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BE PREPARED this ended up way, way way longer than I initially intended but yeah it’s 10 whole pages and 5k+ words of PURE SORIKU so I hope you like itttt


Okay so we have the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness, housing the princes Sora and Riku, respectively. In their Palaces of Dawn and Dusk they’re basically learning how to become kings and rule over their kingdoms in the future, all that jazz. Being royalty directly connected to the light and the darkness they both have special abilities, and can sort of control the light/dark. Sora obviously has better control during the day, and Riku during the night. They gather power from the sun and the moon, which also lead them to be called the Solar and Lunar princes!

The Palace of Dusk and the Palace of Dawn are about within an hour’s journey from each other on foot. If you stand in one of the palaces you can see the other palace within eyeshot out the window on the horizon. So basically they’re pretty close to each other, as they’re supposed to be–both of them come together and rest on the edge of twilight, linking the world together with both light and darkness. Due to this Sora and Riku practically grew up together. They’re not friends, not really, more like casual acquaintances. The reason for this is that even though they are linked together, they’re discouraged from associating with people from the other kingdom. Riku’s father in particular is super strict and highly dislikes it when Riku mingles with people from the Kingdom of Light, and tries to keep him secluded on their own side of the border. Sora’s parents, being more lenient, don’t really care whether Sora associates himself with people from the Kingdom of Darkness, instead they just warn him that those people are prone to falling into darkness and doing bad things (which is a mistake and a very awful stereotype that unfortunately Sora believes in from a young age, along with the goading of several of the palace employees). Of course Sora and Riku run into each other during events that their respective kingdoms hold, like balls and festivals, but they sorta rub each other the wrong way. When they were younger they got along better but were quickly discouraged from seeing each other due to their parents’ influence.

And the rest is under the cut to save you from endless scrolling :’)

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[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s All Hype!

i feel like i’m severely going to regret taking this much on but fuck it, YOLO, im dead inside :))))

in honor of Ladynoir July i’m going to desperately try and do one multi-chapter for every week of the month! so that means this first week i’m going to be using Days 1-7 to make a multi-chapter, and so on and so forth until the month is over. we……..will see how that goes lol

but in the meantime enjoy the first story!

[Day 2: Banter]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s All Hype!
Pairings: Ladynoir (Ladybug x Chat Noir), Adrienette (Adrien x Marinette)
Summary: Alya accidentally gets the Internet in a frenzy after announcing that Ladybug and Chat Noir are dating, but the two heroes are adamant about correcting the error and making sure the world knows that they’re just friends. So Alya proposes a staged public break up to set everything right.

In hindsight, she really underestimated how utterly freaking difficult that would be.

Day 1: Patience

“Ah, my lovely Lady, bless our good fortune that I may be able to accompany you home on such a cold Autumn’s night. Perchance the stars may be able to lead us back to your marble palace before dawn.”

Ladybug threw her head back and cackled. “You’re such an idiot, what are you even saying?”

Chat Noir scoffed. “Such a sharp tongue, my Lady. Whatever would your father say? Although, I suppose I could lock this secret away between the two of us should you permit me to seal it with a friendly kiss.”

Ladybug stuck her tongue out. “I’ll seal it with my foot up your nose if you’d like.”

“So not only does that sound impossible, but that sounds like a sinus infection waiting to happen,” he replied. “Do you know where your feet have been? I could catch a disease.”

“The depths of your dramatics are truly unfathomable,” Ladybug deadpanned.

“You know, my best friend tells me the same thing,” Chat Noir wondered. “I was thinking of getting involved in acting. I played a detective once. I was pretty good.”

“You should play a knight or something,” Ladybug suggested. “You know, really play up the whole needless chivalry and romantic waxing that you’re so good at. I mean, you’re getting practice for it right now.”

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Love and War

Strange Magic

Bog/Marianne, K rating

This is a story about two kingdoms, side by side, but worlds apart. And at war.

When the Bog King finally wins his war against the Fairy Kingdom, he decides that a political marriage with the eldest daughter of the deposed Fairy King will help to promote peace. 

Obviously, he’s never met Marianne.


The war for love is over. The Fairy Kingdom has lost.

The King of the Dark Forest has outlawed love throughout all his lands—lands which now include the former Fairy Kingdom.

So it is understood implicitly that the marriage which has been arranged between the King of the Dark Forest and Princess Marianne, the eldest daughter of the deposed Fairy King, is to be political in nature only.

Princess Marianne is not best pleased.

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Certain As The Sun: A Feysand Fic Part 3

My laptop is about to die and I forgot my charger at school so I won’t be able to update again until Monday so HERE YOU GO!


Tamlin and Lucien left to meet the King of Hybern five days ago, and in those five days I had been perfecting my plans.

I had been sure to act as “normally” as possible. Sitting in the garden, painting, finishing wedding plans, and of course missing Tamlin terribly and behaving as if I didn’t know what to do without him by my side.

“I’m sure he’ll be all right, Lady Feyre,” Alis had reassured me. We had been sitting in my room, Alis sewing up a new dress for me while I sat and pretended to read.

I sighed. “I don’t know, Alis. I just feel—”And then I had forced myself to vomit all over the floor. Alis had gone into panic mode, calling servants to clean up the mess immediately and forcing me to get into bed.

Later on that night, when she came to my rooms to serve me dinner, she asked, “I have noticed that you’ve been eating quite a bit more since you’ve arrived, Feyre…I can’t help but to wonder if maybe…”

I looked up from my soup, eyes wide. “If what, Alis?”

She sat on the edge of my bed, and I nearly vomited again at the sight of the uncontainable excitement shining in her eyes. “Perhaps you’re…well, pregnant!” I stayed silent. “Oh, I know it’s extremely difficult for Fae females to conceive, but since you’re returned Tamlin hasn’t been able to keep his hands off you. I know that’s how Fae males are when the Mating Bond first snaps into place.” I forced myself not to cringe at her words.

No. Instead I smiled broadly, shaking my head. “I know Tamlin wants children. Plenty of them. And badly. But it’s better not to get our hopes up just yet. It’s not my time of the month yet for a few weeks. By then we’ll know for sure,” I said. “Still, it would be really exciting if I was pregnant.”

Alis nodded enthusiastically. “Ugh! Just to think when I first met you, you were no more than a mortal girl with nothing but hate in her heart for Fae kind. And now look at you! There may be a little High Lord in the making inside you!”

That was two days ago. I had requested that neither Alis nor anyone else bother me, as I was feeling particularly unwell and wanted as little interaction as possible. When Alis had asked if it was because Tamlin was away, I’d only nodded and blushed and smiled sheepishly. “It’s quite all right, my dear,” she’d said. “I’ve heard of Fae experiencing symptoms as if they were sick when separated from their mates.”

I’d quickly learned that if there was anything I wanted to get away with, I had only to mention Tamlin’s names and all the suspicions would magically disappear. They never dared question him. I was found snooping about outside? Oh, I was picking roses I thought would look great for the High Lord’s residence. I didn’t want anyone disturbing me while I was locked away in my rooms? I simply had to explain that I was setting up something particularly special for Tamlin and it would completely ruin the surprise if anyone knew. I could use his name to cheat Death herself and come away scott free.

It was well into the night when I had locked the door to my rooms, setting in place a perfect illusion of me sleeping soundly on the bed should Alis come to check in on me. It was like a shimmering veil over my actual room. Anyone who touched the door handle would suddenly find themselves inside my room, with me sleeping soundly and without a single care in the world.

Quiet as death, I left my rooms and down towards the kitchens. It would have been much easier for me to just winnow outside, but that required energy I was saving until I got to the defining line between the Spring and Summer Courts. It was oddly quiet and empty without Tamlin here. In fact, had I not known any better I could have sworn things felt almost as they did before I’d defeated Amarantha and set all the Faerie Realm free from her harrowing curse.

I made it to the kitchens without running into any servants, whom all seemed to be a bit less on edge without their High Lord around. It was as I was making my way towards the hidden staircase that lead out of the castle that I heard two voices. Both of them I recognized to be cooks that worked in the kitchens. I don’t know what it was, but something urged me to pause, to listen.

“—and High Lord Tamlin believes that all the planning will be done a few weeks, perhaps even a month ahead of schedule. Lady Feyre had been doing so well with it, and she seems to be just as excited as he is, why wait?”

The second voice let out a thoughtful hum. “Well if you ask me, he’s way too good for her. I mean, did you hear what she did Under the Mountain? Killed two, nearly three Fae in cold blood and didn’t look back. Didn’t regret it one bit. I know she did it for Tamlin and the Faerie Realm and everything, but I just don’t know how I feel about a murderer being a Lady. And Lady of the Spring Court, no less.”

The first cook chuckled. “And just who do you suggest to take her place? You?”

I could practically see the second cook’s smile as she said, “Why not? I think I’d make a damn good Lady. Jacinda, Lady of the Spring Court. I think it has quite a nice ring to it, actually.” There was a slight pause. “Not to mention I’d give anything to know what Tamlin is like behind closed doors. I’ve heard he’s amazing in bed.”

The first cook scoffed. “And just where did you hear that from?” Another pause.

“Okay I’ll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone,” said the second cook, her voice lowering. I focused my hearing and leaned closer to hear her as she said, “If Feyre finds out, Mother knows what could happen.

There are a few of the servants who’ve said, while Feyre was away at the Night Court, they’d seen Ladies from other Courts come and visit the palace. They’d always leave before dawn, and when the servants went to clean the High Lord’s rooms, they found…evidence.”

The first cook gasped. “But what about Lady Fey—”

“Lady Feyre,” the first one interrupted, “was gone for months, Evie. Tamlin wasn’t even sure she’d ever return back here. He is a man, you know. A Fae male. They have their needs just as much as the next person.”

I couldn’t stand to hear any more. Without a second thought, I hurried down the steps of the hidden passageway and left the kitchen and the two gossiping cooks behind. I quickly grew farther and farther away from the palace as I moved through the cold, dark, and dank passage. Had it not been for my Fae senses I would have been helplessly lost.

Eventually, I came to a halt as three different passages came before me. The one to my right was entirely dark, not a sound coming from it. The one directly in front of me had sounds of bustling people. The one to my left had sounds of rushing water; a river. I had planned this all out days before, and knew that that was the one that was going to lead me away from the Spring Court.

The passage was short, and upon arriving at the end of it there was an old gate with a rusted lock on it. One tug with my Fae strength and it easily gave way, the gate creaking so loudly I was sure the servants in the palace were going to hear, find me, and haul me back.

I quickly ducked through, finding myself standing no more than a few feet from the river I had heard. However loud it was, it did nothing to cover up the sounds of beasts prowling through the woods. It was then that I noticed I was still dressed in a ridiculous dress, my hair and makeup still done from when Alis had fixed me up earlier. I was heartbeats away from stripping off the dress, releasing my hair from the pins that were holding them up, and leaving the gaudy jewelry, along with the dress and pins, right there in the woods.

It was then that I heard a rustling and low growling in the bushes to my right. I’d have to run in the dress, it seemed. I didn’t wait to see what might have made those noises, sprinting in the direction I knew would take me towards the border.

Growls and shrieks and other ghastly, frightening noises filled my ears as I ran, but I forced myself to focus on nothing more than pushing my legs to go faster, telling myself that I could afford to get caught and sent back, not when I had already made it so far.

It seemed to take centuries, but eventually I made it to the Summer Court. It had crossed my mind to inform Tarquin of my escape plan, whom had become a reliable friend and invaluable ally during my time in the Spring Court, but decided against it. If anything were to happen I didn’t want anyone to be able to track things back to him and he suffer for it.

I wasn’t winded by the time I made it, but I did notice I was more tired without Rhys and Cassian’s daily training. Spending my time inside and plotting Tamlin and the King of Hybern’s downfall left little time for practice.

The last time I had used my shapeshifting abilities, courtesy of the High Pain In the Ass of the Night Court himself, I had been practicing with said pain in the ass and had managed to stay in the air for quite an impressive amount of time before I became too tired and landed.

I focused now on using that part of me, summoning midnight black Illyrian wings to carry me over the lands of the Summer and Winter Courts before I’d winnow through the Dawn and Day Courts. With it all laid bare before me like that, I considered turning back. I only had until tonight—tomorrow at dawn at the most—to make it to the Night Court and back.

And not get caught.

Before I could convince myself to turn back I spread out my wings, a grin like a cheshire cat on my lips, and launched into the sky.


By the time I made it to the Dawn Court, my wings felt like they were going to fall off. I wasn’t sure I had enough energy to winnow through both the Dawn and the Day Courts; I couldn’t risk checking into an inn and being recognized, so I winnowed into a tree, sat down, and was barely able to settle down before my eyelids began to droop.


When I woke it was still dark, though I knew I had slept longer than I had planned. I climbed higher up the three, eyes searching for the moon. I quickly found it, judging by it’s position that it had to be nearly ten.

Hopping down from the tree, I allowed myself to stretch, my senses slowly coming back to me before I winnowed as far as I possibly could. Again and again and again until I was almost at the edge of the Dawn Court. I rested for another thirty minutes, minutes that seemed to be as precious as stones. I hadn’t wanted to, but if I didn’t I knew I’d burn out and never make it to the Night Court.

Summoning my wings again, I flew for what could have been minutes or hours or days. It wasn’t until I felt a tug in my chest, almost as if something, somewhere was beckoning to me, that I knew I had made it to the Night Court.

Those familiar snow-capped mountains greeted me, and as I flew I saw parts of my home that I had never been given time to explore. Parts of the Night Court I was sure Rhysand would have taken me to visit had the circumstances been different.

And then a thought struck me so hard my wings stopped working for a moment, and I was freefalling.

I was in the Night Court. I was home. I was going to see Rhysand. My mate. 

My husband.

I pushed myself harder, faster, and it didn’t take long before the deep purples and blues and pearl hues of the lights of Velaris were winking at me. A sight I thought I’d never see again. And…


Right there was the house I had come to know as home. And Rhysand was inside it. I could tell. I could feel it.

I landed on the balcony of the dining room, my heart hammering in my chest as I heard voices coming from inside. 

“—I will do all I can to help, or die trying.”

“For Feyre.” Mor.

“For our High Lady.” Cassian.

Walking further into the building, arms crossed over my chest, I entered my home.

“Are you talking shit again, Cassian?”

Peaceful Invasion

There are only four true castles in the universe. Each is halfway outside too: the first and only line of defence against an invasion from Outside, filled with weapons and warriors beyond any other ken.  There are often small invasions: a world lost here, a dimension there. We cannot be everywhere and have only so many pressed into service beyond our fortresses.

There are three castles now.

Something happened. A debt was called in.

There are almost too many stories about the fae and debts. What they often forget is that we pay our debts back too.

“Starflower. You should not be here.”

The hole into the universe where the palace was has been sealed by glamour. It holds, but there are entities on the other side. Things seeking to enter the universe. I did not know I was staring at them until the voice pulls me free.

I turn. I freeze. “My Queen. You live?”

The Queen of Midnight smiles. She is the shadow of a shadow, and yet she is not gone.

“I do not understand?”

“Nor I,” the admission a whisper of crow wings. “Two queens and two kings: each the heart of their castle, the cornerstone on which all was made. That is lore as much as law. I should not remain yet something holds me to existence.”

I shudder within and without. “I am but a Keeper of Events. This is beyond me.”

The Queen laughs then. I had not known she could laugh. I mean, I knew it was possible. But no one had heard it. I will not recount it here. “And me as well, O Keeper. The Midnight Castle was the smallest of the castles, you know. Perhaps even the newest. Even we do not recall their making, nor what we did to be bound to them.”

The Queens and Kings cannot leave their kingdoms. Sometimes they have gone mad, and we have chained them with weapons and geases until they are sane again. Always they return to their duty. Always the castles of the fae stand, first and only bastion against the wild forces Outside the universe. But nothing is forever. Even the fae are not forever. We are the magic, perhaps, but even we cannot last. We are not enough, and sometimes – just sometimes – we barely hold our own. The universe is a small speck of stability against the impossible vastness of the Outside. And there are always too many things wanting in.

“My Queen.” I have no words.

The Castle is gone, but some of the old wards remain. There were protections here: pacts and deeds made even before the palaces were build. Dawn. Noon. Dusk. Midnight. Each containing powers enough to destroy the very universe we protect, hurled outward in constant battle against what seeks inside. There are other defenses. Magicians. Monsters. The Outsiders we have bound into our service. But we are the front line, ever and always, and the alarm that goes off reminds me.

I produce a blade, though I have not held one in over twelve million years. The threat comes from within the universe, but there are always those trying to let other entities within. I spin, moving, the blade a blaze of light as it flowers.

The eleven year old boy standing on the remains of the gloaming road grins. He is eleven, and – somehow he catches the blade and steps aside all at once. “Hi! I’m Jay and we’re not friends but I did an oops and I need to fix it.”

The Queen makes a sound. I can feel she is more real under the force of the grin. I can’t bear to bring my blade in for another strike against it. No one can glamour a fae. But this feels somehow like that, though not like it at all. “What are you?” I ask, and my voice sounds almost mortal in its terror.

“That is Jay, who is jaysome,” the Queen whispers.

I heard stories. Everyone has: of the power that walks with a magician, of a child that isn’t a child, of a creature never human who seeks only the best within others. Jay turns, stares past me at the glamour – so thin, the wall. It strengthens. Jay pulls energies, binds them into it and then says: “Shoo. Go away.”

And everything pressing against the wall retreats.

I would laugh, were it not so terrifyingly absurd. I would laugh, were I not certain that he has no grasp of just how deep his power goes.

“Uhm. I did an oops because I was part of the science side of tumblr,” he says to the Queen, as to a friend met in a coffee shop. “And Honcho had to fix it and he got really grouch-face about it and said I had to fix my own oopses so I’m totally here to fix this castle!”

“You cannot.”


The boy does not move. I turn. The Queen of Midnight is old, even as fae count years. The cornerstone of the castle, a power half as old as time some said. I had not understood the extent of the Queen until she said no to such a force. “The Castles are walls. They are weapons, and contain many more. You are many things, Jay, but here and now you are not a one who can make the castle.”

“Oh,” Jay says in a small voice, and then grins again. “I can fix that,” he says, and his pride is so fierce I think it would crack the palace itself were it whole. He is gone a moment later.

He is back. He is back, but he is thirteen. And there is power and will in him enough that the palace is. Jay gestures, coldly casual at thirteen, and the Midnight Palace snaps into existence. Pulled. Built. Desired. I have no words for what he does. Jay is not even breathing hard as he nods to the Queen.

She says nothing at all. I turn. I should not have, but she is my Queen. She is solid again, real again, but for a moment not the Midnight Queen I know.

Until this moment, I had never seen her afraid.

I move between them. Jay’s smile is not jaysome. It is other things. “If you make it so I never was, there is a chance you might not be.” As threats go, it’s nothing.

Jay chuckles. The sound is, somehow, normal. “You tempt me. Unwise, little fae,” and then he is gone, and Jay is back. Jay who is eleven, with a huge, innocent grin of joy.

“I totally fixed it,” he says even as new alarms go off. It’s a tone I’ve never heard, at once wary and welcoming.

“My Queen?” I ask, even as I put my sword away.

“A warning for when Jay visits. So that we know to expect the next peaceful invasion,” she says dryly.

“I am really good at that,” Jay says, and then is gone a moment later.

The Queen looks at her castle, and then at me. “We had best see what has changed.”


“Jay cannot help but change things, even when he is not eleven.”

And she says nothing else, and I do not ask. I never will.

I think I can be that jaysome in my own small, small way.

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When was the moment you realized you liked the other?

Akira: I realized sooner than Ryuji did. It was during Madarame palace that it dawned on me how much I liked Ryuji.

Ryuji: It took me until the whole thing with Morgana leaving to realized I liked Akira. *Rubs the back of his neck*

Your Obedient Servant - A Parody

A/N: I made another thing, guys. @marrymeaspen something.

How does Illéa
An arrogant
“Innocent,” traitor
August’s damned son
Somehow betray
Me, His Majesty, Eadlyn Schreave.
A man I could trust from the beginning
Just to keep me from winning?
He wants be in the room where it happens—

The room where it happens
The room where it happens

You won’t be in
The room where it happens

For the last time

Dear Sir Illéa:

I am quick to anger
And you’ve crossed the line
As I look back at the effects
Of your life on mine.
I looked back on the details
And in every place I checked
Your ratings improved with my disrespect.
Now you call me quite foolish,
Such a mistake.
If you’ve got something to say
Name a time and place
Face to face.

I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant
Eadlyn Schreave

Your Royal Majesty,
I am not the reason no one likes you
All they know is Maxon Schreave
They will not equivocate on their opinions
Until you really make them believe
Even if I said what you think I said
You will have to disprove my allegiance
Oh, but Queen Eadlyn Schreave can’t take a minor inconvenience

Sweet Jesus

Hey, I may have been sly, but I’m just a guy
In the public eye tryin to do my best to have success

I know you wanna fight
But I won’t apologize for doing what’s right

I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant
Marid I.

Careful how you proceed, good man.
Don’t slip and fall and bleed, good man.
My threats are something not to be ignored and I do suggest you heed, good man.

Schreave, your threats are not legitimate
You’re lying to no end, every bit of it
I’ll stand only for myself, I know it’s true
But don’t act like you don’t too

Then stand, Sir Illéa
The Palace at dawn.
No pawn.

You’re on.

[Eadlyn and Marid]
I have the honor to be Your Obedient Servant

Eadlyn Schreave

Marid I.

Gentle Grower of Things

Here’s the prologue to the Elain, Lucien, Azriel threesome I’ll be posting tomorrow.

Dawn was stealing over the mountains when Azriel, carrying Lucien landed on one of the terraces leading into the Moonstone Palace. The night before Rhys had declared the palace off limits to everyone but Feyre and two guests, no one was to enter until the next day under pain of death. Curiosity lit the inner circles eyes but they didn’t push, they didn’t ask why the barrier or the secrecy surrounding it. When Lucien showed up at the House of Wind with a request to take Elain into the Illyrian Steppes to bring back plants for her garden Azriel agreed to fly him into the moonstone palace at the dawn of the next day. So here they were the Spymaster and the Fox working together on Elian’s behalf.

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In Dreams

The silence was what woke Tigress. Over the past week, carpenters and various artisans had been arriving at the Jade Palace at dawn to continue the repairs, and the sounds of the construction work could be heard even down in the village. From the look of the light glowing through the paper walls of her room, Tigress estimated that she had risen a little late, past daybreak, and yet there was no sound. She opened her window and looked out.

The Palace was deserted. There were no carpenters, no masons, no Masters…and no damage. The Jade Palace was in perfect condition.

Considering that the previous day the roof had been leaning to one side and several walls had been missing, this was a matter of extreme concern. Tigress jumped across her room and into the hallway, knocking heavily on the door opposite hers before entering.

“Po, get up, there’s something wrong…”
The room was empty.

It contained, for the first time in years, nothing but a futon and a small chest, completely lacking in the posters, scrolls, and knick-knacks the panda had collected. Even the paint splatters on the floor were gone.

Something like dread turned her stomach to stone, and she jumped – actually jumped – when the gong sounded. Behind her, the others opened their doors and stood at attention.

“Good morning, Master,” they said in perfect synchronicity. Tigress turned around to see five pairs of eyes on her. The Five and Po had been getting up at odd hours the entire week, since training had been put off in favor of repairing the Palace and restoring its relics and artifacts. Nobody had been greeting Shifu at the sound of the gong because they were usually gone by that time.

“Something the matter, Tigress,” said Shifu testily. Tigress gestured to the eerily empty room.

“Much, Master. Where is Po?”


Tigress clenched her fists to stop her paws from shaking.

Po. Do you know where he is? His room is empty.”
The others looked at her with wide eyes, as if they had no idea what she was talking about. Shifu’s ears lowered, and he limped forward. Tigress suddenly noticed that his robe was brown again, the green embroidery missing.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Tigress, but it stops now. End this foolishness. Come,”

He said roughly, gesturing to the others as he turned back around. They hesitantly began to follow him, but Viper slithered over to Tigress.

“Are you okay?”
Tigress clenched her jaw, looking again into Po’s empty room. Her lungs felt like they couldn’t draw enough air, and despite her efforts her paws shook visibly. Something was extremely wrong. She stepped over Viper and wove through the others, bolting down the corridor on all fours before opening the door at the end of the hallway; upon seeing it empty, she cracked the doorframe in her fist. Behind her, Shifu called out, but for the first time in her life she ignored him.

Tigress exited the barracks and jumped down the stairs, running as fast as she could to the village. The Palace grounds were emptier than they had been in weeks, completely absent of construction workers and volunteers. There was no debris, no piles of wood or stone or recovered objects, and though the damage to the Palace had been heartbreaking, the sudden absence of it chilled Tigress to her core. She dodged boulders and skipped stairs, her heart pounding as she made it to the Palace terrace.

Lei Lei had not been in her room. She, Bao, and Grandma Panda had been staying in the barracks for the past week, but when Tigress had opened the door the room was as empty as Po’s. Fear pulsed through her heart with every beat, and it was enough to make her feet slip dangerously. She leapt onto the terrace and made for the stairs, but a moving figure caught her eye. She turned, and skid to a halt.

Master Oogway was walking across the other side of the terrace, heading for the entrance to the Hall of Heroes.

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Without further ado, here is the temporary intro I’ve written for my story idea! This is something I’ve been thinking of for the last, what, 4 years? And I’m excited to actually do something with it, and hope I can write more about it in college!

The story is basically about an asexual princess with a twin dragon brother, trying to make her kingdom proud by kidnapping the prince of her enemy’s queendom, however they end up unearthing secrets lost over the years.

This is only a brief introduction to Rione.

Thank you very much, melnathea, for drawing the image above!

“Remind me again why we’re here so early?” she asked to seemingly no one.

Hey, it was your idea, replied a voice that only she heard. I’m not pleased about this either.

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