so i finally figured out what to do with the 50+ paint sample cards i took from the paint store last week…

i love love love this.
pink = joy, positive affirmation, love
blue = calming, de-stress, tranquility, peace
green = grounding, earth, growth

Witchy tip?

Write spells or sigils on paint chips (those free cards that show what color paint you’re getting) they’re usually small enough to fit in a pocket/purse/wallet and come in every color of the rainbow and then some.
That way if you don’t have a particular colored ink to correspond with what you need, the paint chip takes care of that color for you.


I have a confession…

I have a lot of paint chips… like… a lot.  I’ve recently been renovating our upstairs office, and couldn’t decide on what color to use.  I would stop at Home Depot, and just start picking up colors.  I eventually settled on a greenish grey called Saturn Grey.  But I’ve become a collector.  Since buying our house three and a half years ago, We’ve almost painted every room.  So, I’ve been keeping these paint chips forever.  I feel bad throwing them out.  The paper is so thick and colorful.  And what if I have a hankering to change a color again.  But, then again, they’re free.  And colors change.  And my preferences change…

This brings me to:  My New Art Drill

 It’s a project where every day, I have to take one of my paint chips and, based on the name of the color, create a drawing on the surface.  I have to think quickly; can’t take too much time with it.  It will only be a sketch in hatching and cross-hatching in ballpoint pen. 

Eventually I may do something more with them to bring it into a series.  And possibly sell them (in case you’re interested, wink wink, nudge nudge).  But for now, it’s about building up quantity and forcing the creativity every day.  Wish me luck!

Here are the first three in the series.  Buttercup (Glidden), Buttered Sweet Corn (Glidden), and the green series, Asparagus (Behr).