Forever21 Finds

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Y’all. Forever21 is killin’ it lately! Here are some awesome, affordable finds I’ve been loving recently:

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This isn't really about Tay's style, but I really do follow you for general fashion advice/ commentary as well. And my question is when will this 70s/90s trend die and let me live in peace? I cannot go back to flared jeans or chokers, Sarah. I cannot

HAH omg you’re so cute lol.

I think the 90s trend will die out sooner than the 70s trend, if I’m honest. The 90s trend you can’t do without looking kitschy and dated because it was so recent. I think the 90s stuff is a fad whereas the 70s stuff is a modern reinterpretation and will be sticking around for longer. You can incorporate flared jeans or floppy hats or peasant blouses or paisley prints more subtly (I think) then the obvious 90s homages - personal opinion.