You Will Miss Me When I Burn

This time next month (27 February), Domino will reissue the five albums Will Oldham recorded between ‘93 and '97 under the Palace alias he used before Bonnie 'Prince’ Billy. All five, including mini album Hope, will be out on vinyl and record sleeve-style digipack CD, featuring new artwork and liner notes.

I came to Oldham’s Palace work via his later, more refined albums under the Bonnie name and was astounded by their raw, ragged intimacy and the way they revel in their lo-fi settings. Can’t wait to drop the needle on 'The Brute Choir’ from Viva Last Blues in particular.

Below, a Palace session recorded for John Peel, 5 June 1994:

The Houseboat
Trudy Dies
The Cross
The Idol On The Bar
Stable Will

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Off pitch, off key, and out of sight.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy's newest album Wolfroy Goes to Town

is amazing. I picked it up in the studio today and it’s fan-fucking-tastic. You know this guy is great when this is his 21st solo album and 37th album total.

I’ve already had a Will Oldham appreciation post (If you didn’t see it, it’s one of my first and I clearly confess my love for this man), so I’ll spare you the details of my obsession. I will tell you, though, that if you love Oldham’s music or if you want to get into his stuff, you should definitely check out Wolfrey Goes to Town. It’s melancholy, gloomy, bluesy, eery, rustic, and dark. Many say it is a throwback to his style during I See a Darkness. 

I Send My Love to You
  • I Send My Love to You
  • Palace Brothers
  • Days in the Wake

“I Send My Love to You” by Palace Brothers from Days in the Wake (1994)

While I re-listened again to the albums released in 1994, tonight I could find sincerity and warmness in Days in the Wake. If I would have known that Palace Brothers is one of the names with which Will Oldham makes music, then I would have probably prejudge this since I found I See a Darkness quite dull (but I should probably give it another listen). I like the roughness and his imperfect voice in this song. He was young back then and his sentimentality lets me notice that.

Besides, I got to know that thanks to him Juana Molina is signed to Domino Records. I should definitely give another listen to I See a Darkness

New Partner
  • New Partner
  • Palace Music
  • Viva Last Blues

Palace Music - New Partner

lay back, lay back, rest your head on my thighs
there is some awful action that just breathes from my hand
just breaths from a deed so exquisitely grand
and you are always on my mind
and you are always on my mind
and you are always on my mind


callahan left a hole in me

after a week obsessing over bill callahan’s entire back catalogue

(theres not much to do when it rains here)

i was left with a hunger for quality songmanship

i figured to head back to early will oldham stuff

namely ‘There Is No One That Will Take Care of You’ (the first LP)

and the brilliant 'An Arrow Through The Bitch EP’ the latter being my current obsession

very much like this interview with the man too

seeking musical inspiration from all over the place at the moment

listening habits:

gonzales ( he does this too )

john maus


yannis kyriakides & andy moor

nathan fake

benoit pioulard

mark mcguire

fever ray


and if i was in the uk right now i would go and see bill callahan again

his new long player is brilliant as ever

and live he’s just as brilliant see here

looking like a release date for my new LP for may 4th