It doesn’t feel like eight hours away when half of the world and five flights separate you. It feels like a hologram of a memory of lips on the back of your neck or a borrowed sweater in the rain. Then suddenly being there is like getting used to the idea that It Is Okay to feel happy and secure with something tangible and living. Like seeing kodak color always.
—  Paige Gresty, excerpt from ‘I’m Breathing’
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For No One

i see your name in pixels

and touch my lips to their primary

colours, red lips rough

oh, come over me

tell me once again about my legs

and i’ll imagine the sweet orchard

of moving on top of you

deep, like rows of grain


be more longful, more ecclesiastic

an elegy to the long evenings

we spent clicking out words to each other

be more loving, be more tame

imagining not the weight of your body

but the relief of your breath

the solidness of your frame

the bottom of the shower, deep

oh, come to me

and put your hands anywhere

oh, come for me

and take me in the floral patterned sheets

slick with hushed condensation

as we play over again in our minds

the quietness of sunday conversations

and the sacrilege of speaking in the darkening dusk.

I Never Learned How to Be Alive by Paige Elizabeth Gresty

                Life takes a while to get used to and doctors know this fact well. Every baby that is born is promptly smacked on its bottom. This ensures that the baby is born with cardinal disappointment. From that first glimpse of light the baby knows life gets progressively harder. Years bring with them the added sense of responsibility designed specifically to fill a core with that necessary gunk the discipline needed to get through life. People can take a while to get the ratios right. 

                Open windows are for open minds. Noises crawl through the window asserting that there is a world outside the bedroom. If the night is good enough this is an easy thing to forget. Equally hard is trying to figure out what purpose life serves. Answers are different for everyone and there is no cheating allowed. Stumbling through life is honestly a pretty good choice as clear answers for life present themselves to those maddened souls. For the sane rational individual there is bound to be a lot of confusing scenarios that at first appear to offer little guidance. The lack of direction means that a person is actually trying out and evaluating every possible direction before making a decision. Honestly thinking out life before doing something is a good thing the problem is when that hesitation becomes indecision. 

                Noises can comfort too. Music is made extremely loud at concerts to help people disassociate from their surroundings getting up higher away from their mundane and into the beautiful. A few bands pride themselves on excessive loudness like My Bloody Valentine which subjects attendees to absolutely punishing waves of sound. For the lucky few they can literally taste the sound as it enters their body and can find enlightenment. Everybody else lacks those moments and has to take the long way to find a true home. 

                Gigantic life can be a comfort. The cosmos is incredibly massive made with plenty of fail safes. However bad a person messes up ultimately has little impact on the rest of the universe. Mistakes are supposed to be made the halting progress of life is made to be halting. If a person makes a mistake they should be told that it is okay, not the more recent much more aggressive “Don’t say you’re sorry just don’t do it again.” Language with that level of harshness seems to indicate that the world is getting sick of being compassionate. Hopefully it is simply a phase for a phrase and not indicative of a bigger blame inducing habit. For people are going to continue to wonder about life, specifically their own and wonder how to get there. They should be encouraged to continue on their path and to do things their way.