Painter-kun’s Persona, the Japanese Robin Hood

Okay since I’m seriously frustrated about everyone on Tumblr not knowing about Painter-kun’s Persona, who is likely Ishikawa Goemon, here’s a quick history lesson.

This is Ishikawa Goemon, being played as a role in a kabuki theater, which already explains the Persona’s appearance and Painter-kun’s mask. Goemon was a Robin Hood-like thief in the Sengoku era, specifically known for giving his stolen riches to the poor. In his struggles with the law, shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi had his wife murdered, and his son captured. When Goemon made an attempt of assassination to seek revenge, he was captured.

And what was his punishment?

Being boiled alive along with his son.

Yeah, it’s not pretty…

However, if we look back at our Persona user at hand…

Let’s think a few things through.

Considering Goemon’s terrible run-ins with the law, it’s possible that this painter could’ve had a bad run-in with figures of authority himself, which is why he has the cynical view of society that he does.

Along with that, its been at least suggested that he actually shares quite a rocky relationship with the rest of the thieving team. Goemon was specifically boiled alive for his death. Boiling is related almost directly to fire, and what element do we see the other Persona 5 characters using?

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That’s right, fire.

Hopefully that filled all you guys in. If I missed anything, let me know and I’ll either add it, or make a response post clarifying it. See you guys soon!


Revels of the Rock Gods

Beijing-based painter DU Kun has created oil paintings that depicts the face of a musician as if it were a temple built in devotion to a god. Eyes are depicted as windows, tree branches or waterfalls as flowing hair, and the surface of skin as ornate wood facades gilded with gold.