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Paint chips summer hcs for my soul

  • Sonny and Pete take coins out of fountains and donates them to people
  • They get chased out of public fountains and just go to the next one
  • Sonny and Pete climb rocks in Central Park and lay out a blanket and sun bath while Sonny plays on his DS and Pete sketches
  • Pete totally does parkcore shit and Sonny is just too sweaty to keep up
  • Sonny lending Pete his hat so his bald head doesn’t get sunburnt
  • Pete and Sonny making out in the back of the bodega where the coolers are
December 22 2014

Suddenly I realized that the birds were disappearing into the sky
And I
I was just standing here watching it all,
Playing that game in my head “what animal would you be if you could be anything”
And the birds were disappearing into the sky
And the fish were going deeper and deeper
And all I am is flesh and bone and you screamed that night.
Do you remember?
Was your throat sore the day afterwards?
Was their a hollowness in your palms?
I’m looking at the birds disappearing and they remind me of you or maybe you reminded me of them
Either way
The paint chips and the flowers die
And here I am
but who am I? who am I now that you are gone?

Amanda Helm, Paint Chips