Throwback to March 2014. Acker & Blacker’s break of what would become “Straight on til Mourning” (performed first in December 2015 at Largo and again January 2016 at SF Sketchfest).

We referred to “Corey Slightly Sr” as “Offerman” because we initially wrote it for Nick to play (also with the idea that Megan Mullally would play the Poppins). Marc McConville and Joshua Malina played Slightly at Largo and SFSF (respectively) and Busy Philipps played the Poppins both times. All were brilliant, as always happens. We write something with an actor in mind and then someone comes in and shows us how it ought to be played.

This episode had a pretty long gestation. Acker had the idea of a Poppins monster not too long after the Pan episode, but we never quite got to the story for one reason or another. Then, when we finally broke the story, we knew we wanted Paul & Storm to write the songs; it was over a year before we could make that happen. We’re glad we waited. It’s one of our favorite episodes.

Please enjoy a bunch of portraits taken at our final show in April 2015 by Maarten de Boer.

Paget Brewster:

Bill Corbett:

Parvesh Cheena:

Kirstin Vangsness:

Charley Koontz:

Richard Speight, Jr:

Hal Lublin:

Matt Gourley:

Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund:

Hal Lubin, Kirstin Vangsness, Yuri Lowenthal, and Tara Platt:

David Anders:

John Ross Bowie:

Paul & Storm and Hal Lublub:

Natalie Morales:

Sara Watkins and Benmont Tench:

Timothy Omundson:

John Moe:

Todd Cooper and Sara Watkins:

Craig Cackowski:

Kate Micucci:

Annie Savage with Matt Gourley:

with Busy Philipps:

with Mark McConville:

Paul F. Tompkins:

Marc Evan Jackson:

Billy West:

Paul F. Tompkins, concert film producer Charlie Fonville, and Mark Gagliardi:

Riki Lindhome:

Nick Wechsler:

Autumn Reeser and Joshua Malina:

Mark McConville and Paul F. Tompkins:

Steve Agee and director Aaron Ginsburg:

Ben Blacker & Ben Blacker:

Ben Acker & Ben Acker:

Aaron Ginsburg and Barkeep:

Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster:

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Today is our 11th anniversary! While we no longer see each other every month at M Bar or Largo, the friendships made through the Thrilling Adventure Hour will last our lifetimes. Indeed, doing this show regularly was the time of our lives.

We miss each other, and we miss all of you Adventurekateers. We love seeing everyone at our occasional shows, so thanks for supporting us for so long and for continuing to do so.

Here are a bunch of photos from our first years, 2005-2010 (by Jonathan Reilly), at M Bar and from our final show at Largo, April 2015 (by Maarten DeBoer).

Yuri Lowenthal and Michael Sinterniklaas played Sparks and Croach’s kids in a non-canonical final Sparks arc. Here’s Yuri at our final show:

These cute dudes:

Musicians Jonathan Dinerstein and Becky Ward look exactly the same.

Our pals Common Rotation and Dan Bern used to play after our show for an entire evening of mad fun.

Marc Evan Jackson would usually “help” their show.

Jordan “The Brass” Katz was 1/3 of Common Rotation and continues to be part of the TAH family:

Founding WJ Players Mark Gagliardi and Dave Gruber Allen with our very first guest star, Back to the Future’s Tom Wilson. This would have been July or August 2005:

Kevin Pollak and Kirsten Vangsness were also early guests. This was Sept 2008.

And here’s KV at our final show:

These guys created the show.

The years took their toll. Here are Acker & Blacker are at the final show:

Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome performed one of their first shows together as Garfunkel & Oates after a TAH show:

We were lucky enough to have them in our final show too:

Fourth anniversary, 2009. Probably Felton, right?

Look what we did to Craig. This is him at the final show:

And of course, some things never change:

Please check back over the next week, as we’ll be posting even more from the final show and some favorite photos from our past 11 years. Happy anniversary!