Taliban leader Mullah Omar is dead, confirms White House
The US intelligence community assesses that the Taliban leader Mullah Omar is now dead, although the circumstances of his death is not yet clear, the White House has said.

The US intelligence community assesses that the Taliban leader Mullah Omar is now dead, although the circumstances of his death is not yet clear, the White House has said.

“The US Intelligence Community assesses that Mullah Mohammed Omar, the former leader of the Afghan Taliban, is dead,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

Earlier this week, Taliban confirmed the death of Omar in a statement, without saying when and where he died.

“While the exact circumstances of his death remain uncertain, it is clear that his demise, after decades of war and thousands of lives lost, represents a chance for yet more progress on the path to a stable, secure Afghanistan,” he said in a statement last night.

Noting that this comes on the heels of key milestones, he said in last year’s Afghan election, President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah honored the efforts of millions of Afghan voters by ensuring the first peaceful and democratic transfer of power in the nation’s history.

At year’s end, President Barack Obama ended the US combat mission in Afghanistan, bringing the longest war in American history to a responsible conclusion.

“But Afghanistan remains a dangerous place, and the Afghan people still suffer from a brutal insurgency that continues to take innocent lives and hinder Afghanistan’s prospects for peace,” Earnest said.

At this time of transition, the Taliban can choose to continue to fight their own people and destabilise their own country, or they can choose peace, Earnest said.

“We encourage the Taliban to heed President Ghani’s call for reconciliation and make genuine peace with the Afghan Government,” he said.

“We and our international partners will continue to support President Ghani, the National Unity Government, and an Afghan-led reconciliation process as we work together to improve Afghanistan’s security, continue to target terrorists, and preserve the gains we have made together over the last 13 years,” said the White House Press Secretary.

I find it interesting that a lot of my guy friends like the idea of living in Pakistan for a while/settling down there for a bit but a lot of my girl friends don’t and it’s just so clear how experiencing one’s home country can also be significantly gendered and it makes absolute sense but then you realize it also very sad it’s this way
Blessings: Little Pakistan, Brooklyn

Little Motherland, Blessings: Little Pakistan, Brooklyn

Last week, Muslims around the world celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr after a month of fasting. On the eve of Eid, many people hold moon-sighting or “Chaand Raat” festivals around the world.

My family and I don’t normally celebrate Chaand Raat, but every other year or so we visit the Chaand Raat festival in Brooklyn’s Little Pakistan, my first home neighborhood, on Coney Island Avenue to take in some of the sights and sounds of our people and our pind.

This year I wanted to capture it all through video. No other sound resonated with all the clamor and glamour I saw and captured that night more than Big Sean’s “Blessings,” and I decided to use it for this video. It turned out to be perfection. Way up, we’re blessed.

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In case you have not heard already, the police have refused to register an FIR for the murder of the 6 day old infant of I-11 Kachi Abadi, Islamabad. His name was Mubashir. He died of suffocation because of the heavy shelling by the police and rangers. His family tried to rush him to the hospital, however, all paths leading out of I-11 were blocked. The family has gone into hiding because, like many others, they have been charged with terrorism for resisting against the demolition of their houses.The police in collaboration with the CDA murdered a child in cold blood and their families cannot even seek justice for that. Their is no justice for the poor in the land of the pure.