November Self Care Challenge

I decided to create a self care challenge for November for myself and I figured I’d share it with you guys. You are welcomed to change it up so it works for you, and if you do decide to do it, let me know how it goes!  

  1. Go to bed early
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Write a list of things to complete before the end of the year
  4. Deep clean bedroom
  5. Take a bubble bath
  6. Learn a new skill 
  7. Spend the day reading
  8. Do yoga for 20 mins
  9. Do a face mask
  10. Paint nails
  11. Free write in a journal
  12. Give yourself a hand or foot massage
  13. Mirror affirmations
  14. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal
  15. Have a cup of tea
  16. Read a poem
  17. Throw yourself a party for one
  18. Treat yourself to a favourite food
  19. Turn your phone off for the whole day (Alt. sign out of all social media)
  20. Do a random act of kindness
  21. Dress up just because
  22. Bake something new
  23. Make a gratitude list
  24. Watch a movie  
  25. Go shopping
  26. Meditate
  27. Colour or draw
  28. Say “no” and mean it
  29. Just relax
  30. De-clutter your room/workspace
Halloween vocabulary in German

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Das Halloween - Halloween
Der Abend vor Allerheiligen - All Hallow’s Eve
Süßes, sonst gibt’s Saures! / Süßes oder Saures! - Trick or treat!
Buh! - Boo!
Die Party - party
Der Herbst - autumn
Der Oktober - October
Die Süßigkeit - candy, sweet
Der Apfel - apple
Der Kürbis - pumpkin
Die Laterne - lantern
Die Kürbislaterne - Jack O’Lantern
Die Kerze - candle
Das Freudenfeuer/Lagerfeuer - bonfire
Der Aberglaube - superstition
Das Wahrsagen  - divination
Der Prank, der Streich - prank
Schwarz - black
Orange - orange
Die Katze - cat
Die Fledermaus - bat
Die Spinne - spider
Das Spinnennetz  - spiderweb
Der Geist - ghost
Das Gespenst - ghost, spirit
Das Phantom - phantom
Die Hexe - witch
Der Zauberer - wizard
Der Butzemann - bogeyman
Der Vampir - vampire
Die Fee - fairy
Der Kobold - goblin
Die Mumie - mummy
Der Zombie - zombie
Der Teufel - devil
Der Dämon - demon
Der Werwolf - werewolf
Das Monster - monster
Der Troll  - troll
Der/das Alien - alien
Das Kostüm - costume
Die Schminke - makeup
Die Gesichtsfarbe - face paint
Die Maske - mask
Die Perücke - wig
Der Knochen - bone
Das Skelett - skeleton
Der Schädel - skull
Das Blut - blood
Die Leiche - corpse
Tot  - dead
Das Spukhaus - haunted house
Der Friedhof - graveyard, cemetery
Das Grab - grave, tomb
Der Sarg - coffin, casket
Die Geistergeschichte - ghost story
Der Albtraum - nightmare
Die Nacht - night
Die Mitternacht - midnight
Der Mond - moon
Der Schatten - shadow
Das Heulen - howl
Dunkel - dark
Der Sturm - storm
Der Schrei - shout, scream, cry
Die Angst - fear
Die Furcht - fear, fright
Der Schreck - fright
Der Horror - horror
Der Schock - shock
Erschrecken - to frighten, to scare; to be frightened, to be startled
Fürchten - to fear, to be afraid
Vor etwas Angst haben - to be scared of something, to be afraid of something
Gruselig - creepy
Unheimlich - eerie
Beängstigend - frightening
Schrecklich - scary, terrible  
Übernatürlich - supernatural

some basic back to school tips

hi!! with school starting soon (or maybe it’s already started for a lot of you), i thought i’d make some sort of pre-school post. so, without further ado, here’s a list of things to try/remember to do the day or two before school starts!

  • get your backpack ready! make sure you have the necessary school supplies, personal supplies, etc. packed in your bag the night before
  • along with this, have any summer assignments completed and ready to go!
  • clean up your room/workspace. if you’re anything like me, your desk and/or room tends to get pretty messy during the days before school starts! take just a few minutes to throw out trash, organize papers, pick up the clothes laying on the floor (@myself). most likely, you’ll feel just a little less stressed during those first days of getting back into the school stress routine
  • get to sleep early! it’s a good idea to be well-rested and.. not falling asleep in class on the first day?? (save that for later in the school year)
  • have your schedule (if you have access to it yet) ready to go; maybe look over it a few times and have an idea of where you’re going throughout the day (aka don’t get lost every day for the first two weeks like i did my freshman year smh)
  • relax. this may be the last day you have to yourself to truly do whatever you want and take a break. go on a youtube or netflix binge, read for a few hours, practice your calligraphy, anything to help you relax for the day ahead! i plan on watching quite a few episodes of sherlock that night :)
  • take some more time for self care, too. have a nice long shower, shave (only if you want to of course!), exfoliate, do a face mask, paint your nails, etc! do anything that makes you feel.. fresh? clean? I don’t know what the right words is for this! but! yeah!
  • smile and remind yourself that you’re beautiful and determined and are gonna kick school’s ass this year- because you are!

well, that’s all! I hope this helped!! good luck everyone! we can do this!

Offerings/Devotional Acts for Aphrodite

Before we get to the list I want to say that in no way is this all you can do or give to Aphrodite. I always encourage people to get creative and personalize their worship. Think about why you decided to become a devotee and try to use those reasons to shape your devotion.  Okay now on to the list!

-Incense/Candle: This is fairly obvious and great for when you don’t have much and/or want to do something simple. I also like to do this when I want to have a long conversation with Aphrodite. It also helps to use incense or candles that represent or are associated with Aphrodite such as rose incense and red/pink candles.

-Food/Drink: If you want to offer something more than a candle or incense you can offer Aphrodite some food or drink. Wine is typically the go to offering, but for those who are underage or who just don’t drink, Apple Juice is a great substitute! As for food, chocolate is always appreciated by Aphrodite. When I first started out I gave Aphrodite some M&Ms as an offering and she did not complain, lol! Also if you are someone who likes to cook/bake you can always offer her some of what you made! She will be so delighted!

-Write/read a poem: If you enjoy poetry you can write your very own poem for Aphrodite. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about her exactly. It can be a love poem or a poem simply inspired by her (you know she’ll love that!). If you don’t consider yourself a writer but have a favorite poem that makes you think of Aphrodite go ahead and read it to her!

-Recite a hymn or myth: This is pretty straightforward. You can find a hymn about Aphrodite that you enjoy and read it to her and the same with the myths. She never grows tired of hearing them I promise you!

-Make an offering bottle: Okay this is actually super easy! This is one of the first offerings I did that wasn’t a candle, incense, or wine. You basically just put certain items associated with Aphrodite into a bottle and give it to her as an offering. For example, my offering bottle consists of roses, myrtle, rose quartz, stones I thought were pretty, and seashells. I put them all in a heart shaped bottle (you can find them at Michaels and AC Moore) and it now sits on my altar. You can add as little or as much as you would like or have access to. You can also decorate the bottle if you feel artsy or creative. It’s up to you!

- Make something: Okay so this is pretty general and can encompass a lot, but that’s the point! Use your talents and interests to make something special for Aphrodite. Draw a picture, write a song, crochet something, knit, sew, sculpt, cut out pictures and make a collage, color a picture in a coloring book that reminds you of Aphrodite, the options are limitless! Use your imagination! Think of it like when you were a kid and made things for your Mom. They weren’t necessarily works of art but your mom loved them regardless because you made it for her. It’s the same concept, so don’t worry about whether its “good” because Aphrodite will love it regardless and show it off to anyone who comes to visit.  So basically she’ll show Ares xD

-Spread the Love: Make a promise to not beat yourself up for a day! Be kind and patient with yourself and learn to love yourself. Also, spread Aphrodite’s mission of self-love! Be kind and supportive to others. Pay compliments instead of insults.

-Pamper yourself: Now this is one of the HUGE benefits to being an Aphrodite devotee. Part of our devotion is doing wonderful things for ourselves. Set aside some time to do some pampering. This can be at home or at a spa, and it can be as long or as short as you see fit. You can take a warm soothing bath and throw in whatever relaxes you. I actually love using Lush bath bombs and they have ones that are great for Aphrodite, such as Rose Queen, Sex Bomb and for my fellow sea lovers you can’t go wrong with Big Blue! You can apply a face mask, paint your nails, or rub on some lotion. Basically anything you see as pampering and you enjoy, just make sure as you do it you think about how beautiful and amazing you are!

-Sex:  Sex, or more specifically your orgasm, can be dedicated and offered to Aphrodite (remember to practice safe sex!). You can also do the same with masturbation. I actually have specific toys that I dedicated to her so I use those when I want to offer my orgasm to her.  I won’t go into too much detail about it but if you would like to know more about this feel free to send me an ask, I also have no problem if you want me to answer privately just say so.

-Smut it up: This is for all my smutty fanfic writers/readers and for all you whose guilty pleasure is reading those terrible (yet so good) romance novels. Keep doing what you are doing just give thanks to Aphrodite for all the smut! This can also apply to movies as well!

-Aphrodite playlist: Make a playlist of all your favorite songs that remind you of Aphrodite and play it when you want to show your respect and appreciation for her.

-Make up: If you are someone who applies makeup you can dedicate your makeup routine to Aphrodite. You can also ask her to bless your makeup to help you feel confident throughout the day.

-Beauty: Since the idea of “beauty” is extremely objective almost anything really can be an offering to Aphrodite, as long as it is something you believe to be beautiful. You can also go outside and appreciate the beauty around you. Take some pictures!

-Think about her: Life gets chaotic at times and you might find it hard to give Aphrodite the type of devotion you feel she deserves. Don’t stress out! I struggle with anxiety and depression so sometimes it’s rough for me to get out of bed let alone make an offering to my wonderful Goddess. At those times I have found that simply thinking about Aphrodite is actually enough. Think about all the things you adore and respect about her. You can even speak it out loud if you want, but saying it all in your head is fine also.

Secretly Married/The Crew Finds Out

Secretly married Gavin and Ryan. Like they met when Gavin just started and Ryan tracked him down cause Gavin wasn’t good at hiding his tracks. Then they meet and Ryan just can’t kill him. After all Gavin was only digging into Ryan’s files b/c he had a big criminal crush.

They start dating after meeting up a couple times after that for business and end up getting married in Vegas 2 years after that. (Last minute/drunk decision)

They’ve been married for a bit when Gavin gets a job with FAHC and ends up staying in the crew. Ryan still only does mercenary work b/c he’s had bad luck when working with crews.

Gavin is in Fake AH Crew for like 8 months and then they get interested in Ryan b/c he killed one of Geoff’s biggest competition and they want him to be part of the crew. Gavin stays quite about it until he comes home to Ryan and tells him about it.

Ryan is a little cautious but he ultimately takes the job because hey, he can keep an eye out for his clumsy husband. They both decided that it’s best that they keep their relationship secret no matter how much Gavin tries to convince Ryan that they are trustworthy. Ryan doesn’t want to risk it and give them a weakness, Gavin at that.

Gavin leaves the next morning reluctantly. Sometime it’s really hard to leave Ryan in the early morning. Especially when he’s shirtless and all cuddled up in the warm duvet.

Gavin gets to the penthouse later that morning and Geoff is already celebrating that he got THE Vagabond to join FAHC and it didn’t take a lot of convincing. The rest of the crew were conspicuous because he is known for killing people who wrong him or even have a different opinion from him. (Meanwhile Gavin is laughing a little bit because Ryan is just a big teddy bear who still has to cut the crust off his sandwiches)

About noon Gavin texts Ry to make an entrance. And right after he sent it, there’s a knock on the penthouse door.

Geoff flies to the door and in walks his gorgeous husband. (Well rn maybe gorgeous isn’t the word to use b/c he’s got his face paint and freaky mask on)

Everyone sees him and gets all defensive and Ray keeps his hand on his minigun and jack stops making dinner but keeps his knife at hand. Michael pauses the video game he was playing and sits up straight. Gavin stays slouched on the couch but looks over at his hubby.

“Welcome to the crew.” Geoff says a little to happy. Ryan keeps up his creepy persona and doesn’t say a word.
Ryan’s been in the crew for about 2 months now and blends in quite nicely. Ray and Ryan or the R&R Connection are the best combo (besides Gavin and Ryan but they don’t know that). Plus Ryan kind of warmed up to Ray more than anyone else because Ray doesn’t pester Ryan to talk like everyone else. Plus no one has suspecting anything about Gavin and Ryan’s relationship because they leave their affections for when they get home and don’t make contact at work. (Except that one time when they escaped into the bathroom together for a quick make out. But no one noticed Gavin coming out flushed) Also like cmon, no one would think for a moment that Gavin, the annoying squawking Gavin, would be married to THE Vagabond, the guys who doesn’t talk and would murder anything that moves. Honestly, the guys have been worried about leaving Gavin alone with the vagabond for too long because he might kill Gav for being too annoying.

But anyways the crew has been planning a new heist and this one is going to be big. The press will be talking about it for months if all goes right in the confusing plan.

“Ryan and Michael go in and clear it and then Gavin you go in and open the safe. Then get the money and get out. Rays sniping, Jacks the get away and I’ll be outside the bank shooting down the cops. Got it?” Geoff explains.

Everyone nods and disperses out to get supplies. They’ve been planning the heist for at least two weeks and went over final plans before hitting the bank later that night.

Gavin and Ryan have a tradition before every big heist they’ve gone on. They inconspicuously separate from the rest of the crew and into a bedroom or bathroom to talk and say their (hopefully short) goodbyes.

“It’s going to be okay Ry, I know your worried about me being front line but I’m going to be fine. You’ve got my back.” Gavin persists.

“Damn right I do.” Ryan grumbles.

“I love you. Please stay alive for me so you can kill more people for me.”

“Always. I love you. Stay safe baby.” Ryan whispers back before pecking Gavin’s lips.

Ryan leaves the room after that to find Michael and grab weapons before heading out. Gavin figures out all the tech equipment he needs and also gets in his car and heads out into position by the bank.

After about 30 minutes, Geoff talks into the earpiece.

“Everyone ready?” Geoff asks and gets “yes” in response.

“LETS HEIST.” Ray screams through the coms. The security officers in the bank are scoped down by the puerto rican and gives the all clear.

Ryan and Michael storm into the bank with their guns shooting up.


As Michael takes care of the civilians, Ryan goes towards the vault and kills the security near the safe.

Gavin runs into the bank after getting the all clear from Michael and goes towards the vault where Ryan is and starts working his magic. He’s typing feverishly into his tablet and hooks it up with the security pad on the safe through a cord.

“Hurry guys, cops coming in 1 minute.” Ray quickly says. This is what made this particular heist dangerous. The police department was only 3 blocks away which made it easier for them to stop the heist.

“Got it.” Gavin responds and the safe clicks open.

Ryan and Michael storm in and start filling their duffel bags with money. They were stuffing their bags for 30 seconds and Geoff demands for them to get their asses moving and get out.

They make a run for the back door and get outside. There are faint gunshots near the front where Geoff and Ray are.

“Alright we are out.” Gavin says over the coms.

“Coming.” Jack says in response. Within a second Jack is pulled up next to the boys and they don’t hesitate before jumping in.

The plan involves them splitting up after a block or two and getting into different cars so it gets easier to escape the cops.

“I’m ditching.” Geoff says almost breathlessly.

“Okay. Leaving now.” Ray says to the rest of the crew.

Jack, Michael, Ryan, and Gavin are quickly fleeing the scene. From the back Gavin and Ryan check over each other to make sure neither are injured and/or bleeding. But their checkovers are cut short as jack quickly stops the car for them to get out. There are 3 cars waiting in the street for them to get in and make a get away.

The 3 crew members barely have time to reach their cars before cops are shooting down the streets towards them.

“Shit.” Michael mutters while getting in his car and speeding away down the street before turning right. Jack races right behind him.

Gavin and Ryan are now both in their assigned cars and racing down the street with gunshots whizzing by their cars. Ryan remains down the long street while Gavin has to take a right. They split up and the cop cars behind them do too.

Now it’s a breeze, or so they thought. It was about 30 minutes after when Michael and Jack inform that they are in the clear and are heading towards their safe house for the next night or two. But Gavin and Ryan are both racing against the cops on the highway trying to lose them.

Ryan has one last cop car on his ass and then he can head home. Ryan fires out his window with his pistol and eventually hits the cop car and it is forced to spiral out of control and into the highway rails.

Ryan is on his way to his safe house when he hears,

“Shit, fuck, shit.” And a crash.

“Gavin? What the fuck?! Gavin?”

“GAVIN?” Michael practically screams over the coms.

Ryan freezes and his instincts are automatic. Get to Gavin.

He knows what highway Gavin was driving down and gets there in five minutes while the rest of the crew were screaming at each other trying to reach Gavin.

Ryan’s heart dropped when he got to the scene. Gavin’s red sports car was flipped upside down with cops surrounding it. Ryan quickly gets out of the car.

He isn’t known as the Vagabond for nothing. He is known for being ruthless and murdering dozens at one time.

But this, this is different. The vagabond blazes through the cops surrounding the red car. He kills one after another and dodges fists and bullets and keeps going until every last cop on the scene is dead. Faintly he heard the rest of the crew pull up behind him when he was almost done killing all the cops.

When the last officer drops, Ryan just stops. He stares at the red car without moving. There was no movement in or around the car. This is it. Theres nothing for Ryan anymore.

“Gavin.” Michael says breathlessly while running past Ryan to reach into the red car.

Michael pulls open the drivers side door and jack is already there helping Michael pull Gavin’s body out of the car.

Ryan slowly walks towards his crew mates and toward his husband. It’s when he sees Gavin’s body when he starts crying.

He was bloody with cuts in his face and blood coming out. Too much blood.

“C'mon we have to get him out of here.” Geoff demands quickly and Michael and jack work together to carry Gavin into the back seat of Geoff’s car.

“LETS GO RYAN.” That snaps Ryan out of it and he rushes over to the backseat next to Gavin’s body. They all climb in and Geoff starts the car and drives away from the bloody scene.

“Why, why, why?” The crew is silently shocked. They hear a sobbing voice and turn to see THE Vagabond crying and pleading. They have never heard him talk before let alone show any emotion.

“Please. C'mon Gav. Wake up. Please. I love you.” Ryan whispers to the barely breathing body. “Please.” And he just breaks down sobbing. It’s too much. He will have no one now. Gavin was the only thing keeping him sane. And now he’s going to die.

While Ryan was pleading to Gavin, Ray called Trevor to the safe house and told him to get ready because Gavin’s in bad shape. By the time they reach the house, Ryan is covered in Gavin’s blood and is staring at his body with empty eyes.

Geoff and Jack take Gavin’s body out of the backseat and carry him in. They disappear into the house with Michael behind them but Ryan and Ray stay sat in the car.

One broken man and one worried friend.

“I can’t lose him. He’s all I have.” Ryan whispers, almost to himself but Ray can hear.

“He’s going to be fine. He’s strong.” Ray tells him back and leaves the car and into the safe house.

Ryan stays in the car for maybe 20 minutes just staring out the window before he works up the courage to go in.

Trevor and Jack are working together to sew Gavin’s wounds when Ryan walks in. Instead of his happy smiling boy, he sees a pale body attached to an IV and blood seeping from his body.

Once Trevor and Jack clear out and explain how they’ve done all they can do and it’s a waiting game now, Ryan pulls up a chair and sits right next to Gavin on the now bloodied couch.

He spends the next 8 hours sitting there and holding Gavin’s hand and only leaving to use the bathroom once. They rest of the crew didn’t even bother to interfere because they knew he wouldn’t budge. They were just observing him because this was all new to them and a little scary that he was worried THIS much for reasons they don’t know.

After the 8 hours Gavin starts to waken. His eyes flutter open and squint because of the light. Once used to the light he turns his sore neck to see his Ryan with dried tears and looking at their hands intertwined.

“Ryan?” Gavin says coarsely.

Ryan’s head snaps to attention and stares right into Gavin’s eyes. Blue to Green.

“I thought I lost you.” Ryan whispers, “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t there to have your back. I love you so much. Please don’t leave me.” And the waterworks start up again but Ryan doesn’t even care anymore.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily.” Gavin whispers back before grabbing Ryan’s jacket and yanking his husband towards him. Their lips meet in a desperate kiss. Both not wanting to split in case the other disappears. But eventually they have to breath but their foreheads remain touching as they stare into each other’s loving eyes.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew stand at the doorway looking into the living room and watching the reunion. Gavin and Ryan have some explaining to do.

a little reminder for you to take the time to treat yourself. take a bath. do a face mask. paint your nails. work on a page in your journal. read your favorite book. watch a cute film. buy yourself some nice flowers. make yourself a cup of your favorite tea. eat your favorite chocolates. the world is a cruel place and we all deserve to take a step back from it sometimes. your well-being is important. take care of yourself.

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Headcanon that if Bev ever feels bad because she doesn't have female buds to do traditionally girly things with, the boys all have sleepovers with her and get face masks, paint their nails and watch chick flicks. They all love this.

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! georgous, amazing, beautiful…

Making gossips about the school couples/ the teachers and the other students… ( Richie imitates the stupid girls who are bothering Bev’ at school, making fun of them until Beverly can’t barely breath because she’s laughing to much, and so the other boys start laughing as much as her, holding on their stomachs )
Having so many pillow fights, screaming and laughing, but also tickle fights because some of them(Eddie) are so weak with tickling;.. 

Bev’ also makes them try her clothes and her dresses, the boys making a parade in her bedroom one by one to decide “who wear it better” (and it’s usually Bill because wow… every clothes look good on him)

At the end of the night, after they all watched some stupid love movie, making fun of the characters and eating tons of ice-creams, they all fall asleep on each other on a big group hug, Beverly looking at them with so much love, wondering what did she do to deserve such amazing friends boyfriends

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It's alright, take your time on it. An s/o who's stressed out because of a mission, coming up, so Lance, Shiro and Allura (separate) just spend an entire day with them, just cuddling them and giving words of encouragement? If that makes sense.

I gotchu fam! I know school can be terrifying (Yay, anxiety!) so I hope this helps!


  • a good bean. He’s got a big family, so he knows when someone is feeling down
    • especially you because he’s like perfectly in tune with every little body gesture and facial expression
    • you may think you can hide it, but Lancey-Lance is on it!
  • he’s already hunted down your favorite movies and a billion extra blankets and he’s currently in the process of making comfort food
  • the one to cover your eyes while saying, “I’ve got a present for you~” in a sing song voice
    • he brings you to your room where he has everything set up to lounge around all day (he’s also got video games for after movies have been exhausted)
    • you gotta switch into pj’s
  • spends most of the day with you sitting between his legs, leaning up against his chest so he can keep his arms wrapped around you
    • kisses your ears and cheeks whenever he feels like it, which is a lot
  • but there’s one memorable moment where he starts singing to you in this really dramatic and exaggerated, what is probably, Shakira song while he’s pulling you up to dance with him
    • really dramatic dips while he’s belting out off-key
    • twirls you until you’re laughing
    • even tries to pick you up and spin you but that’s really hard when you’re singing as badly as you can and end up falling over in a pile
  • you’re both panting and out of breath from singing and laughing so Lance just holds you to him, squeezing tight
    • “Hey, babe. I know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but I want you to know that I’m here for you. Okay? Like, always. So uh, don’t feel like you need to hide anything from me. Or something.” He finishes lamely, but he’s blushing and it’s really cute and you can’t help but mutter thank you and bury your head in his shoulder
    • and he sits you both back up to cup your face in his hands, “I’m serious, Y/n. You’re like, the best person I know and I just want you to know that you’re never alone. I’m here.”
    • this boy. this sweet, sweet boy.


  • also picks up on your feelings immediately but he’s much more straight forward that Lance is
    • notices the way you hold your arms to your body more, like you’re trying to protect yourself. and they way your smile doesn’t quite reach your eyes.
  • pulls you to the side for a long, tender hug where he just sorta rocks back and forth while petting your hair
    • “Hey, do you want me to stay with you today?”
    • “No, it’s ok Shiro. You’ve got other impo–”
    • “Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important that you. Do you. Want me to stay with you?”
    • ah fuck, he’s so concerned already so you just nod and Shiro gives you another tight squeeze before going to his favorite chill spot
  • which happens to be a large glass atrium in the Castleship where you can watch the stars outside or play a program what displays galaxies, and nebulas, and all sorts of neat-o things
    • but he’s not really paying attention because he’s got your head resting against his chest, watching your face relax as he starts running his hand through your hair and slowly transitions to rubbing your neck and shoulders
  • he won’t push you to tell him what’s wrong but he’s probably really good at guessing. or at least knows how to be vague enough to still be comforting
    • “You know I think you’re the strongest person in the universe, right?”
    • “What? Oh my god Shiro, shut up!”, you lightly smack his arm and bury your face in his chest.
    • He chuckles and you can feel it reverberate underneath you, “I’m serious. You’re so strong, you take care of people, us. You’re the best person I know Y/n. And whatever is bothering you, you can handle it.” He gives you another tight squeeze, “And if you feel like you can’t; I’m right here for you.”
    • You sniffle and wrap your arms around his waist, “Thanks Shiro.”
    • He nods, humming his approval as he rubs his cheek against your hair


  • human facial expressions are probably a little harder for her to get, also she seems like she would take a long time to notice something is off. she’s just so busy!
    • you’d probably have to approach her yourself but of course, she’s drop everything to comfort you
  • “Well, I don’t know what you do on Earth but I do know what I used to do on Altea when I felt anxious!”
    • it’s a girls spa day essentially
    • there’s some sort of movie or tv show going in the background, Allura’s got space tea and tasty little snackies to keep you guys full (made by Coran. She’s a princess, she don’t cook)
    • offers to paint your fingers and toes and she’s just cooing over how tiny your little toes are
      • “They’re so adorable! Look at it! They fit you so well.” 
      • might enjoy tickling your feet, just so she can see you laught rather than pout
    • totally paints a face mask on you herself and hums happy tunes while she does you hair
  • lots of hugs! and face snuggles!
    • Allura is a nuzzler and just loves rubbing her face against yours and planting kisses everywhere
    • with random compliments
      • “I love your cute cheeks, I just wanna kiss them all day!”
      • “Look at you, my brave little defender! I love you!”
  • Afterwards, you two just cuddle in bed, barely watching tv as Allura traces your facial features with a gentle hand
    • “My sweet one. I don’t know what is bothering you, but I am always here for you. I want to be your support. The one you go to when you need to feel better. Together, we can defeat anything.” She gently kisses you on the nose.
    • “And if you feel like you can’t defeat it, well I’ll just borrow Lance’s bayard and handle it myself.” That’s not romantic Allura, but ok.
    • you have a feisty princess

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Hey Emma! Can you make a list of things one can do after one has finished all her work and just wants to relax and chill for a bit? Thanks :')

Hellooo! I’ll try, here goes:

  • watch tv/a movie
  • hang out with friends
  • cook or bake!
  • read a book
  • meditate
  • journal
  • exercise
  • listen to music
  • play on a games console/your computer
  • watch youtube
  • blog
  • take a long bath/shower
  • go out shopping
  • play a board game
  • do a jigsaw
  • have a nap!!
  • little self-care routine (shower, face mask, paint your nails!)
  • take a walk
  • have a cup of tea or hot chocolate
  • paint/draw
  • do your hobby

Hope this gives you a few ideas! x


1. put on your favorite sweater. you know, the ones with the little carrots on them? yeah. that one. for extra coziness levels dig those fluffy socks out of the bottom of your drawer too. the fact that they smell a little stale doesn’t matter. they’re going on your feet anyways

2. put the kettle on the stove. make a cup of your favorite tea. mine’s earl grey with lemon and honey. play your favorite playlist while you wait for the water to boil. something quiet and acoustic, maybe. make sure, though, that when you go to drink your tea, you don’t rush and burn your tongue.

3. grab your notebook, your sketchbook, or maybe just your computer again. whichever suits you. write some poetry. a few lines of that song you never even really began. doodle some flowers. water lilies and briars. let your mind wander on the pages, down misty roads and ancient libraries. rainy nights are for emptying your soul into the world and watching the water wash it away.

4. pamper yourself. rainy days are few and far between, so make it a day for yourself. put on a polishing face mask. paint your nails. do what makes you feel like the best you. while you’re waiting for the face mask to dry, wash some clothes. how many time have you worn that shirt already? when you feel like you’re ready to go to bed, finish off your tea, and put the cup in the sink.

5. curl up beneath your comforter. close your eyes, and when you wake the world will be exactly the same but still somehow different. maybe it’s the fact that the concrete is wet, or maybe it’s the new grass springing up in your yard. logically, of course, it’s because the dust in the air was cleared by the water droplets, but new beginnings and new feelings sound so much more romantic don’t you think?

—  E.H.

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I hope you’re doing better. Because i’m not doing so well. After a year of being together, my s/o broke up with me. You have anything to cheer me up?

Oh, my friend. I am so sorry to hear that, I’m not doing particularly well but I have a few things that might help?  As always, links are in italics. ❤️

  • My self care tab has a lot of good information on how to be a burrito and love yourself when you’re sad. :c
  • Reddit while it can be a cesspool in the wrong subs definitely has some of my favorite forums for pick me ups like: r/eyebleach, r/twoxchromosomes, r/imaginaryleviathans(I like art when I’m sad), r/aww, and r/nosleep(I’d also rather be scared than sad).
  • Alternatively, go outside and try to drown out your sorrows while wondering between the trees and taking in nature.
  • Dance your heart out to Spice Girls or some shit you can dig.
  • Take a hot shower or a bath, taking care of yourself physically is a good way to pick yourself up physically and mentally. Add in some salts, herbs, crystals, shells, dildo, whatever you think can help.
  • Get off social media for a little bit and do literally anything else. Cook something, paint, write, be creative, even if you don’t feel inspired it can help to just get your feelings out on paper even if no one else appreciates it but you.
  • Do you have a favorite tv show or movie to watch when you’re sad? I always recommend anything Disney or Pixar. I’m not good at recommending tv shows to watch really but Little Witch Academia and Boku No Hero Academia both fill me with laughter and tears every time and I’ve watched them both at least three times. LWA is also on NEtflix but you can find the movies anywhere, BNHA is on hulu and funimation as well!
  • Pamper yourself! Make some tea, put on a face mask, paint your nails, do some stretches, indulge in your hearts desires.
  • As a friendly reminder make sure you’re staying hydrated and eat something.
  • The Good News Network, is literally just that - only positive news about the world.
  • Draw a Stickman is a fun interactive website!

I hope this helps and remember no matter you’re amazing and I love you.

“Put me down, I can walk!”

Pairing: Platonic fahcGeoff x reader

Words: 900

Warnings: Swearing, protective dad-like Geoff (not warning)

Being the youngest of the crew had its ups; you were always sent to do the jobs which needed stealth - whether that be in small areas or in places where you must climb. You were the one that did the tasks that needed agility and speed too. It also had its downs, the fact Geoff basically adopted you off the streets meant that you were now the kid and because you were younger than the rest of the crew, it meant constant teasing and over-protectiveness.

You were bored.  A sunny, mid-summer afternoon in Los Santos but you were stuck inside. You lay on the couch in the main FAHC apartment, your legs over the top and a Nerf gun in your hand. Gavin sat on the seat opposite you, scrolling on his phone as he pretended to watch some crappy TV show. You shot continuously at nothingness on the ceiling, wishing it was a real gun, but the last time you shot a gun indoors you nearly shot Geoff, so he banned it. Another 3 bullets left your gun landed in the same place on top of each other.

“Good aim, kid” Ryan sauntered in, leaning on the wall with his face paint on and mask in hand. “Thanks” You muttered,

“You off somewhere?” You quizzed, twisting your head to face him.

“Just a small assassination, got told about it a few days ago but I’m bored so I’m going now, wanna come?” He asked you and Gav.

“Nah, not in the mood today.” Gavin replied,

“Sure, beats doing nothing all day.”

You hopped off the couch and walked towards one of the tables at the side which had your mask on.

“I don’t think Geoff will like that, y/n” Gavin muttered,

“And? He’s not my dad” You scoffed, “besides, he’d come to if he weren’t off causing his own ruckus”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you”

You rolled your eyes before leaving with Ryan, heading towards the weapons room where you each grabbing a sniper, pistol and some sticky bombs. You hopped into Ryan’s Adder and sped off to the destination.

He pulled up into a 6-story car park, leaving his car a few stories down from where he planned to snipe. You followed behind, making sure there was no one around. You both set up your guns pointing towards the hotel opposite.

“Wait who are we aiming for?” You asked, quickly realizing you had no clue who you were actually killing.

“John Sreen, he’s head of a big internet market thingy, multi-millionaire. A couple of guys want him dead so they get his money.”

“Right, what’s he look like?”

“Don’t worry about him, I’m taking him on, you focus on bipping the body guards around him.”

You nodded, pressing your eye to the view finder of the gun. You waited about half an hour before a black armoured vehicle turned up. The front doors opened soon after it arrived and two suited men walked out with a casually dressed man between them, that must be him.

Ryan quietly counted down from 3, once he reached 1 you took out the first body guard as he took out the target, before both of you shot at the last guard. People around the area looked around confused before scurrying away. You both laughed as you watched their terrified faces, people shouting run. As you turned around to start heading towards Ryan’s car, your smile dropped. An angry and displeased looking Geoff stood there, arms cross on his chest.

“Hey Geoff” You smiled innocently,

“Don’t hey Geoff me, missy” He spat, “Get up”

You rolled your eyes, standing up reluctantly. Suddenly, you were over Geoff’s shoulder, your gun falling onto the floor.

“What the fuck? Put me down!” You yelled, trying to fidget your way out of his grip, but you forgot how strong Geoff actually was.

“No can do”

“Ugh, what’s the big deal? We do shit like this all the time!” You were annoyed at how childish he was treating you. You looked back at Ryan who was following the two of you with both the guns, a smirk on his face.

“The big deal is that the rest of us are with you, not just that psychotic dude”

“Hey!” Ryan retaliated, “I have a name!”

“I’ll deal with you later” Geoff spat, you saw Ryan look away embarrassed.

“Put me down, I can walk!” you said annoyed again,

“How can I trust you won’t run off and start shooting people unplanned, eh?”

“I’m not a child, Geoff, have some trust in me!”

You got to outside the parking lot, Ryan was in his Adder behind you. You turned and saw an SUV, one that Geoff stole from outside the apartment complex, and an almost guilty looking Gavin in the front seat.

Geoff quickly put you down, you nearly stumbling off your feet at the sudden impact on the ground.

“You are a child here, alright kid. Remember, I took you off the streets and treated you like fucking family. You may not like it, but get over it. You are, and always will, be a child in our eyes.”

You scoffed, annoyed. Before pulling open one of the back doors of the car and sliding in. You slammed the door shut before looking at Gavin through the mirror in the car, muttering a sharp “Tattle-tale”.

So I saw THIS cute little comic, based on THIS incredible post, and I really wanted to write a thing for it because they were both so funny and I haven’t posted any of my own fahc stuff in a hot minute.

Frankly, Jeremy hated his job. Working in food service you have to deal with a hell of a lot of weird and shitty people, this was only magnified by being a delivery boy, it’s hard to avoid creepy customers when you have to literally go to their house to give them their food.

However, working as a delivery boy for a popular pizzaria, The Dwight Stuff Pizza, had it’s perks. When you worked delivery you could pinch a few dollars off the top here and there from orders and if anyone asks you can say you got stiffed for an order, or a delivery didn’t get picked up by the person who ordered it which would make sense in Los Santos, in a gang city not everyone is reliable in picking up orders, it was easy for him to spin the lies and supply them to his boss. 

The best job he ever ended up on was also the weirdest. It was late, almost 1 am when he got sent out again, there had been a lull in delivery orders, most of their business after midnight came from people coming in after nights out drinking, and Jeremy had been sitting around for awhile by then with nothing to do. The order was to one of the ritzier parts of town, the apartment that the Fake AH Crew was rumored to live in, there were two pizzas in the order and a box of garlic fingers, and they were all loaded into Jeremy’s shitty car within a half hour and he was off. 

The order went to the penthouse of the building, and Jeremy was glad for the elevator because altogether the building had ten floors and it would’ve been killer to climb that many flights of stairs. When Jeremy knocked on the front door his hands were shaking, he had never been in a place this fancy in his life, and the fact that the Fakes might live here made it all the more nerve wracking.

The person who answered the door wore a black skull mask. He was tall and reasonably muscular, with a blond ponytail draped over his shoulder from underneath the mask. When he spoke the man’s muffled voice was pleasant. 

“How much do I owe ya?”

“Uh, uh th-thirty-five fifty” he managed to stutter out the price, holding the pizza boxes out to the man. 

“Ah, alright” the man in the mask took the boxes, balancing them in one arm as he thrust a hundred dollar bill at Jeremy. “Thanks kid, and keep the change.”

With that the door was shut unceremoniously in Jeremy’s face. Jeremy stumbled his way back out to his car, made change for the hundred and pocketed it for himself.

It became something of a routine, at least once every week or two The Dwight Stuff would get a call for delivery late at night, usually around 1 or 2 in the morning, and Jeremy would drive over two pizzas and a box of garlic fingers, get a hundred dollar bill, and pocket the change for himself. 

He knew the man in the skull mask was the Vagabond from the Fake AH Crew, anyone in LS knew that mask, but it was a few weeks of deliveries before he learned his real name. 

Standing outside the door he was far more comfortable than the first time he’d been, especially with the idea of an extra 65 bucks lining his pocket after this delivery. When the Vagabond answered the door he was, for the first time, missing his mask and instead had face paint smeared over his face and a grin on his lips.

“Hey Jeremy, what’s up?”

“Oh nothin really, got your pizzas here and then I’m off work for the night” 

“You got any plans for after your shift?” the Vagabond offered him the hundred and Jeremy pocketed it and handed him the boxes. 

“I’m gonna go home and crash, it’s been a long shift,” he paused for a moment, eyebrows drawing together “Hey, what’s your name anyway?” 

The Vagabond smiled self-deprecatingly, shaking his head. 

“Ryan, my names Ryan” he paused, laughing at himself “Been on a first name basis with you for weeks and you still don’t know my name, my mom’d kill me for being so rude” Jeremy laughed with him. 

“Well it’s not too bad considering most people don’t care enough to be on a first name basis with the pizza boy in the first place” Jeremy shrugged “Anyway, I’ll see ya next week Ryan” Jeremy smiled and gave him a slight wave before he walked back into the elevator and headed out. 

Months passed after that exchange, once a week, every week, sometimes more, but always at least once, Ryan would answer the door in the black skull mask or his red, white, and black face paint, he and Jeremy would chat pleasantly about this and that, Ryan would pay with a hundred, and Jeremy would head off, he’d pocket the change off the hundred and a few bucks here and there from the night’s profits, and go back to the shop to clock out for the night. 

After delivering to the penthouse somewhere close to six months Jeremy finally saw Ryan’s face properly, no face paint, no skull mask, just his face, and frankly he was really cute. He answered the door in a suit that night, the jacket open at the waist and the button-down unbuttoned three down from the collar, his hair was loose for the first time too and Jeremy couldn’t help being struck by him, it was weird to see Ryan without something on his face, it had been months since they first met and it was the first time he’d ever seen him like this. And at first, he didn’t recognize him. 

“Hey Ry-” he cut himself off, clearing his throat “Oh, uh sorry, sir, I didn’t realize someone else had moved in here…” he trailed off, confused, the order was the same as usual, but the man at the door was not.

“What are you talking about Jeremy? It’s just me” Ryan raised an eyebrow at him, confused. 

“Oh uh… you, you clean up real well” Jeremy said, flustered, thrusting the pizzas out to Ryan. 

“Oh, thanks Jeremy, that’s really nice of you to say” Ryan grinned at him and handed over the hundred “Enjoy your down time tonight Jeremy, see you next week!” 

“Y-yeah, see you next week” Jeremy waved slightly as he headed to the elevator, trying to pretend to himself that he wasn’t blushing bright red. 

The next week when the bell rang, Ryan opened the door in his face paint like usual, a grin on his face. 

“Hey Jere-” he paused and frowned, instead of the familiar pizza boy, a girl stood at the door with their order, she was petite and brunette and a pair of glasses sat low on her nose “Where’s Jeremy?”

“The guy with the red hair?” the girls brows furrowed.

“Yeah, that guy”

“Oh, he was like pinching money off the top on his delivery jobs, he got arrested after his shift last Friday” the girl shrugged and held the pizzas out to Ryan “That’ll be thirty-five fifty please”

“Yeah, I know the fuckin price” Ryan thrust the money into her hand, took the pizzas and slammed the door behind him, and stormed into the kitchen where the others sat around the kitchen table in various states of fatigue after having come back from a pretty draining robbery earlier that evening. 

After setting the pizzas on the counter Ryan walked over to the kitchen table and slammed his hands down on the table top, jolting Geoff out of his half-sleep and drawing a disapproving noise from Jack.

“You know the kid that delivers our post-job pizzas every week?” he asked as he started to pace. Everyone in the crew had opened the door at least once when Jeremy had brought their dinner, making pleasant small talk after calling Ryan to the door to pay. 

“What about him?” Gavin asked from his perch on the kitchen island. 

“We gotta fuckin break him outta jail, that’s what.”