurelian Academy were like odd, far-away birds flying without wings. Oldest to youngest, the students of the academy were being shipped off to another year of study, another year of Airship Architecture and Alien Linguistics and Industrial Maintenance, all the sorts of things a bright young citizen of the Epimetheus Galaxy ought to know.

Reece just wanted to be a pilot. Most ten-year-olds waiting with their parents to board their bus-ship for the first time stood on the docks and stared up at Atlas as if trying to make out The Owl—what all the older kids called the Aurelian Academy. Reece watched the ships.

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Palatine First, Chapter III pt. i

The Aurelian Archives, Vol I:

by Courtney Grace Powers

Chapter III, pt. i

Gid Makes Guns, Reece Makes Trouble

The Owl’s medical facilities were some of Honora’s finest. To Reece, that just meant they were twice as uncomfortable as a normal hospital’s would have been. Everything was white and sterile, his crisp bed sheets were about as comfortable as newspapers, and then there was the horrible robe he must have been slid into when he’d been brought in from the crash…because if he had been any kind of conscious, he would have fought hard against that.

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