Paget Brewster + Criminal Minds friendships 3/8Thomas Gibson

“When Hotch was blown up in the SUV, we shot this scene where I’m standing next to him, looking at his bleeding ear. Our director came in and said. ‘Paget, you’re looking at Hotch like you’re in love with him. It looks really weird.’ So now, every day, Thomas and I flutter our eyelids at each other,”

A.J. and I were fired. [Someone from] CBS had just called Ed Bernaro and said, “I want new women.” So we were fired, the fans were upset, there was a petition… A.J. shot an episode to sort of explain where J.J. was going, but my agents had negotiated for me to do 17 episodes and then leave. Because we were fired. So I went to the writers and said, “Just kill my character, give the team something to do, and I’ll leave.” I was heartbroken. I was so happy there. I loved everyone there, and it was easily one of the most hurtful things that’s ever happened, to be fired because they wanted “new women.”

And I was kind of pissed, but then I went back and thought, “I love everyone there!” I hated CBS. [What they did] was just scummy. But everyone at Criminal Minds I really enjoy and I really like and I really care about. So I did that last year, and then I said, “I love everyone here, but I realize now, having left, that my heart isn’t in it.”

—  Paget Brewster [X ]