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I have a cosplay question. My niece and I are planning on being chat noir and ladybug for Halloween but we both wear glasses and I was hoping you, or someone you know, would have an idea of how we could do their masks.

Hi :) Unfortunately, I don’t wear glasses, so my advice might not be great or practical, but still, I’ll do my best to help! I have a friend who does, and she just cosplayed Chat Noir recently at Otakon! Her method was to only wear the glasses when she wasn’t in pictures, and she’d slip them on and push the mask up in the meantime (this was @goofygoldengirl, if you’re curious!). However, I have a few other ideas that you could try, instead of having to do the juggling of glasses-mask-glasses.

  1. You could face paint the masks and wear the glasses over! I’m not sure how good it might look, so you’d want to try it out first. Luckily, both masks are very simple, and if you’re concerned about the shape, you could buy a cheap fabric mask at your local craft store (Michael’s, Joann’s, etc.) and trace the shape, fill it in, then add the circles on Ladybug’s mask.
  2. You could wear the glasses over the (not painted on) mask. Depending on how you make the masks–if you paint craft store ones, make some from craft foam (tutorial here), or buy a set pre-made, your glasses might fit over the masks.
  3. You could wear the glasses under the masks. This website offers a technique for wearing glasses under a masquerade mask–by a) altering the eye holes of the mask so the glasses fit (not particularly good looking, in my opinion), or b) adding a “lift” to the back of the mask so that the glasses fit underneath it (there’s directions and a diagram on the website!). 
  4. You could (temporarily) attach the mask to the glasses. Using methods for creating a physical mask, you could instead temporarily attach the mask to your glasses-maybe with some velco straps or tape. 
  5. This is the most impractical option, but if you two haven’t already, depending on the age of your niece, insurance, and money, ,you could look into contacts. However, since you’re asking me this, I assume you’ve a reason for not doing contacts, and I understand completely! I personally can’t do contacts for various reasons.
  6. Of course, depending on how blind you are two are without your glasses, you could go without for the night. However, that’s another decision you’ll have to make depending on your personal preferences.

Everything here is entirely your decision, and I’ll say that personally, I don’t think any one option is better than the others. It’ll depend on your personal preferences, your view of the characters, and how comfortable your are with various crafting and cosplay techniques. Each option offers pros and cons, and each option will look different.

Well, I wish you very good luck with your costumes, and a (very) early Happy Halloween! I hope you and your niece find some of this helpful, and (if you’re comfortable) please do send pictures of the finished product, or at least tell me what you’ve decided! Once again, good luck!