I’m writing some “Paint Chip Poems” (on actual paint samples from a hardware store). The name of the color is the title of your poem. The rest is up to you.

You can print these blank ones out if you can’t wait to get to a paint or hardware store yourself.

The poem I wrote on “Clay Figurine” is an American Sentence.

-David Jibson, Co-editor
Third Wednesday Magazine

Filters (ITH sickfic)

19 year old Sonny is sick and has no filter when he’s sick. Also I headcanon that Benny’s full name is Bennett. Thanks. (Homo-thuggish- adjective: gay thoughts for thugs boi)   

Benny’s fingers carded through Sonny’s mop of curls.  “So, Graffiti Pete, huh?” Benny swore he saw Sonny’s cheeks heat up with a red blush but because he was sick, it may have just been the fever. And boy, was he feverish. Sonny’s forehead was sweaty and warm, and his arms were covered in goosebumps. Occasionally, he’d shiver, then kick off the covers. Benny was sitting on Usnavi’s couch, Sonny sprawled under a blanket with his head on Benny’s thigh. He wasn’t sure how they ended up like that but he wasn’t complaining. The poor kid didn’t feel well, and Usnavi was handling the store downstairs.

“Ah, yeah. He gives me like, uh, homo-thuggish thoughts, y’know?” Sonny said, coughing harshly. Benny’s face lit up as he burst into the most obnoxious laughter.

“It’s true! I don’t know why you’re laughing like you don’t suck Usnavi’s-” Benny’s laughter cut out immediately and he flailed his arms to get Sonny to stop.

“Whoa! Alright, we don’t need to go there. A’ight?” He jabbed his finger into Sonny’s side which caused the younger male to giggle.

“Sorry, when I’m sick I have no filter.” Sonny shrugged. He sniffled and Benny was reminded why he was there; to care for Usnavi’s cousin. Only the poor kid could manage to get a terrible cold in the middle of summer.

“Sonny, you don’t have a filter on a normal day.” Benny began to brush the soft curls back again.

“Ah, you right. I don’t know, man. I really fuck’s with Graffiti Pete. Usnavi hates him,” Sonny paused his train of thought, sneezing twice before he carried on. “Hh'kshh! Eh'tchh! Navi thinks he’s bad. But he keeps me safe and makes me feel special.Y’know ?” Sonny asked, turning his wide puppy dog eyes on Benny. Benny grinned down at the kid. “Yeah, I think so.”

“Did I just walk in on some soap opera shit?” A husky voice came from the door. At the speed of lightning, the teenage boy reacted. Sonny sat up so fast, Benny feared he got whiplash. Sonny did squeeze his eyes shut and groaned. “Fuck - bad idea.” Benny rubbed his shoulder and allowed him to get his bearings. Sonny then, much slower, rose.

“Pete!” Sonny grinned at the visitor.

Usnavi stood in front of him, his arms folded and glaring. “He wouldn’t leave until I let him come see you. Show him you’re not dying so he can go home.” Benny slowly made his way over and wrapped his arms around the shorter male. “Hey, Pipsqueak , don’t get yourself in a tit. Let the boys drool over each other.” And Benny physically lifted Usnavi and moved the flailing male.

“Bennett! You know I hate when you do that!” Usnavi punched Benny in the chest. Benny snorted. “Shut up, they’re having a moment.” He nodded at Sonny, who had pressed his face to Pete’s chest. Pete rested his chin on Sonny’s head. “As soon as I heard you were sick, I came. How do you feel?” Stepping back, Pete lifted Sonny’s chin to examine him.

“I’m in one piece but I’ve f-felt-hh'ikshh!” Sonny turned away, sneezing. Then he sneezed again. "Ept'shh!” And once more for good measure. “hihh…tchiew!” Pete laughed and cupped Sonny’s cheek. “Salud. You don’t look so hot.”

Sonny tsk’ed, shaking his head. “What made you think that? The fact that I look like I just crawled from the grave, or because I just sneezed a fafillion times?”

“Is that a number?” Pete asked, ignoring Sonny’s sarcasm.

“It is now.” Sonny grinned when his boyfriend kissed his forehead. He heard a gag from behind him.

“Yeah, this is gross. I’m going back down. Benny, make sure they don’t get spicy.” Usnavi begged and quickly exited.

“Don’t act like you and Benny don’t suck di-”

Sonny! ” Benny quickly silenced him.

“Sorry, no filter.”

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19 for sonnypete?? if u want!!!

Chinese Takeout Fridays. There is a Chinese-Cuban take out place on 173rd Street and you best believe those boys are ordering house fried rice and fried plantanos because its the best of both words. 
Sonny is a little shookth that Pete adds ketchup to his tostones but he has gone this far loving him he won’t stop now. It is the topic of a lot of their playful teasing, Pete is a big ketchup fan. 

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Headcannon: Pete bought Son a beautiful bouquet for their first date and he got a guy who makes crystals to put flowers from that bouquet in a crystal and Pete gives that Sonny instead of a promise ring. Thus making all the boyfriends of Washington Heights look bad.

YES haha pete goes ALL out for his and sonny’s dates and sonny just LIVES for it although he tells pete to cool it (he doesnt really mean that) AH I LOVE


I have a confession…

I have a lot of paint chips… like… a lot.  I’ve recently been renovating our upstairs office, and couldn’t decide on what color to use.  I would stop at Home Depot, and just start picking up colors.  I eventually settled on a greenish grey called Saturn Grey.  But I’ve become a collector.  Since buying our house three and a half years ago, We’ve almost painted every room.  So, I’ve been keeping these paint chips forever.  I feel bad throwing them out.  The paper is so thick and colorful.  And what if I have a hankering to change a color again.  But, then again, they’re free.  And colors change.  And my preferences change…

This brings me to:  My New Art Drill

 It’s a project where every day, I have to take one of my paint chips and, based on the name of the color, create a drawing on the surface.  I have to think quickly; can’t take too much time with it.  It will only be a sketch in hatching and cross-hatching in ballpoint pen. 

Eventually I may do something more with them to bring it into a series.  And possibly sell them (in case you’re interested, wink wink, nudge nudge).  But for now, it’s about building up quantity and forcing the creativity every day.  Wish me luck!

Here are the first three in the series.  Buttercup (Glidden), Buttered Sweet Corn (Glidden), and the green series, Asparagus (Behr).


[DIY] Paint Chip New Year’s Resolutions

Every year I make my resolutions on paint chips. They are a nice way to personalize and organize your goals. Each palette usually has 5 to 7 shades, so a reasonable amount of goals. I like to cut them up and keep them in my journal- either in a cute envelope or just glued on a page. I have also tacked a whole palette to a bulletin board and have used it as a bookmark.  

Thought I would share in case anyone wanted some resolution ideas.

Happy New Year!