Pictures from yesterday!  I had a totally different outfit planned but Denver is still kind of in spring mode, aka crazy and pseudo unpredictable weather mode!  It was not nearly as warm yesterday as it has been lately AND a thunderstorm was looming.  Eventually it got hot for a little bit, so that was nice.  Luckily I’ve invested in some nice maxi skirts this year (I LOVE paisley prints!) so on those neither here nor there temperature days I can improvise a tad with style!

Anyhoo, the top photo is clearly my outfit pic (with my Border Collie trying to jump in the fountain in the background-way to pose, Lucy June! #modeldog).  The bottom is at the restaurant my friends and I were at before, which had a, um, very tolerant dog policy…as you can see!  When Lucy got sick of “being a muppet” to street traffic over the flower bed she tried to jump on the empty chair next to me.  I turned it around thinking her leash didn’t go that far…but she proved me wrong!  It sounds like I have a very demanding dog, but I take her to breweries all the time and allow her to sit on the bench next to me, so in her defense she thinks this is OK (my bad!).  The waitstaff never cared.  They even brought her a water dish without me asking.  I’ve included some of those pics because they’re funny and while I may be biased…she is pretty damn adorable!  I also have a close-up of my dog necklace that I was wearing as well.  

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!

Tank- Forever 21

Skirt- Modcloth (Sunnygirl)

Shoes- Bongo

Necklace-Groupon. …seriously!

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Eleanor Calder || Cooper’s Beach || July 16th, 2016

Topshop Lattice Side Beach Shirt - £30

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sunglasses - £125

Topshop Paisley Print Neckerchief - £5

Vanessa Mooney Concho Choker Necklace - £82.11

Soludos Gladiator Lace Up Sandal - £76.68

A pair of models, one in a green floral print dress and the other in a red paisley print dress, sit on a carriage in Central Park as they talk with a male model in a black suit, New York, New York, August 1966. The photo was taken as part of a fashion shoot for Glamour Magazine.August 1966. Photo by Susan Wood

Show Me Your Mumu SALE picks!

IT’S CHRISTMAS. JK it’s not Christmas. But it’s the SHOW ME YOUR MUMU SALE!! So same thing, right

So Show Me Your Mumu is having their hugest sale of the year with tons of pieces 50% off! (Use the code ‘MULOVES50′)

Here are my favorite pieces from the sale:

  1. palm print tunic (I have this one & wear it all the time!!)
  2. tie top + skater skirt
  3. mojito mini dress (love this solid color + you can wear this one all the time!)
  4. navy floral tunic (I purchased this one from the sale!)
  5. black/white shorts
  6. blue printed tunic (this tunic style is seriously my favorite- especially for fall with boots/booties)
  7. paisley skater skirt
  8.  rose print romper (awesome fall transition piece- great going out/date night piece) 
  9. purple print romper (my favorite Mumu style romper - so playful) 
  10. solid romper (just purchased this one from the sale!! great gameday piece)
  11. bull cardigan (I own this one!!)
  12. black tie top (I purchased this one from the sale)
  13. black kimono
  14. black jumpsuit
  15. white fringe kimono
  16. white boho top (I have this one & wear it aaallll the time. Especially in the fall!! So versatile!)
  17. safari mini dress
  18. orange + navy mini dress (I love this print as a fall transition!)
  19. black crisp top (you will wear this one all the time. Trust me!!)
  20. black romper

Let me know if you guys have any questions about sizing/specific pieces/or how to style certain things! I’d love to help!