Things I say because of dance moms:

•throw you/me under the bus
•monstrosity of evil
•save your tears for your pillow
•everyone’s replaceable
•blabber mouth
•those legs are as straight as Elton John

•can kendall have a solo

The Signs As Famous Dance Moms Quotes

Aries: ‘’I cut my finger on my moms ring i hope i can still dance’’

Taurus: ‘’Abby doesn’t look like a model to me’’

Gemini: ‘’I don’t wanna go on broadway, all I wanna do is just stay home and eat chips’’

Cancer: ‘’Girls, what are you doing? Those legs are about as straight as Elton John’’

Leo: ‘’Stop eating that’s why you’re fat’’

Virgo: ‘’I would give Abby a three month trail membership to weight watchers if i were to give her a gift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving’’

Libra: ‘’I have more dirt on you than a broom’’

Scorpio: ‘’This is going to cost a lot of money in therapy!’’

Sagittarius: ‘’McDonald’s has a hamburger with your name on it’’

Capricorn: ‘’When can Kendall get a solo? When does Kendall get a special part?’’

Aquarius: ‘’I don’t even like dancing i’m just here because my mom said she would buy me tacos’’

Pisces: ‘’It doesn’t matter about dance, it matters about me. I’m emotional!’’

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:While I know Chloe, Brooke, and Paige were in a toxic environment and I completely understand and celebrate that they managed to get away from the monstrosity of evil Abby Lee Miller, I still miss seeing them perform every Tuesday and I'm sad I don't get to see their personal and artistic growth as closely because the reality show Dance Moms focused on the mama drama so much that it almost destroyed their confidence, friendships, and passion for dance, and I miss seeing them on the show interacting with the other girls because they were kind, goofy, immensely talented sweethearts who didn't deserve the pain the show dragged them through and while I don't see them every week, I hope they're having a good day and doing what they love.