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Deadly plane crash in northern Pakistan

Pakistani military helicopters on Thursday, Dec., 8, ferried remains of plane crash victims to the capital, Islamabad, as aviation authorities said they opened a probe into the crash that killed 47 passengers and crew the day before in the country’s northwest.

The small twin-propeller aircraft was traveling from the scenic mountain resort city of Chitral to Islamabad on Wednesday when one of its engines failed shortly after takeoff and crashed in the hillside village of Gug in the district of, according to Pervez George of the Civil Aviation Authority.

The plane belonged to the Pakistani national carrier, the Pakistan International Airlines, and had 42 passengers and five crew members on board, PIA spokesman Daniyal Gilani said. (AP)

Photos: (from top) Faisal Mahmood/Reuters, AP Photo/Anjum Naveed, Aamir Qureshi/AFP/Getty Images, Faisal Mahmood/Reuters, AP Photo/Anjum Naveed

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Joyann Thomas

Joyann Geraldine Thomas is an 18-year-old footballer who plays as defender for her club, Balochistan United, as well as for Pakistan’s national team. She is Pakistan’s first female, Christian football player. 

Read more about her here.

“The safest place I know of is my prayers. It is here that I find Yesterdays sleeping soundly and Tomorrows awakening gently. It is here that all those with whom I share this marble planet are remembered. It is here that I ask our shared Beloved to keep you safe when I cannot.” -Nazaneen Kaliwal

Wazir Khan Mosque.
Lahore, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)

Hundreds of Muslims burn pregnant Christian couple alive in Pakistan after false ‘blasphemy’ accusation

Hundreds of Islamists are said to have gathered to beat and burn Shama Bibi and Shehzad Masih to death. Shama was pregnant with their fourth child.

The husband, a debt slave who was born in the factory and had worked there since he was seven years old, was accused by the factory owner of burning a Qu’ran. But relatives of the victims claim the couple wanted to move out due to unpaid wages, and the factory owner might have the caused the killing as revenge.

The factory owner arranged local mosques to use their loudspeakers to spread the message of blasphemy, and hundreds gathered for a ‘necessary killing’.

Witnesses claim the mob broke the victim’s legs to prevent escape, and even wrapped the woman in cotton to make her burn faster in the factory furnace, allegedly among chants of “Kill the Christian non-believers” and “Allahu Akhbar”.

A court has now finally announced the verdict, despite only sentencing a small number of the attackers, the Pakistani Christian community was relieved. The marginalized minority is often left in the cold by courts, and it’s blasphemy law has often been used to oppress Christians, with some Pakistanis dubbing it “A license to kill Christians.”

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