Photorealistic Paintings by Alexandra Pacula

Polish-born, New York-based artist Alexandra Pacula (b. 1979) paints large-scale works that explore the dynamic energy of cities at night. With virtuosic brushwork, vibrant color, and fluid gesture, Pacula captures the motion and chaos as well as the sublime beauty of urban space. Her streets are filled with light that travels almost of its own accord within the compositions, and she has developed a nontraditional style of painting that combines impressionism, expressionism, and photorealism. The resulting paintings ensnare the eye and transport the viewer to another dimension, reminiscent of the fleeting yet mesmerizing moments that take place only in the big city. 

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posted by Margaret

Oh, oh oh, Sweet Child of Light

(SideWalking (the Dog) #46 / Come, Shadows, Caress My Wall #28)
Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain
Basile Pesso-my BCN © End 2 015 I guess, maybe start 2 016
My Blip / My web magazine : Yes We Are (links) with Hanan Kazma as The Side Look of a Barcelonese #517
…and thanks a lot to The Wolves at Night and Holly Go Lightley for the reblog of an image that I absolutely love (I don’t get its lack of success) : Come, Shadows, Caress Me #10 (link) !


Some blacklight reactive jars i made many years ago.
Now my change jars…..