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Awwww doesnt like the bath too much XD just started screaming but Leo is too in love right now to even care, Donnie showing him how to properly wrap the little ones after there baths. Because a doll is slightly different since it doesnt move LOL. And finally opened those eyes look at those gorgeous ORBS!!!! just sucks your SOUL out doesnt it.

P.S thank you to all who got the commissions I am working on them so you know I’ll keep you all individually updated I cant thank you guys enough.



Remi: “Oh gosh! A tragic past? Dark powers?! What a brave pokemon!”

Envy: “Yes! That sentence wasn’t contrived or facetious at all! Please, stay as long as you need!”

Remi: “We’ll do everything in our (dark)power to help!!!11!”

>>Darkpower is open for asks