My own Kanken & a busy weekend

I somehow managed to survive another week of studying and taking an exam. Now there is only one left to go. 
Normally, my weekends tend to be pretty calm in comparison to the rest of the week, but since it was my mom’s birthday on Sunday, we had do prepare a bunch of stuff for it. We baked two cakes and some muffins, cleaned and tidied up the kitchen and the living room and overall just tried to get done as many things as possible. Meanwhile, I was trying to study as well and not lose my mind over it.
But one event really made my week. I now own a real Kånken backpack!! I have been thinking about getting one for over a year now and when I saw that someones was selling theirs on Instagram, I took a chance and bought it. After some issues with my bank (I’m still mad at them, nothing seems to work out the way it should be), it arrived on Friday.
Although it has a few signs of usage, I think I can fix it and make it look better.

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“Went missing after dance recital at the ‘Tip-Toe’ dance studio on —. Melodie was reported to be visiting a friend for dinner on the night of her disappearance. The reported location of the ‘friend’s’ house was the manor on the outskirts of town- but the building was reported to be abandoned upon search. No other leads have been introduce at this time—- “

EDIT: Page has been redrawn and updated! If you want to see what the old page looked like you can see it here

So sorry for the delay!! Oh my god over 200 notes?! Thank you SO much everyone! I’ll try making the three pages that are left as fast as I can! But for now, here’s part 2 of BoneMouse’s story: Three of a kind! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Tried making the text on the computer so I could use their fonts because my writing looks like shit!! Hope this looks okay? Idk. ^///^



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Commentary from @midnightclubx

…and here’s page 2! 

As some of you may have seen when we were teasing this page over the past couple of weeks, you noticed the cable car, complete with cute devil horns. Before you ask, yes, our interpretation of the Underworld is based off of San Francisco; before the book came out, we imagined that a city outside the Lucitor castle would have lots of hills and steep streets, so it made perfect sense to have San Fran as a base (complete with a “lavafront”, which was originally planned to be on the bottom two panels before we ultimately decided to cut it).

Then we saw leaks of the map for Mewni/The Underworld, and we were honestly creeped out with how uncanny the canon geography was, complete with our “lavafront” idea being a literal lake of fire with a whole dock!

Hopefully, these two pages give you a proper introduction to Tom, and we hope to start working on page 3 and 4 real soon!

Art © @valedary

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil © Daron Nefcy & Disney


Headcanon with Fanart

~ I like the idea that Sasuke is petting Kurama so hard in his boredom, ,Well. . Kurama is still a giant dog that likes to be played. 

. . and. . Naruto is mad for what Sasuke did to him.