Abstract Sea Portraits by Kiele Gregoire

American painter and printmaker Kiele Gregoire lives in a cozy home studio on the scenic New Hampshire sea coast. Inspired by the seaside, Gregoire composes stunning and abstract portraits of the sea, which seem melodic at first sight. Using acrylic and oil pastels, she captures the different moods of the sea, from its high, violent tide to its deep blue in a serene state.

She is able to depict its undulating movement with a range of colors, which seem to reflect from the pink to blue and orange hazy sky at sunset. Find them in her Etsy shop.

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I suppose I won’t consider this a  work in progress anymore. Not until somebody yells at me further for change. lol. 

Time to look at more things to rework for le ol’ portfolio. 

EDIT: Older version on bottom for comparison. If anyone is wondering for why the sudden shift in tone, it’s mostly due to target audience (Or in this case, studio to apply to). Along with removal of most lines from the original.